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real story behind Dre and Banks beef

 real story behind Dre and Banks beef
topic by Piccolo - 05-28-2013, 07:58 PM - Boxden > The Hip-Hop Spot

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Have you wondered why you have never seen a picture of Dr Dre & Lloyd Banks together? Why come Dre never produced a track for "Hunger for More"? Or how much Game woulda sold his first album without Dre? Well sit down and let me tell you a tale...

This all started when Banks was at Dre's Encore Studio's in California recording "Poppin Them Thangs" and "G'd Up". Banks was getting ready for his debut album "Hunger for more". Dre had approached Banks with some beats but Banks had declined.

You see, Banks resented Game b/c he didn't earn his spot. Banks was down with 50 since the begining and was the hottest new artist at that time. He was mixtape artist of the year 2 yrs in a row and had a major buzz. During the time banks was putting down work with his lyrics on mixtapes, Game was sitting with Dre not making any noise. It wasnt until 50 signed him as a favor to Dre that he was saved from being dropped.

Banks felt he should have been getting the attention from Dre that Game was. Dre should have been in the studio with banks like he was with 50, instead he was giving his good stuff to Game and Banks didn't want any left over beats.

Dre was now offically not producing for "Hunger for more". To further this Beef, Banks feels he was forced to put Game on a track due to Dre's influence at Interscope and G-unit Records.

Banks sold 500k his first week. If Dre would have gave him that co-sign like he did Game, and it is very possible he could have sold much more. The game went on to sell 5 mil with Dre & 50 on the first album and be the #4 rapper @ Interscope behind Dre, Eminem and 50 Cent.

Banks also felt that he did not have to defend Dre at the vibe awards. He feels that if Game woulda been dropped and never signed to G-Unit he would have Game's spot at Interscope.

Banks does not have good feelings toward Dr. Dre right now, and apparently a diss track has been recorded and will be released with his next album. Jimmy Iovine, 50 Cent and Others are trying to squash this beef before it went public but those attempts failed as we now know about the beef. [the last part is a rumor going around]

So now you know why Banks & Dre never work together and how Game basicly lucked out and took his spot at Interscope, an knowing, is half the battle.

This ish was posted here two years ago doe > real story behind Dre and Banks beef - Photo posted in The Hip-Hop Spot | Sign in and leave a comment below!

I wouldnt repost if it were not

Banks had never liked Dre, always been closer with 50 and em. The root of this issue is when Banks was in Cali recording songs for Beg for Mercy and his own album. Coincidentally the GAME was gearing up for the documentary but it still had some things to be added and he had more time than banks. Dre offered Banks some beats he wasnt going to give to game(trash) and banks rejected them. Why pay full price for throwaway beats. Dre thought banks was c#cky and not too long after, dre told Sha Money Xl he was no longer doing beats for banks.

As you can imagine, a beat from Dre is not cheap. Dre was hooking Game up on some of the beats he produced for him, but wanted to charge Banks the full price for leftover beats (cuz he let Game pick which beats he liked and offered Banks some of the rest but still wanted to charge him full price). Banks felt like Game was favoured. It's also why you'd be hardpressed to find a pic of them together they never hung out.

Banks even told Buck after the VIBE awards incident where Buck st@bbed the dude for Dre, that it was a dumb move cuz Dre "didn't give a #### about him". Banks was like he wouldn't risk catchin a case for Dre when Dre would barely even communicate with Buck or Banks unless 50 was involved.

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138 comments for "real story behind Dre and Banks beef"

 05-28-2013, 08:05 PMaway - #2
Player 1 19 heat pts19

$20,415 | POWERFUL
Never knew they had problems
 05-28-2013, 08:22 PMaway - #3
LYTE 55 heat pts55

$10,707 | POWERFUL
Originally Posted by Player 1
Never knew they had problems
Me either but I don't follow neither 1 of their careers
 05-28-2013, 08:22 PMaway - #4
j0hncena 46 heat pts46

$9,297 | POWERFUL
dre did produce on h4m...
 05-28-2013, 08:23 PMonline - #5
bkid 108 heat pts108

$7,742 | POWERFUL
i thought the reason Banks never had any Dre beats was beacuse Dre never gave a #### about G-Unit artist beside Game and 50.... Buck only got those 2 Dre beats cause of the st@bbing
 05-28-2013, 08:45 PMaway - #6

$12,407 | POWERFUL
Originally Posted by bkid
i thought the reason Banks never had any Dre beats was beacuse Dre never gave a #### about G-Unit artist beside Game and 50.... Buck only got those 2 Dre beats cause of the st@bbing
this makes more sense.
 05-28-2013, 08:52 PMaway - #7
Sincere730 7 heat pts

$6,048 | POWERFUL
props for Banks for not being a puppet
 05-28-2013, 08:54 PMaway - #8
Im Soo Special 51 heat pts51

$12,242 | POWERFUL
Banks God

one of the realest MC in the game

Dre a ####

been a ####

still a ####
 05-28-2013, 11:09 PMaway - #9
Piccolo 4 heat pts

$1,943 | 8828580
Originally Posted by babalou
this makes more sense.
So hes just going to not #### with 50's own artist? Game and Buck were business moves, banks was a kid he legit thought would take his spot or attain the same level of fame. That lil incident is why they dont #### with each other its not a full blown beef as banks keeps it civil but he dont like dude.

Now as for what happened with banks and 50...ill save that for tomorrow. Lets juss say #### not looking good for banks these days.

And yes he is one of those DL rappers.
 05-29-2013, 02:07 AMaway - #10
loyola llothta 17 heat pts17

$3,872 | POWERFUL
Originally Posted by Sincere730
props for Banks for not being a puppet
real #### #### dre, im still made he didnt put fif/gunit in his vid montage of his entire career (i need a doctor) like unit didnt hold it down for interscope/aftermath but he put pac in that #### when he didnt #### with pac and didnt want to be round him so much that he dodge him dre a punk and always been
 05-29-2013, 02:12 AMaway - #11
KING JAYY 308 heat pts308

$31,723 | POWERFUL
Banks? Next Album?

 05-29-2013, 03:14 AMaway - #12
Trilluminati GA 355 heat pts355

$32,973 | POWERFUL
Banks down bad right now too....wat a waste
 05-29-2013, 10:00 AMaway - #13
dlettern 4 heat pts

$8,834 | POWERFUL
Rappers are mad sensitive.....getting upset cuz another man doesn't give you enough attention?
 05-29-2013, 10:13 AMaway - #14
Nasty Neighbor 117 heat pts117

$17,088 | POWERFUL
Originally Posted by j0hncena
dre did produce on h4m...
no he didn't
 05-29-2013, 10:14 AMonline - #15
KingP1n 176 heat pts176

$4,588 | POWERFUL
He was showing love to Dre in 2010
 05-29-2013, 10:15 AMaway - #16
The N 202 heat pts202

$30,068 | POWERFUL
Dre wanted that b00ty...
 05-29-2013, 10:17 AMaway - #17
metatr0n|M 229 heat pts229

$34,490 | POWERFUL
Just cuz ima banks fan ima rock wit the repost
 05-29-2013, 10:26 AMaway - #18
A.Dot789 654 heat pts654

$9,762 | POWERFUL
lol this is bull####.
 05-29-2013, 10:28 AMaway - #19
BIGMARS 33 heat pts33

$5,676 | POWERFUL
Fukc Banks and fukc Dre. No one knew they had problems because no one gave a shyt.
 05-29-2013, 10:31 AMaway - #20
Bobby's World 5 heat pts

$8,448 | POWERFUL
Yeah I dont believe none of this ####.

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