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Pimp C Interview with

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 Pimp C Interview with
Post topic by cheaz - 05-12-2006, 10:10 AM

Very long, so I am not posting the entire thing. I will leave link for rest at the end. Alright now, whatís going on with ya brah?

Pimp C: Everything going on, all at the same time brah. Yeah, everything been good with you since you got out. You got the ďPimpalationĒ DVD out, talk about that some.

Pimp C: Man Iím too good to be stressed right now, you know what Iím talking bout, uh ďPimpalationĒ DVD is in stores, album is coming out. Actually the release date was yesterday, we had to hold it to get a few more samples cleared. Be out in the next couple of weeks man. Now when you was locked up you had a son that was born, is that right?

Pimp C: Naw Naw, oh my fault on that one.

Pimp C: I did four years flat, my daughter was a month old when I went to prison. My daughter was born on December 15, 2001. I went to prison in January 2002. Okay, thatís what it was. Well how was it after you got out, how was trying to unite with her, being that you were away for so long, how was it uniting with her as a free man?

Pimp C: Well, weÖ it might be hard to believe but we kept a bond because every week I was up there seeing that baby. I would see her, and when she got to the stage where she got old enough to understand what it was, she knew that the white people had locked her daddy up for some sh*t that he wasnít suppose to be there for. She knew that it wasnít in my power, that I wasnít trying to not be home with them. She knew that, and we wasnít trying to keep nothing from her. Now at the same time, I got a five year old son, and he was like a year old when I left. But heís not a square either, he know what the fu*k went on. They know who their father is, and they know that people hate on us, because they out there living it too. Ya know what Iím saying, folks is gonna hate, because anything they donít understand, anything they canít control, they gonna hate it. So my kids take a lot of slack because of me. Yeah, yeah. Okay well moving on to some music, howíd you hook up with Mel and Turk and form Trill ?

Pimp C: Mel and Turk. I met Mel first, a guy had brought him to us at a show. They wanted to buy some production for a rapper they had. They was some cool dudes and eventually the other guy that brought us together kind of faded out and we started working directly and producing tracks for a mystery artist they had, and that artist ended up falling through. They asked me if I could find them an artist, and I put them in touch with a friend of mind, a very talented artist. He came and got down, we did a whole project on him, then he slacked out on us and uh, we ended up losing him. Well not really losing him, because we didnít try to hold him. My thing is this, when a n*gga wanna go, Iím gonna let him go. If a n*gga donít wanna be down with the real, they can go on and be with the fake. Itís just like James told me the other night, when a bi*ch leave him to be with another n*gga, her value go down, know what Iím saying. So when a motherfu*ker fu*k with the real, and then go fu*k with the fake, a n*gga depreciate a whole lot. Understand what Iím saying? Iím not upset when a person wants to move around, because I want everybody to be happy and I donít want nobody to feel like Iím holding them in a situation they shouldnít be in. But since that guy left, you know, he left, I told him, your rhymes are your rhymes, my hooks are my hooks, and my beats are my beats. So what ended up happening was they found Boosie. And they brought Boosie to me and Boosie ended up rapping over those same tracks. And he ended up putting down some good sh*t. So you know, we rode out with Boosie, then I got caught up in this bullsh*t, and later on, Webbie came along. And, well you know Webbie is very valuable. Very tremendous with this sh*t. But since then, the kid that was down the first time, you know me and him done sat down and talked. And he realized his mistake, realized his error. And any man that can come to me and say they made a mistake, Iím willing to listen to that. You know I donít hold grudges. And his name is Smitty, so we gonna see if we can put a project out on him. Okay, I got some more on Smitty I wanna ask you about later on.

Pimp C: Yeah, do you know my partner Smitty? Or are you talking about another Smitty? No, thatís what I wanna get into. sh*t, we might as well go ahead and get into it now. Recently, I heard on the radio, you had some words for the ďDiamonds on my NeckĒ Smitty. You wanna speak some more on that?

Pimp C: What kind of words I had? I just did a song with Smitty? Bout uh, something bout he was wearing the fake diamonds in a magazine or some sh*t.

Pimp C: Who printed that? That was something I heard that was supposed to be on the radio. Well saying it now, it mightíve been something somebody mightíve fabricated and made it sound like it was you, if you saying thatís not you.

Pimp C: Iím not saying thatís not me, Iím saying who printed that? I donít know who printed that, I found it leaked on the Internet, donít know where it came from.

Pimp C: Did I say Smittyís name? I canít remember right off.

Pimp C: Naw, if I wouldíve said his name, you wouldíve been able to remember. Did I say his name? Straight up, I canít recall. I just remember hearing it once, and everybody talking about it.

Pimp C: I never took no direct shot at Smitty about wearing fake diamonds in a book. If he had Ďem on, and I said something about people wearing fake jewels, then itís directed at everybody wearing fake jewels. Alright, weíll go with that then, weíll go with that.

Pimp C: Ya know, I donít remember it being a direct shot at Smitty. But if Smitty did commit that offense, then the shoe fits, and a n*gga need to go get their jewelry game together. I have nothing against Smitty. Me and Smitty just remade ďFor the Love of Money.Ē I just made money with this man. Why would I do anything to hurt our relationship, or why would I throw salt on him? He ainít even in my radar for me trying to be shooting slugs at him. And while we talking about it, letís not just have this be a conversation between me and you and donít get printed. Oh, itís gonna get printed, trust me.

Pimp C: Young Pimp, donít have no problem with Smitty. We just made a beautiful record together. As far as I know, ďDiamonds on my NeckĒ Smitty, got a lot of love for UGK. And as far as Iím concerned, the project we just did together is a beautiful thing. And I donít wanna get it mis-confused and get anybody twisted up. And if I see anything about anybody wearing fake jewels, and somebody done that, Iím talking about everybody that done it. Well thank you for clearing that up. Thatís gonna clear up a lot of stuff right there. But uh, on the ďPimpalationĒ DVD, you said you were working on six albums.

Pimp C: Thatís right. Now, Iím just a.ssuming, thatís a UGK album, a solo, V-12 Boys. I think I heard something about an album with you and Too Short and Jazze Pha? Is that right?

Pimp C: Say it again? I said I think I heard about an album with you Short and Jazze Pha, is that right?

Pimp C: Uh, this is what it is. Me and Short got a group called Broad Players. We went to Jazze to get the beats, and Jazze expressed that he would like to be in the group. We would love to have Jazze be in the group, and that is our dream for him to be apart of this project. If his schedule doesnít permit him to be a full fledge member of this group, itís gonna be me and Too Short. We done already started recording, and most of the songs, Jazze is already on the songs. Jazze is a good friend of ours, heís a great a.sset, and we would love for him to be apart of the group and work the numbers out to make it happen. Whatís some of the other albums that youíre working on, you mentioned six.

Pimp C: We got the V-12 Boys, me, Webbie and Boosie. We got the UGK Posse album, which is UGK Records and the people I got with me, E-Vicious and Smoke D, Bundie, from X-Mob. Boss from up in Detroit, she used to be down on Def Jam. Got a girl name Sugar down with the program. I mean we got some pretty good people. I been talking to MC Eiht, he ready to bring his Comptonís Most Wanted all the way through and fu*k with Young Pimpin and some real n*ggas with this sh*t. Iím real excited about bringing his sh*t back all the way major, ya know what I mean. I just got off the phone with Spice 1, the chico is hot, he ready to come on back with that murder music. You know we talking to people, and Iím fu*king with the underdog, because thatís the people thatís hungry man. Now, the ďPimpalation,Ē who some of the producers thatís gonna be on that album?

Pimp C: Um, Mike Dean, Jazze Pha, Mr. Lee, Mannie Fresh, uh, some guy with a funny name that did my single, uh SalaÖ I canít remember his name. Carnival Beats? The Salih guy?

Pimp C: What is it? Salih, yeah I believe thatís him. The cat with the ďStill Tippin and Draped Up,Ē thatís him?

Pimp C: Yeah thatís him. He did my single, Iíve yet to meet him. He real talented, but uh who else? Corey Mo, um thatís basically it. Oh Clay D. You remember Clay D? From Miami days? Olí school Clay D from uhÖyou know the bass beat Clay D. Yeah

Pimp C: Yeah, he did a couple of tracks on the album.

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 05-12-2006, 12:28 PMaway - #2
pimppoet 1 heat pts space
$2,692 | 16273078
Nice read.I have a feeling the cd gonna leak soon.Pimp was kinda surprised "kick in the do" leaked.I respect what he doin,tryna bring everybody together.Even him master p workin out they beef it seems.Clear up alotta rumors 2.
 05-12-2006, 01:02 PMaway - #3
Jasonb619  space
$3,179 | 6281747
the interviewer kinda seemed clueless or caught pimp off guard with some of them things

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