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Odd Couple: Kanye West & Gordon Ramsay Team up

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 Odd Couple: Kanye West & Gordon Ramsay Team up
topic by gjray - 08-17-2011, 01:36 PM

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Master temper-tossed chef, Gordon Ramsey, has been presented with a culinary challenge like no other he has faced in his successful career. It seems that unpredictable rapper, Kanye West, has hired the volatile Ramsey to teach him how to cook. This can’t help but conjure images of rappers with knives being screamed at by a chef who is notably challenged by issues of impulse control. (Read about Kanye West and Jay-Z’s wrecked Maybach.)

Ramsey and West seem an unlikely match, and while there are several reports about this story, none have been confirmed. It is not completely clear exactly what West’s motivation might be but it is possible that he was inspired by the laughter over the insertion of culinary terms into his lyrics.

Chef Ramsey is known to scream his head off, which could possibly be attractive to West, no matter what the situation, but apparently his motivation comes from wanting to learn how to cook for his entourage. Celebrities should be allowed to follow their pursuits without judgment or fanfare and Kanye West is not alone in wanting to learn culinary skills.

Other chefs have done it, albeit with less volatility than Ramsey is sure to present. Mario Batali of Food Network fame has taught Gwyneth Paltrow some of the culinary ins and outs, and they have also done a cooking show together. Last April, British chef, Jamie Oliver, quietly gave cooking lessons to actor, Brad Pitt.

Although Kanye West will never have to sing for his supper, he may reach a point where he doesn’t need to order take-out either!

via sojones

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2 comments for "Odd Couple: Kanye West & Gordon Ramsay Team up"

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 08-17-2011, 01:41 PMaway - #2
Delbert Mengel 28 heat pts28 space
$19,986 | POWERFUL
odd couple? they're both egotistical maniacs. they're a match made in heaven.
 08-17-2011, 01:53 PMaway - #3
gjray 14 heat pts14 space
$762 | 5951726
They about to H.A.M......

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