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Nino Bless - R.O.A.M 2 (The Greater Fool) (2013)

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 Nino Bless - R.O.A.M 2 (The Greater Fool) (2013)
24 topic by Gremlin - 02-04-2013, 03:29 PM

Nino Bless - R.O.A.M 2 (The Greater Fool)

01. Nino Bless - Faded Portrait (Intro) [Prod. By Nemisis] (3:19)
02. Nino Bless - Old Harrys Choir [Prod. By Red Skull] (2:58)
03. Nino Bless - They Calling Part 2 (Feat. Ness Lee) [Prod. By Nemisis] (4:38)
04. Nino Bless - Open Wounds [Prod. By Nemisis] (4:09)
05. Nino Bless - Born Dead (Feat Cambatta & Katie Trubetsky) [Prod. By Scottzilla] (4:17)
06. Nino Bless - Vampires & Coffee [Prod. By Vokab] (3:02)
07. Nino Bless - Megan Good (3:25)
08. Nino Bless - The Watchmen (Feat. Crooked I, Styles P & Cambatta) (4:54)
09. Nino Bless - Not (Feat. 2 Chainz) (3:19)
10. Nino Bless - Glass Window (Feat. Cambatta) [Prod. By Veterano] (5:00)
11. Nino Bless - Blue Skies [Prod. By Nemisis] (3:22)
12. Nino Bless - Then, Now, Later (Outro) [Prod. By Nemisis] (4:11)

Nino Bless

"Unleash the beast from inside
I'm DMT for you writers
This is as easy as a target 3-feet from a sniper
Like, here's why you won't see me on TV
After I spit, they said he's a alien, I'd B(e), ET of the cypher,
I, can't be defeated despite the media’s vices
I'm a tyrant spliced with Jesus & Leonidas' features
I just, seem so righteous
My soul's in flight like Vegeta
It’s the “Takeover” fueling Nas while I'm writing this “Ether”
That god-sent type, archetype
I bark and bite, I'm that Marquez right, TAKE HEED
My marketing hype, bars, don't try to hate, please
Look, ya wanna hear Bless so bad that you'll fake sneeze
Lately, this Ape's on a track r*pe spree
Taking me out's like trying to get DMX on a Drake Beat
Speaking of Drake, here's some sh*t for the ladies
To my ex: I hope she's bit by a pit with some rabies
Just kidding I'm gravy, Bless is fulfilled inside
With will survived, I built and thrived & still arrived
Feel the rise of the realest
I, will come thru ill advised while you bumping Kendrick, and k!ll ya vibe (bi*ch!)
Can't clone me, a wolf in the land of the lamb, homie
fu*k ya whole team up, I'm D'Antoni
Got plans homie, I want a crib next to Regis
But I'll still stay ghetto like selling Swedish Fish during Freakniq"

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6 comments for "Nino Bless - R.O.A.M 2 (The Greater Fool) (2013)"

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 02-05-2013, 12:03 AMaway - #2
Johnny Tapwater 3 heat pts space
$2,569 | 6618257
He fu*king murdered Meagan Good!..
 02-05-2013, 09:03 AMaway - #3
youngd 15 heat pts15 space
$2,564 | 19521496
props was looking for this
 02-15-2013, 11:09 AMaway - #4
nfo187  space
$95 | 420512
Nino Def went in, The producer Nemisis is a close homie of mine, dude is a problem!
 02-15-2013, 11:55 PMaway - #5
Hieroglyphic 90 heat pts90 space
$15,308 | POWERFUL
Great mixtape. A lot of great beats in here mixed in with some nice samples.

Nino deserves more recognition.
 03-12-2013, 06:00 PMaway - #6
Guvnor 519 heat pts519 space
$23,880 | POWERFUL
Who is this n*gga?

Will check it out though
 03-20-2013, 11:19 PMaway - #7
Sincere730 7 heat pts space
$6,162 | POWERFUL
this is damn near flawless no bullsh*t

that intro tho

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