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Where Are They Now: Beat Street 23 Years Later...

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 Where Are They Now: Beat Street 23 Years Later...
20 topic by cousinjay - 02-07-2007, 09:45 AM

Ever Wonder What Happened To The Characters From Beat Street? Was There A Backstory To A Classic? Well Here Is Some Facts And Interesting notes from 1984 in the Bronx. Some People In NY Might Know About The Story But It Might Be New To Every One Else (Especially Me Being From The N.O. and all). Without Further to do Here it is in its entire glory. Feel Free To Post And Prop If U Like.

-"This Ain't New York, This Is The Bronx!" Even though Bronx was part of NYC technically, it was never considered by many of the youth etc living there to be part of it at that time. Main reason was that it was left abandoned during all the landlord burnings of housing for insurance, so it because sort of a warzone. Reagan vistied there in 1980 to show that it wasn't forgotten. So to some extend Double K was right, just not technically.

-There Is a Uncut Version Of Beat Street with only 6 mins. of additional footage. Problem is its very rare and only available somewhere in the uk only on vhs as a promotional screener (I Know somebody has this somewhere). it contains a footage where Lee is battling in a classroom with then a unknown Kadeem Hardison (Dwayne Wayne From A Different World) as well as additional footage when the Rock Steady Crew were breaking for money. This proof of video does exist showing clips of it in the trailers. Sadly, This was cut due to time constraints and rushing for a release date before the first Breakin' film gets released. Breakin' beat "beat street" to the punch and was released first.

-Ramo was loosely based on the life of a real-life legendary graffitti artist by the name of SEEN as spit was based on another artist by the name of CAP.

-The Uprock Battle Scene between the NYC Breakers and Rock Steady Crew in the subway was filmed at 59th Street Station , 8th Avenue. "If Art Is A Crime, May God Forgive Me" Graffiti On The Building Is now Pare De Sufrir church.

-Back in the day in NYC, many battles that resembled the subway station scene did actually take place. And back then, the one thing you couldn't do as a passer-by was laugh; because then all the focus was turned onto you, and there wouldn't be any dancing at that point...

Back then, break battles were definitely no laughing matter.

-''Its working, its working, party people if your ready to rock let me hear you scream. Well if you really really came to pary then let me hear everybody, say we came to partay'' Is one of the most famous lines worldwide in the underground/electric music circuit.

-Christmas Rap By Kool Moe Dee And The Treacherous 3 Inspired Run-DMC to create Christmas In Hollis a year later.

-The Majority of the breakers that were in the film didn't or barely got paid. It didn't matter to them at the time because of the exposure and the essence that the movie captured. All the breaker felt they are a part of hip hop history when the film was made.

-All of double k's mixes in the film were created, mastered and mixed by Jazzy Jay.


-Rae Dawn Chong aka "Tracy" is still acting in movies, more currently made for tv roles. Since then she is married, the mother of two sons, and divides her time between Vancouver, B.C. (where she lives) and Los Angeles, California (where she works).

-Leon W. Grant aka "Chollie The Hustler" continues to act on different television series taking on lesser roles.

-Jon Chardiet aka "Ramo" is still acting. his last current release which was in 2000 was a B-Film called "Chump Change", about movie show business. He was Also in Money Talks(1997), Franc Reyes aka "Luis" wrote some Freestyle songs in the early 90's & directed 2002's Empire and Saundra Santiago aka "Carmen" was in the miami vice series and currently a soap opera now.

-Guy Davis aka "Double K" is a well known blues musician and continues to tour around the country to this day. Did you know that Guy Davis is the son of Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee?(Black History Month Exclusive)

-Robert Taylor aka "Lee" Still resides somewhere in the bronx. Rumors surface that he currently teaches the art of a B-Boy and only accept small roles from time to time.

-Rock Steady Crew Is Still Breakin Although Not All Of The Recent Crew Is Original.Crazy Legs Now Leads RSC while Doze lives in San Diego now; Ken Swift lives in Brooklyn and teaches b-boying.

-Two Of The Original Members of the Rock Steady Crew, Kuriaki and Buck4 were both k!lled in seperate drug homicides in 1991. the only thing that was known is that kuriaki was tortured and k!lled execution style in a garage. people have been k!lled over speaking out on Buck 4's de@th hence to this day crazy legs never really dwell or speak on the situation even on the freshest kids DVD.

This Is What I've Researched So Far. Lemme Know What You Think.

5 comments for "Where Are They Now: Beat Street 23 Years Later..."

 02-07-2007, 10:22 AMaway - #2

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Keep The Thread Alive

What Are Other Updates Like The Breakin Series, Krush Groove, Wildstyle...If Any Info Feel Free To Add On. Peace
 02-07-2007, 10:27 AMaway - #3

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 02-07-2007, 10:39 AMaway - #4
The Mighty Joe 

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good read....good history lesson my brother
 02-07-2007, 11:43 AMaway - #5

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Props Back To All

I Wish I Had The Recent Pics Of All Of The Characters But I Only Have 2 Of The Recent Ones Which was Double K's and Rae's. Lee's Real Name Is So Common (Robert Taylor) There is no pics of him Just His Film Discography. same for Jon Chardiet (RAMO!!!!!) Leon W. Grant (Chollie) And Everybody else.

-Guy Davis Is 55 (!)

-Rae Dawn Chong Is 46 (Still Fine As Hell)

-Robert Taylor is 41
 02-07-2007, 12:12 PMaway - #6
The Mighty Joe 

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Originally Posted by cousinjay
I Wish I Had The Recent Pics Of All Of The Characters But I Only Have 2 Of The Recent Ones Which was Double K's and Rae's. Lee's Real Name Is So Common (Robert Taylor) There is no pics of him Just His Film Discography. same for Jon Chardiet (RAMO!!!!!) Leon W. Grant (Chollie) And Everybody else.

-Guy Davis Is 55 (!)

-Rae Dawn Chong Is 46 (Still Fine As Hell)

-Robert Taylor is 41

Rae Dawn Chong always looked good as ####....
she was before the ameries, kimoras, and cassies....


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