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12 hours ago
 Video inside Hater punches iLoveMakonnen at SOBs
by EZ Green - 230 comments
11 hours ago
  Image inside Drake fires back at Tyga
by Frankybaby - 99 comments
11 hours ago
 Rumor: Troy Aves people snuff Makkonen in NY sho..
by 44wade - 163 comments
11 hours ago
 Image inside Ransom Jumps In ILoveMakonnen Beef With Troy Ave..
by PyrexVisionary - 70 comments
 Video inside Jay Z first interview after Ether w Angie Martin.. | 79
 Tay600 Calls Interscope’s Decision To Drop Chief.. | 96
 Is There Any Rapper That Never 'Fell Off'? | 127
 NBA Kevin Love says he needs more inside touches to get.. | 51
 NBA Shawn Kemp Top 10 dunks (The Blake Griffin of the 9.. | 113
 NFL demarcus ware uses fake spin move to sack kaepernick | 28
 NFL ESPN -- NFL trade deadline: Four explosive, albeit .. | 40
Jagged Edge - Je Heartbreak Ii (2014) Jagged Edge - Je Heartbreak Ii (2014)

Rating Album rated by 4 people

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* Vote the winning team and add a W to your personal win/loss record
16 hours left | NCAAF Oct 24 - South Florida @ Cincinnati
16 hours left | NCAAF Oct 24 - Troy @ South Alabama
18 hours left | NCAAF Oct 24 - Byu @ Boise State
19 hours left | NCAAF Oct 24 - (6) Oregon @ California
* Season 15% complete | 313 players ranked | This Week's Power Rankings
 Image inside ...going to regret this tat | 30
  Image inside this certainly cant be real..I hope | 15
 Image inside Stop Asking Me..... ROOOFLLLLL | 11
 Article inside Man Accidentally Texts P.O. Instead Of Drug Deal.. | 15
top last 12 hours | new
3 hours ago
  Ebola in NYC
by Pdouble69 - 57 comments
3 hours ago
  Substitute Teacher Gives Student A BJ On Her Fir..
by ima80baby - 25 comments
  Oct 22 - puppy sized spider is the world largest | 26
  Image inside 65 Year Old Grandmother Admits to Selling Hundre.. | 16
  Video inside WATCH: Little Foul-mouthed Princesses Rampantly .. | 23
  Image inside Inside Miami’s Hidden Tent City For ‘Sex Offende.. | 2
top last 12 hours | new
11 hours ago
 Rumour: Sony Ceased Research on PlayStation 5
by Da Ill One - 38 comments
11 hours ago
 Phil Spencer on Whether He Would Have Made Xbox ..
by Da Ill One - 85 comments
  Video inside NBA 2K15 vs NBA Live 15 Finals Comparison | 20
 NBA Live 15 Rising Star Gameplay | 24
 PS4's next software update, Masamune, will be av.. | 28
 GTA: San Andreas Really Is Coming to Xbox 360 | 27
top last 12 hours | new
11 hours ago
 Video inside Age of Ultron Trailer 1
by Jesszman - 249 comments
10 hours ago
 Edward Norton Offers New Explanation for Not Pla..
by Ham Rove - 31 comments
 First Look at Ironman Hulkbuster Armor and Ultro.. | 11
 What's The Most Polarizing Film You've Watched? | 46
 Christian Bale to play Steve Jobs in upcoming bi.. | 21
 Video inside Insidious 3 Trailer | 19
Mlb 14: The Show (ps3, Ps4, Psvita)(2014) Mlb 14: The Show (ps3, Ps4, Psvita)(2014)

Rating Game rated by 22 people

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Annabelle (2014) Annabelle (2014)

Rating Movie rated by 12 people

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top this week | new
3 days ago
 Image inside They Saying This Might Be The ADIDAS Yeezy
by MGz - 55 comments
6 days ago
 Video inside Footaction & T.I.: You've Been Hustled
by Certified Real - 23 comments
 Image inside Damian Lillard got his own sig | 20
 Image inside Supreme/Nike Air Force 1 High Release Date | 40
 Image inside Investors eye Reebok buy from Adidas for US$2.2b | 3
 Image inside Jeremy Scott's 'Dark Knight' | 14
top last 72 hours
10 hours ago
 Image inside Klay Thompson Still Winning Yoooooooooooooooooo!
by Ari Gold - 132 comments
1 day ago
 Image inside Drake's Alleged Jumpoff Shaye G
by Bazileus - 57 comments
 Image inside white girl got azz!!!!!! | 63
 Image inside Bad Spanish Hottie Nicarrag | 40
 Image inside Beautiful Corie Rayvon | 38
 Image inside nastassiasmith | 20
top this week | new
6 days ago
 Image inside 1936 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic
by Ayena - 27 comments
6 days ago
 Image inside Cranberry BMW M6
by JayR04 - 17 comments
 Video inside 2015 Camaro SS 1LE vs 2015 Mustang GT PP | 19
 Video inside Modded Audi RS7 vs Modded AMG E63S | 8
 Video inside BMW M6 (700 HP) vs MB CLS63 TT (700 HP) | 5
 Video inside BMW F30 M3 vs Audi R8 V8 | 6
top last 48 hours | new
1 day ago
 Article inside Apple Pay is double charging customers
by st21 - 75 comments
1 day ago
 anyone got any invites for Inbox by gmail?
by Dillinger805 - 27 comments
 Article inside iOS 8.1 Untethered Jailbreak for all Apple devic.. | 16
 Stop taking L's in Math w/ PhotoMath | 21
 Video inside Project Ara: Modular Phone Getting Closer. | 6
 Video inside iPad Air 2 vs iPad mini 3 - Full Comparison - Te.. | 2

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Image inside  white girl got azz!!!!!!
Image inside  Klay Thompson Still Winning Yoooooooooooooooooo!
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 Video inside Jay Z First Interview After Ether W Angie Martinez (yo...
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  Phil Spencer On Whether He Would Have Made Xbox One Mo...
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