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Maino's "The Day After Tomorrow", How bad will it flop?

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 Maino's "The Day After Tomorrow", How bad will it flop?
Unread 3 years agoclass of '11 - away - #1
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If Tomorrow Comes... debuted at #25 with 18,000 copies it's first week.

I cant speak for every area or region, but Hi Hater was heavy on the radio here when it was hot. All The Above got massive radio play here. Never once heard Hood Love on the radio.

All The Above broke the Top 40, no other single managed to do that for Maino.

Now, we get to The Day After Tomorrow.

First off, that track list looks whack. "Let It Fly" was lame AF, and "That Could Be Us" is not the type of record I want to hear from Maino, especially since "Kill You" is one of my favs.

Let It Fly dropped in Summer '11, That Could Be Us dropped last October.

Neither single really had ANY buzz, and still doesn't.

If I requested That Could Be Us at a radio station around here, considering I'd actually get through on the lines to request something, they'd probably hang up on me.

I respect Maino a lot, he is one of the realest dudes in the game, but as far as his music... he's falling off.

So how will "The Day After Tomorrow" do? You know it's gonna do bad, but how bad will it do?

I'm guessing 10,000 first week max. but I really hope it's more. Maino is one of the last rappers I want to see flop, butt image

Def. gonna check the album though.
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I like

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