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*Tray Deee from Tha Eastsidaz: Prison Interview*

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 *Tray Deee from Tha Eastsidaz: Prison Interview*
Post topic by youngmic - 05-25-2008, 10:06 PM

Attention all BIG TRAY DEEE FANS: This is the Big Tray Deee interview as promised. These are the questions fans and members posted on RAPTALK.NET, shouts out to lunatic 63 for helping out with this. Nothing has been reworded, renamed, edited, rearranged, removed, in other words I typed up all of his answers in the exact same way he gave them to me. This is just the beginning of the FREE BIG TRAY DEEE movement. I will have more updates on his situation and whatís being done while he is away. Stay tuned!


1. How are you holding up in prison?

Iím just stayiní active physically (exercising, playing handball & b-ball), writing my semi-autobiography and studying Management and Psychology. This is not my first prison bid, so I know how to walk these calendars off, plus handle mines need be. Iím cool.

2. When are you supposed to be released?

My EPRD (Earliest Possible Release Date) is 2013, however these California prisons are so overcrowded (by nearly 55,000 inmates) that they are being pressed by the Feds to ease the overflow, so who knows what might transpire between now and then. One thing that I ask of all you is when you see something on your state ballot, regardless of which state youíre from, concerning justice or any benefit to prisoners, and you have the right to vote, look into it and vote. Whether pro or con. And donít be influenced by the scare tactics that the ultra-conservative right-wing politicians promote through the mass media.

3. What are you going to be doing when you get out?

That time is so far in the distance that I can not say at this juncture. More than likely not, it will be involving something in the music/entertainment industry.

4. Do you plan on ever releasing any unreleased music?

Most of my unreleased material is on Foe Life Records. They have the hottest music on the West Coast, I guess my comrade big Del Dog is waiting to secure the best possible deal for his label.

5. Whatís the story with you and Snoop Dogg right now?

There really isnít a story. We had a great history making gíd up hits together, and I grew very close to him and his family. I erroneously a$sumed that the feeling was mutual, but discovered when Iíd gotten new management (no fault of my first manager) that my and Goldie Locís recording contract only gave us 1% of our royalties due. The standard royalty rate then was 12 to 16%. That knowledge caused us to fall out, animosity and gunplay ensued, and that was the conclusion of our relationship all the way around.

6. Whatís your current relationship like with Goldie Loc?

Nonexistent. Totally nonexistent.

7. Would you consider ever reforming Tha Eastsidaz?

Not at all. I recognize that the love, trust and camaraderie that I conferred to those dudes was not reciprocated in the least. I therefore, could never pretend to bond and vibe with someone that I care nothing for.

8. Are yourself and Bad Azz still good friends?

I really like Bad Azz as a person, and I would a$sociate with him again, but friends donít allow 5 years to elapse without any communication whatsoever. Peace to his moms though.

9. Does TVT Records own the rights to what was to be the third Eastsidaz album ďGang Bang Music?Ē

Yes they do.

10. Will you be rapping once again when youíre released from prison?

Iím going to let the fans decide that one for me.

11. Has your incarceration changed you in any way?

Yes. Realizing Allah (God) blessed me to achieve with the talent that he gave me and how I became so caught up in my own image that I sacrificed everything, family, fame and fortune for the sake of maintaining my reputation in the streets, has caused me to reassess what were once my priorities (money, material, possessions, respect, multiple s3x partners and things of that nature) and now seek to build an everlasting with the Creator by being humble, thankful, and much more responsible in my life.

12. Would you ever consider taking on any managerial roles in regards to getting more music out of the LBC?

Certainly. There remains an abundance of talent in Long Beach City and it just so happens Iím studying a 642 page Management book at this time (Robbins & Coulter ninth edition). However, I would to get out from behind these walls first, as managing is quite the hands on job.

13. How do you feel about the state of the west coast right now?

Where Iím currently located (central California) thereís only one ďHip-Hop R&BĒ radio station that comes in clearly and it plays the same recycled format as all of the other Top 40 radio stations, so I donít get to hear whatís hot in the streets. But from what I do hear, things are not good at all. I got wind of a ďNew west OrderĒ in the making though, so there might be an impending resurgence. Letís pray for one soon, Ďcause they have some real live BULL#### in rotation from most everywhere else. Real Talk.

14. Do you think the rap game would be any different if you were a free man right now?

Perhaps. One things for sure, youíd have some real hard music to knock a dent in your trunk.

26 comments for "*Tray Deee from Tha Eastsidaz: Prison Interview*"

 05-25-2008, 10:07 PMaway - #2
youngmic 171 heat pts171

$14,769 | POWERFUL
15. Have you heard the new Snoop Dogg album “Ego Trippin?” what do you think of it?

No. To my understanding he didn’t actually write any of the songs on there. If so, I’m sure that has to be a first for a rapper. Oops, I forgot about Puffy.

16. Have you kept up with all the new trends that have been going on in Hip-Hop or do you try and distance yourself from rap right now?

Naw, I haven’t kept up with the trends in Hip-Hop, but not because I’m trying to distance myself. I have to remain vigilant regarding my safety and try to maintain a solid connection with my children and family, as well as sustain myself with the necessities, so the fact fact is that I have a greater concerns to occupy my time.

17. How do you feel about the possibility of having a black president?

I believe that this country has come a very long way in accepting other peoples as equals. True, there is still racism, overt and covert, however that is mostly due to old hard-liners refusing to surrender their a$sumed position of superiority, and also those ignorant, hate-filled individuals (of all races) who pass their warped ideologies down to their children. I think that Barack Obama will make a great AMERICAN president.

18. Do you still write raps or freestyle in prison in order to keep your raps sharp?

I’ve written an entire album of songs since I’ve been locked up. After that, I haven’t even bothered to strike up anything except some heaters for my nephew Baby C-Style’s album, which should be coming out on Konvict Records in due time. As for freestyling, a crazy looking white boy drove up to my tier a few months ago, and challenged me to a battle!!! He wasn’t bad, but c’mon… I thrashed his a$s that very night something ridiculous and told him “now don’t play with me no more, boy. I’m a gangsta, I don’t battle” (ha ha ha, it was funny though).

19. Will you be using any raps you wrote in jail for future songs?

If I make another album yes I will.

20. Are you aware of the fan following you still having even to this day?

Not precisely, as I have no internet access and my communication capabilities are basically to the U.S. Postal Service. One thing that I did was always dedicate myself to crafting the most tightly structured rhymes and speaking form and for the streets that I was raised in. So my hope has always been that those who prefer that "realism” would feel my lyrics in such a way that they would remain devoted to me. So if I do still have a following, mission accomplished.

21. 21. Did you ever complete an album for de@th Row?

No. All work I ever did On de@th Row was for Snoop’s or the Dogg Pound;s albums, or murd3r Was The Case or Gang Related sountracks. Myself, South Sentrelle, Techniec, Lil C-Style and Bad Azz recorded the unreleased “LBC Crew” album at Can Am, A de@th Row leased studio, but when Suge Knight refused to allow Snoop to shop distribution for Doggystyle Records and left us with the ultimatum of going through de@th Row, South Sentrelle and Lil C-Style decided that they no longer wanted to be a part of the group, so the album was scrapped.

22. What’s your relationship like right now with Crooked I?

I spoke with Crooked about 6 months ago. We’re solid. I think that he’s the dopest MC on the West Coast, hands down. And I can’t think of anyone on the East or in the South who can serve him. He’s real cool with my fiancťe (Coniyac, formerly of Doggy’s Angels) and they both are a part of that New West Order I spoke of in question 13, so we shoot salutations back and forth.

23. Daz Dillinger spoke of an incident that supposedly went down in 2005 about you getting into a f!ght with Jayo Felony; tell us about that.

We were filming the Baby Boy movie back in ’01 and Jayo came into the trailer we were in and wanted to f!ght Snoop behind who originated the phrase “Crip-Hop”. I had authorized him (Jayo) to confront Snoop (I won’t f!ght anyone won’t get down for themselves) until I heard what the discrepancy was, so I intervened, as I had came up with that title at Snoops home studio in Claremont, and told Jayo if he had an issue with anyone, it was me. Well, he was intent on making Snoop his target, but Dogg struck first. There were at least 16 Long Beach thugs present, so quite naturally we all followed suit. Jayo was my nieces boyfriend at that time, plus he and I were respectful of each others Crip’n and lyrical proficiency, therefore I took it upon myself to get Jayo and Snoop on the phone together and dead the repercussions that were sure to follow. For the record, Daz Dillinger was not present when the altercation took place, and furthermore I have been locked up since Nov. ’03.

24. Did you ever get a chance to meet The Game? He shouted you out on a record of his.

No, I’ve never met The Game, but I’ve listened to his music and I like the confidence that he raps with. He’s certainly west Coast’d to the utmost and I’m lovin’ that, so I appreciate the acknowledgment that he gave me.

 05-25-2008, 10:07 PMaway - #3
youngmic 171 heat pts171

$14,769 | POWERFUL
25. What are your feelings towards Tha Dogg Pound?

I don’t have any ill will toward either of them. (Daz & Kurupt). It’s just kind of difficult to comprehend how brothers who you once stood up for and that fed off your strength can just write you off as if you never existed. Kurupt and I have always held a mutual respect for one another, but I wouldn’t say that we were tight outside of the clique. Daz and I on the other hand grew very close, to the point where I took him to the ‘hood and had all of the homies from Insane Crip embrace him. People in the gang culture stil ask me to this day is Daz named Baby Tray Deee from 21st street ICG. (For anyone curious to know, the answer is no)

26. When is your release date from prison?


27. How did yourself and Bad Azz come up with the song “Hard Times On Planet Earth” on your “General’s List” album?

Bad wanted to participate on the Generals Lit and dropped by my studio when my producer/engineer was there while I was out in traffic. When I arrived at the studio later that evening, Bad Azz had laced the hook on the track. I was really feelin’ what he’d put down, so I zoned out on some serious #### and spit that social commentary to not only show that I was in touch with the state of the world, but to more significantly wake the listeners up to what really goes on with the powers that be and the fate that they have in mind for us commoners.

28. How do you feel about others rappers from LBC such as Hobo, Techniec, Knoc-turn’al, Chag G, Wolfwangg, Crooked I? Have any of those rappers ever contacted you?

As I stated, Crooked I has communicated wit me and the lines remain open. Techniec is my lil homeboy and I whish him much success (I recently heard him on of The Game’s projects), but we haven’t been in contact with each other long before I was incarcerated. He’s extremely talented and I have major love for him and his family. Hobo is my lil homie, but we are from different generations of the set, so we don’t really migrate in the same circles. Peace to him. Chag G was co-producing with Goldie Loc when I left the streets. He is an Insane Crip representative, so I wish him the best. Knoc-turn’al, to my understanding (and from and article that I read) doesn’t to be affiliated with the LBC so I pay dude no attention. And I’ve never heard of Wolfwangg.

29. You dissed de@th Row on “Dogghouse In Your Mouth” and “Tha Row k!lla” but you were on “DPG Eulogy” saying you were cool with Suge Knight; what are your thoughts on de@th Row?

Honestly, Suge nor any individual from de@th Row has ever spoke on or approached me in a negative fashion. While I can’t recall the song “Tha Row k!lla”, I dissed them on “Dogghouse In Your Mouth” mainly to let them and everyone else know that I was riding with Snoop ‘til the wheels feel off, so I felt that at that particular time such a bold statement was necessary. I also can’t recollect “DPG Eulogy”. They must’ve used an excerpt from some interview that I did. I’ve never lyrically nor physically attacked Suge Knight, because he’s never been on my level as a gangster, as I’ve never achieved his accomplishments as a businessman. I personally feel that it’s a shame that a brotha lost such a lucrative and powerful enterprise, because through him a lot of Black families ascended above the poverty level. The lesson that the next aspiring entrepreneur coming out of a gang-banging upbringing should learn is that fear and intimidation has no place in legitimate business.

30. Did Snoop Dogg really snitch on you about getting his house shot up?

Not to my knowledge. I had a few (former) who were working for Snoop as security at that time and they discouraged him from making any statements to the police. Not saying that he was actually prepared to do so.

31. What is your favorite song on each of the two Eastsidaz albums and why?

“Another Day” off the first album. I was shooting dice with a few guys outside of the vocal booth and smoking chronic, and Goldie Loc was high and drunk as a skunk. We were just getting to know one another and if you’re familiar with our history, our gangs don’t get along with each other. Well, Loc came past me going into the booth and said, “#### that cuz, we aint writin. We just gon’ go in there and kick some real #### from the heart!” I admired how he came at me like that. “Connected” is my favorite on the second album because we were out in New York finishing up the album and called Mobb Deep to the studio to get down with us. I dig how they keep their format gritty, so I knew that everyone was comin’ with guns blazin’! I knew that after we’d complete the song, cats had to recognize us as a force in the game. Also, I have to point out “Everywhere I Go”, because Swizz Beats hit us with some Gorilla #### and Goldie and I played off each other flawlessly, while surreptitiously trying to tear one anothers heads off.

32. How do you feel about the single selection on each of the albums? Were you happy with it?

I believe that G’D Up was the perfect song for us to make our debt, being that we were speaking from a gangsters platform. That was the youngest song on our album. I also believe that “I Luv It” had such a hard behind it, while the content had such a commercial appeal that it exposed us to a wider audience, while satisfying our core fan base. So, yes, I was happy with both single selections.

33. Do you have any last words for the fans before I let you go?
I appreciate all of the Big Tray Deee, and Eastsidaz fans. I am thankful to have been able to give ya’ll domething that stimulated you, because I really making the music. May the Creator bless all of you to have as much pleasure and success in life as He has allowed me. A good attitude, patience, and faith in God will open many doors for you. Stay strong. Peace.

 05-25-2008, 10:21 PMaway - #4

$191 | 204166
Great Read! Im a big Tray Dee fan. Props.
 05-25-2008, 10:28 PMaway - #5

$891 | 2652758
1% WTF thats not even cool...SMH.
 05-25-2008, 10:30 PMaway - #6
~SHYNE~ 10 heat pts10

$2,177 | 11741344
Nice post,good read,I dont really like WC music besides the old school stuff like CMW,Master Ace,Ice Cube...but hope the dude gets out sooner than 2013.
 05-25-2008, 10:34 PMaway - #7
neomerge 2 heat pts

$1,438 | 6342422
Pretty dope read. Thanks for posting.
 05-25-2008, 10:40 PMaway - #8
illathruz 29 heat pts29

$5,217 | POWERFUL
i don't even like the eastsidas like that but that was a good read
 05-25-2008, 10:40 PMaway - #9

$4,706 | 9316023
Free Trey Dee, I still jam to that 1st Eastsidaz album til this day
 05-26-2008, 08:11 AMaway - #10
youngmic 171 heat pts171

$14,769 | POWERFUL
good comments on this, didnt expect people to read this. good ####. fan or not, glad yall checked for it. sad situation with him & his former friends. hope he gets out sooner.
 05-26-2008, 11:10 AMaway - #11

$857 | 0
All of westcoast music is whack as #### but props on the read....

Its ####ed up how all these ni##as did him...

Can somebody tell me why he was locked up in the first place and how did he fall out with goldie loc?
 05-26-2008, 01:40 PMaway - #12
Qbert 16 heat pts16

$2,832 | 15863223
Good read, cant wait to see what he will do when he comes out
 05-26-2008, 02:22 PMonline - #13
TRU 504 BoY 

$1,864 | 20403214
1%? damn thats ####ed up. great ####in read. love tray's music. i still listen to his #### to this day. too bad there is nomore eastsidaz.
 05-26-2008, 02:32 PMaway - #14
champlain 56 heat pts56

$2,763 | POWERFUL
great read...seems like dude is quite well spoken and a true gangster...hope he gets out and gets his due. To the person wondering why he is in jail, i believe he shot at some dudes that threw gang signs up at him, but please correct em if i am wrong...
 05-26-2008, 02:51 PMaway - #15
mt fuji 17 heat pts17

$10,433 | POWERFUL
damn i didn't even know homie was locked up

and he been locked up since 2003,still got mad years left.

 05-26-2008, 08:19 PMaway - #16

$4,706 | 9316023
Originally Posted by U.G.K.
All of westcoast music is whack as #### but props on the read....

Its ####ed up how all these ni##as did him...

Can somebody tell me why he was locked up in the first place and how did he fall out with goldie loc?
He got caught shootin it out wit somebody, he let off like 12 shots in public, so he got an attempted murd3r charge

Last edited by Basicgz; 05-26-2008 at 08:21 PM..
 05-27-2008, 02:12 AMaway - #17

$857 | 0
^Thanks, and why the fallin out with goldie loc?
 05-27-2008, 03:58 AMaway - #18
timdog 370 heat pts370

$18,319 | POWERFUL
 05-27-2008, 07:16 AMaway - #19
Big Moon Dawg 

$3,128 | 5538379
15. Have you heard the new Snoop Dogg album ďEgo Trippin?Ē what do you think of it?

No. To my understanding he didnít actually write any of the songs on there. If so, Iím sure that has to be a first for a rapper. Oops, I forgot about Puffy.

 05-27-2008, 07:59 AMaway - #20

$2,381 | 10316234
Originally Posted by PhantomBeatz
1% WTF thats not even cool...SMH.
werd. the music business is shady as hells.


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