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Slim Thug vs Lil Flip

Poll results - Who is better than the other (Not meaning they good)
Slim Thug 13 59.09%
Lil Flip 9 40.91%
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 Slim Thug vs Lil Flip
Arrow topic by logicalkid - 05-27-2005, 07:23 AM - Boxden > The Hip-Hop Spot

They both kinda wack imo but Lil Flip is dissing Slim in a recently recorded track.

After buzzing Down South, Slim Thug is ready to take his hype nationwide. In this exclusive, Slim speaks on setbacks, G-Unit comparisons and Lil Flip's hoe tendencies.
Slim Thug's national buzz began after dropping the Neptunes-produced "Like A Boss" earlier this year. Just when the single began climbing video countdowns, the Houston rapper's buzz heightened courtesy of his appearance alongside Paul Wall on Mike Jones' "Still Tippin." Yet, several months later, Slim's debut has yet to drop and has been pushed back numerous times.
"We had to go in the studio to re-do sh!t. It [the album] got bootlegged, so we ain't wanna put out the same record. The fourth quarter got in the way then. I'm over at Interscope, so Game was coming out in January and 50 [Cent] was supposed to come in February, so I ain't wanna drop when Game and 50 drop," Slim told "50 even told me out of his own mouth he feel like the people at Interscope can only focus on one project at one time. 50 cent's sh!t got pushed back to March, so I had to wait on that sh!t. Then Star Trak and Geffen, they go back and forth on decisions they wanna make. It's just a failure to communicate. Now we finally sat down and got everything together and we're set for July 12th."
Upon hearing the title of his debut, Already Platinum, heads quickly labeled Slim as pretentious. Though the self-proclaimed boss says he amassed wealth with independent sales, he felt a major label would allow him to take his music pass the South.
"I was k!lling it down here, but being an artist you want the TV look too. You gotta look at it; my market was Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Louisiana and I'm going to seven, eight motherf#@$in' cities every weekend. Eventually the sh!t gon get old to a point where the price is gon have to go cheaper or something like that," Slim explained. "The only way I saw myself k!lling it for so long was to expand my career and go different places and take it to a further level. So I got with a major label and I still can do all the independent sh!t I was doing before. I'm just putting out my solo record out through [Geffen]."
Since inking with Star Trak/Geffen, Interscope Chairman Jimmy Iovine has repeatedly called Slim and his Boss Hogg Outlaws the G-Unit of the South --a comparison Slim welcomes with open arms.
"It's appreciated; 50 k!lling them and sh!t. We came up the same way. 50 was doing the mixtape sh!t then he got a deal. I was doing the mixtape sh!t and got a deal," Slim offered. "I got a gang of ni99as with me who [are] known too and who [are] hot. It's the same thing, but in a different region."
Besides G-Unit, Slim has also drawn comparisons to Lil Flip, mainly because the two share braids, height, a light complexion and the same hometown of Houston. Yet, according to Slim, the two are "nothing alike." In fact, Slim claims Flip took shots at him on Z-Ro's recently released "From The South," which also features Paul Wall.
"I don't f#@$ with Flip. Him and this dude named Z-Ro [got a song] and he shooting a slug at me on the song saying, ‘ni99as thinking they made it before they album dropped/ When they album flop/ They might be signed to Koch.' Somebody had said that I had a CD out saying, ‘f#@$ Flip,'" Slim revealed to "I ain't never do that sh!t, but now it's in the streets. It's too late. I ain't really trying to talk about it. I ain't trying to hear no, ‘my fault, my bad.' I'm a fa sho come back. A lot of people are saying that Flip shooting slugs at Paul Wall too. He was mad at Paul Wall cause he was cool with T.I. when their whole little beef sh!t was going on. He on some real gay sh!t. He a cake for real. He a hoe a$s ni99a."
Slim Thug's Already Platinum featuring production by The Neptunes, Sha Money XL, Cool and Dre and Jazze Pha is set to hit stores July 12th.

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10 comments for "Slim Thug vs Lil Flip"

 05-27-2005, 09:17 AMaway - #2
MainEv3nt|M 18 heat pts18

$20,805 | POWERFUL
is this battle of whos worse or wha
 05-27-2005, 09:22 AMaway - #3

$1,348 | 136291
id still rather listen to flip then slim thug
flip simple
slim boring
 05-27-2005, 09:33 AMaway - #4

$61 | 60
I don't really give a fu#k about these two, their both wack as hell, but with that saying, Lil flip made that wack a$s song sunshine, so slim must be better than that sh#t.
 05-27-2005, 11:37 AMaway - #5

$2,421 | 2153852
houston wack period minus- scarface
 05-27-2005, 11:51 AMonline - #6

$2,309 | 6998693
Originally Posted by markus1127
houston wack period minus- scarface

we don't have half the talent as pontiac
 05-27-2005, 12:07 PMaway - #7

$337 | 2556
lil flip is wack. the only thing he spit is nursery rhymes.
 05-27-2005, 12:14 PMaway - #8
Da Truth Spitta 

$1,410 | 335473
I'm going to go with Slim Thug, just because the Neptunes are producing for him and I love hearing him screwed & chopped. (Listen to "Still Tippin'" (S&C))
 05-27-2005, 12:14 PMaway - #9

$3,198 | 2020579
houston wack period minus- scarface

What bout Chamillionare, Paul Wall, Z-Ro? They not no Jigga or Eminem or nutin, but they is most def. no wack homie....
 05-27-2005, 01:38 PMaway - #10

$160 | 109014
They both wack but Flip is better.
 05-27-2005, 01:46 PMaway - #11
Mysonne 1 heat pts

$14,814 | POWERFUL
Originally Posted by htown
we don't have half the talent as pontiac

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