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Official tracklist for Smitty's Life Of A Troubled Child

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 Official tracklist for Smitty's Life Of A Troubled Child
topic by da_hustla - 09-15-2005, 06:14 PM

Smitty - Life Of A Troubled Child
J Records
In stores october 25 2005
1st single: Diamonds On My Neck


01. Dopeman
02. Diamonds On My Neck
03. One Time
04. Real ni##az feat. The Game
05. Let Me Know
06. Ghetto feat. Kanye West & Scarface & John Legend
07. ni##as For Life
08. Gangstars
09. So Into U
10. Politics
11. Fed Up
12. Tell Me feat. Jamie Foxx
13. Time
14. Trouble Child

Producers: Swizz Beats, Kanye West, Mannie Fresh

2 comments for "Official tracklist for Smitty's Life Of A Troubled Child"

 09-15-2005, 06:20 PMaway - #2

$9,524 | 1551083
that song with him and game is old as hell...so is the kanye/scarface track
 09-15-2005, 06:22 PMaway - #3
KiNgJaMeS305|M 58 heat pts58

$22,810 | POWERFUL
fu#k...y kanye gotta be on this sh#t....

i gotta support the home team


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