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List of Unreleased 2pac songs

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 List of Unreleased 2pac songs
topic by NasIsThaBest19 - 02-25-2008, 01:07 AM

LMAO at this ####, and ni##az say he ain't the G.O.A.T. name ONE rapper that put in this much work PERIOD, not to meniton the short time-span he recorded them in. This ni##a got songs for days. It'll be 2090, all our a$ses will be long gone, but it'll still be new 2pac #### coming out.> List of Unreleased 2pac songs - Photo posted in The Hip-Hop Spot | Sign in and leave a comment below!> List of Unreleased 2pac songs - Photo posted in The Hip-Hop Spot | Sign in and leave a comment below!> List of Unreleased 2pac songs - Photo posted in The Hip-Hop Spot | Sign in and leave a comment below!> List of Unreleased 2pac songs - Photo posted in The Hip-Hop Spot | Sign in and leave a comment below!> List of Unreleased 2pac songs - Photo posted in The Hip-Hop Spot | Sign in and leave a comment below!> List of Unreleased 2pac songs - Photo posted in The Hip-Hop Spot | Sign in and leave a comment below!

2Fly4Me (OG)
4 My ni##az (OG) With Storm (Produced By 2Pac & Johnny J) (1996)
5 Levelz Of The Game (OG)
6 Or 12 (OG) (1996)
16 On de@th Row (OG) With Shock G & Cool Russel (Produced By 2Pac) (1993)
All Out(OG) With The Outlawz (Produced By Craig "Assassin" Nitty) (1996)
Alize (OG)
Amerika Eatz It's Own (OG)
Animosity (OG)
As The World Turns (OG) With The Outlawz (1996)
Baby Don't Cry (OG) With The Outlawz (1996)
Baby Having Babies aka Breanda's Got A Baby (OG) (1991)
Baby Boy k!llaz (OG) (Produced By Kurt Kobaine & Devante)
Backst@bbaz (OG)
Bad Mutha****az (OG)
Ballad Of A Dead Soulja (OG) With Danny Boy (Produced By Johnny J) (1996)
Basket Case '96 (OG) With Greg Nice (1996)
Better Dayz (OG) (Produced By Johnny J) (1996)
Big Man (OG)
Big Thug (OG)
Big Tyme (OG) With Live Squad (Produced By Live Squad) (1993)
*****es aka World Wide Dime Piece (OG) With Greg Nice, Capital LS, Asu & Snoop Doggy Dogg (1996)
Black Cotton (OG) With Mouse Man (1992)
Black Jesus (OG) With The Outlawz, Storm, Jewel (Produced By 2Pac) (1996)
Blinded (OG)
Blunt Tyme (OG) With Dr. Dre, Lady Of Rage, RBX (Produced By Dr. Dre) (1995)
Borrowed Time (OG) (Produced By Cool Nerd) (1996)
Breakin Thru (OG)
Brothaz At Armz (OG) With Buckshot (1996)
Bumpin System (OG)
Can U See (The Real Me) (OG) (1996)
Catchin' Feelings (OG) (Produced By 2Pac) (1996)
Cause I Had 2 aka Po ni##a Blues (OG) With Governor (1993)
Champagne (OG) (1996)
Champagne (OG) (Freestyle)
Changed Man (OG) With Big Syke & Nate Dogg (1996)
Changes (OG) (Produced By 2Pac) (1992)
Come With Me (OG Interlude) (1996)
Confessions aka 50 Enemies (OG) With Bizzy Bone (1996)
Crooked ni##a Too (1991)
Criminal Timez (OG)
Daddy's Lil Girl (OG) With Jewell (1996)
Danger Time (OG) With Live Squad (Produced By Live Squad) (1994)
Definition Of A Thug ni##a (OG) (Produced By Warren G) (1993)
Die With Me (OG) (1996)
Don't Call Me ***** (OG) (1992)
Don't Cry For Me (OG)
Don't Go 2 Sleep aka Don't Fall A Sleep (OG) With The Outlawz (Produced By Dat ni##a Daz) (1996)
Don't Judge Me (OG)
Don't Sleep (OG) With E.D.I., Napoleon, Kadafi, Kastro, Nutto-So, Lil Bigs (Produced By Go Twice) (1996)
Don't Stop (OG) (1996)
Don't Stop The Music aka Y'all Can't Stop Us (OG) With E.D.I, Hussein Fatal, Val Young (1996)
Don't You Trust Me (OG) With Dave Hollister & Roniece (Produced By Darryl Harper) (1992)
Dope Fiends Diner(OG) (1989)
Drop The Cop (OG)
Dyn@sty (OG)
End Games (OG)
Enemies With Me (OG) With Stretch, Dramacydal & Sh'Killa (Produced By Live Squad) (1994)
Everything They Owe (OG) (Produced By Johnny J) (1996)
Everytime I Close My Eyez (OG)
Faced Shootouts (OG Interlude) (1993)
Fade Me (OG) With Kastro & Napoleon (Produced By Johnny J) (1996)
Fantasy (OG)
Fair Exchange (OG) (Produced By Johnny J) (1996)
Fake a$s *****es (OG) With Yanni & Rated R (Produced By Johnny J) (1993)
Family Pictures (OG) (Produced By QD3) (1996)
Fever In The FunkHouse (OG)
First 2 b0mb (OG) With Napoleon, Kadafi & E.D.I. (Produced By Dat ni##a Daz) (1996)
For The Ghettos (OG)
Fortune And Fame (OG) With Kokane, Spice 1, E.D.I., Kadafi & Vocals By T.Wrice (Produced By Hurt-M-Badd) (1995)
Friends (OG) (Produced By QD3) (1996)
Fright Night aka Whatcha Gonna Do (OG) With Storm (Produced By Duane Netlesbay) (1996)
**** All Y'all (OG) (Produced By 2Pac) (1994)
**** Em All (OG) With The Outlawz (Produced By Johnny J) (1996)
****in With The Wrong ni##a (OG) (1996)
Funky Freestyles (OG)
Get Some For Girls (OG)
Ghetto Ghost (Ghost OG)
Ghetto Gospel (OG) With Jess (Produced By Shock G) (1992)
Ghetto Prophecies (OG)
Ghetto Star aka Burying One Of Our Own (OG) With Bad Azz (Produced By GO Twice) (1996)
Girls Tryin To Work A ni##a (OG) With Terry August
God Bless The Dead (OG) With Stretch (Produced By Stretch) (1993)
Good Life (OG) With Big Syke & E.D.I., (Produced By Mike Mosley) (1996)
Grab The Mic aka Starin Through My Rearview II (Produced By Johnny J) (1996)
Gunz To Ground (OG)
Happy Home (OG) With Jewell (Produced By Johnny J) (1996)
Hard 2 k!ll (OG)
HellBound (OG) With Stretch
He Vs. She (1996)
Hell 4 A Huslter (OG) With The Outlawz (1996)
Hellrazor (OG) With Stretch (Produced By Live Squad) (1993)
Hennessey (OG) With Big Syke & Mopreme (Produced By Live Squad) (1994)
High Til I Die (OG) With Rated R & Macadoshis (1993)
High Speed (OG) With The Outlawz (Produced By Darryl Harper) (1996)
Hit Em Up II (OG) With The Outlawz, Storm, Prince Itel Joe (Produced By 2Pac & Johnny J) (1996)
Hold On Be Strong aka U Got 2 Be Strong (OG) With Vocals By Stretch (Produced By Stretch) (1994)
Hold Me (OG)
Homeboyz (OG) With Kurupt (Produced By Dat ni##a Daz) (1996)
Hopeless (OG Interlude) (1993)
Hotel Room Freestyle (OG)
House Of Pain aka Livin In Pain (OG) With Notorious B.I.G. & Stretch (Produced By Stretch) (1993)
How Much (OG)
Hymns Of A 90's ni##a (OG) (1991)
I'm Gettin Money (OG) (1993)
I Can't Turn Back (OG) With Spice 1 & Blak Jak (1993)
I Have Been Here (All The Time) (OG) (1996)
I See Your Girl (OG)
I Thought You Knew (OG)
I Wonder If Heaven Got A Ghetto (OG)
If You Really Want It aka Let Em Have It (OG) With Storm & Jewell (1996)
If There's A Cure aka I Don't Want It (OG) (1996)
If You Want Me To Stay (OG)
Indonesia (OG)
In The End (OG)
In The Event Of My Demise (OG)
Is It Cool 2 **** (OG) With Rated R, Macadoshis Of Thug Life & Natasha Walker (OG) (Produced By Live Squad) (1994)
It Ain't Hard 2 Tell (OG)
It Ain't Neccessarily So (OG) With Shock G (1992)
Judgement Day aka Soulja Like Me (OG) With Thug Life & Dee The Mad ***** (Produced By Stretch) (1993)
Just The Two Of Us (OG)
Kickin Up Dust (OG)
Killa Elite (OG)
Killing Fields (OG) (Dramacydal Outlawz) (1996)
Killuminati (OG) With The Outlawz (1996)
Komradz aka So So Krazy (OG) With Thug Life & Smoke (1996)
Knock U Out (OG)
Last Night Alive aka Last Days (OG) (1996)
Last Onez Left aka Last ni##a Left (OG) With E.D.I. & Napoleon (Produced By Johnny J) (1996)
Late Night '95 aka Til My Dyin Day (OG) with Young Thugz (Produced By Live Squad) (1995)
Late Night (OG) With The Outlawz (Produced By DJ Quik) (1996)
Late Night (OG) With DJ Quik & AMG (Produced By DJ Quik) (1996)
Leave Us Kids Alone (OG)
Let Knowledge Drop (OG)
Let Them Thangs Go (OG) (1993)
Let's f!ght (OG) With Boot Camp Click, Capital LS, Luniz & The Outlawz (1996)
Let's Get It On (OG) (Mike Tyson Dedication) (Produced By Damon Thomas) (1996)
Letter 2 My Unborn Child (OG) (1996)
Letter To The President (OG) With The Outlawz & Big Syke (Produced By QD3) (1996)
Lie To Kick It (OG) With Richie Rich (1994)
Lifestyles Of The Poor & Hopeless (OG)
Lil Homies (OG) With Danny Boy & Val Young (Produced By Johnny J) (1996)
Ma, Ma, Ma (OG) With Kadafi, Kastro, Kurupt & Vocals By T. Wrice (Produced By Hurt-M-Badd) (1996)
Makaveli (OG) With Vocals By T. Wrice (Produced By Hurt-M-Badd) (1996)
Makaveli Who? (OG) With Daz (1996)
Make It Rain On Em (OG)
Makin' Movez (OG)
Mama's Just A Little Girl (OG) With Storm (Produced By Johnny J) (1996)
Married To The MOB (OG) (Produced By Mike Mosley) (1996)
Military Mindz (OG) With Boot Camp Click (Produced By Darryl Harper) (1996)
M.O.B. (OG) With Big Syke, Mopreme & The Outlawz (1996)
murd3r Mystery (OG) With Daz (1996)
My Babiez Mama (OG)
My Closest Road Dogs With Big Syke (Produced By Johnny J) (1996)
My Own Style (OG) With E.D.I., Young Noble & Greg Nice (1996)
N Da Morning (OG)
Never Be Peace (OG) With Danny Boy, Marvaless & Strom (Produced By Johnny J) (1996)
Never Call U ***** Again (OG) (Produced By Johnny J) (1996)
N.I.G.G.A. (OG) With Mouse Man & The Wyked (Produced By The Underground Railroad & Shock G) (1993)
ni##a Nature (OG) With Val Young (Produced By QD3) (1996)
ni##az In The Pen (OG) With Thug Life (1993)
Nightmares (OG) (Produced By Dr.Dre) (1995)
Nothing But Love (OG) (Produced By DJ Darryl & 2Pac) (1993)
No Witnesses (OG)
Now Who U Gonna Turn To (OG)
NY 87 (OG)
NYC Imposters (OG)

23 comments for "List of Unreleased 2pac songs"

 02-25-2008, 01:08 AMaway - #2

$1,033 | 6750006
One Day At A Time (OG) With Young Dre (1996)
One Nation (OG) With Boot Camp Click (1996)
One Nation Emcees (OG) With Terry August
Only Fear Of de@th (OG) (Produced By The Live Squad) (1994)
Only Move For The Money aka Mother****az Not Knowin' (OG) (1996)
Only Time Will Tell (OG)
Open Fire (OG) (Produced By Akshun) (1993)
Out On Bail (OG) With Vocals Shock G & AB (Produced By Shock G) (1994)
Outlaw ni##a (OG) (1996)
Pac's Life (OG) (Produced By 2Pac) (1996)
Penitentiary Bound (OG) With The Outlawz & Prince Itel Joe (Produced By 2Pac) (1995)
Play Ya Dumb a$s (OG) (1996)
Play Your Cards Right (OG) With Big Syke, Mopreme, E.D.I. & Kadafi (1995)
Please Do (OG)
Purple Grand Slam (OG)
R U Still Down (OG) (Produced By Tony Pizarro & 2Pac) (1994)
Rather Be Ya Lover (OG) With Madonna (1996)
Ready 4 Whatever (OG) Big Syke (1993)
Reincarnation (OG) With The Outlawz (1996)
Representin' For Ron G aka Deadly Combination (OG) With Stretch, Keith Murray, It's Alive & Erick Sermon (Produced By Ron G) (1994)
Resist The Temtation (OG) (Produced By Darryl Harper) (1991)
Ride (OG) With K-Ci & Jo-JO (1996)
Ride On Em (OG)
Road To Glory aka Wrote The Glory (OG) (Mike Tyson Dedication) (Produced By Mike Mosley) (1996)
Runnin (OG) With Notorious B.I.G., Stretch, Dramacydal & Thorow Headz (Produced By Easy Mo Bee) (1994)
Runnin On E (OG) With The Outlawz & Nutto-So (Produced By 2Pac) (1996)
Sarah's Smile (OG)
Set It Off(Outro) (OG) With Greg Nice & Boot Camp Click (1996)
Scared Man (OG)
Scared Straight (OG 1) With Ray Luv (Strictly Dope Version) (Produced By DJ Fuze) (1989)
Scared Straight (OG 2) With Stretch (Produced By DJ Fuze) (1991)
Secrets Of War aka Bust If We Must (OG) With The Outlawz (Produced By Johnny J) (1996)
Secrets Of War aka Bust If We Must (OG 2) With Kurupt & Spice 1 (Produced By Johnny J) (1996)
Shadows Of A Broken Man aka Pictures Of A Broken Man (OG)
Show Me Love (OG)
Something To Ride (OG) With Danny Boy (Produced By DJ Quik) (1995)
Soon As I Get Home (OG) With Kadafi (Produced By QDIII) (1995)
Step By Step (OG)
Still Ballin (OG) With Kurupt (Produced By Johnny J) (1996)
Still I Rise With Kadafi, Hussein Fatal (Produced By Johnny J) (1996)
Street Fame II (OG) (Produced By Dat ni##a Daz) (1996)
Street Life (OG) With Prince Itel Joe, Snoop Doggy Dogg, Val Young (Produced By Dat ni##a Daz & LT Hutton) (1996)
Stressed Out (OG)
Sucka 4 Love aka Do 4 Love (OG) With G-Money (Produced By Shock G) (1992)
Survivin (OG) (1993)
Tales From Tha Crib (OG) With Madonna (1996)
Tattoo Tears (OG) With Kadafi, Kastro, Napoleon, Young Noble With Vocals By Greg Nice (Produced By Kurupt Tha King Pin) (1996)
Tear Drops & Closed Caskets (OG) With The Outlawz & Nate Dogg (Produced By QD3) (1996)
Terror In The Night (OG)
Tears Of A Clown (OG) (1991)
That Ain't Right (OG)
The Good Die Young (OG) With Val Young & The Outlawz (1996)
The Cartel (OG)
The Man (OG) (1996)
The Struggle Continues (OG) With Big Syke, Hussein Fatal & O.F.T.B.
The Thug In Me (OG) With Jewell (Produced By Johnny J) (1996)
The Untouchablez (OG) With The Dogg Pound, Nate Dogg & Tray Dee (1995)
The Uppercut (OG) With Sista Soulja (Produced By Stretch) (1992)
The World Is Mine (OG) (1996)
Them Vs Us (OG) (1996)
There U Go (OG) (Produced By Johnny J) (1995)
They Don't Give A **** About Us (OG) (Produced By Johnny J) (1996)
This Ain't Livin (OG) With Danny Boy (1996)
This Is Da Brain On A 40 Ounce (OG)
This Life I Lead (OG) With Nutt-So, Gonzoe & The Dogg Pound (Produced By Kurupt Tha King Pin & Johnny J) (1996)
This One's 4 The Suckas (OG)
This Thugz Story (OG)
Throw Your Hands Up (OG) With Vocals By k!lla, ZMD, Ronnie Love (Produced By Moe-ZMD & 2Pac) (1995)
Thugged Out (OG) With Cy Dogg (1996)
Thug Caution (OG)
Thug Congression
Thug 4 Life (OG) With Stretch (Produced By Stretch) (1993)
Thug ni##a aka Coast II Coast (OG) With Capital LS, Asu, Greg Nice (1996)
Thug Style (OG) (Produced By Stretch) (1993)
Thug Mansion (OG) (Produced By Johnny J)
Thugs Get Lonely Too (OG) With Vocals By Stretch (Produced By Live Squad) (1993)
Till I C L.A. (OG) (1996)
Time After Time aka World Wide Stapede (OG) (With O.F.T.B., Kadafi & Kurupt (Produced By Kurupt Tha King Pin) (1996)
Time To Get My Drank On (OG Interlude) (1993)
Too Late Playa (OG) With MC Hammer, Nutt-So, Big Daddy Kane, Danny Boy (1996)
Too Tight (OG)
Tounge Kissin aka Set It Free aka Thug Tearz (OG) (Produced By Johnny J) (1996)
Troublesome '96 (OG) (Produced By Johnny J) (1996)
Trump Tight (OG) (1996)
Tryin To Make It Through aka k!lla (OG) With Freddie Foxx (1993)
U Can Be Touched (OG) With The Outlawz, C-Knight (Produced By Johnny J) (1996)
 02-25-2008, 01:18 AMaway - #3

$1,329 | 1961864
@ you for believing this list is real
 02-25-2008, 01:21 AMaway - #4

$1,776 | 8227612
Most of these have been "officially released" on you tube.
 02-25-2008, 01:30 AMaway - #5

$1,033 | 6750006
Originally Posted by CaP
@ you for believing this list is real
@ you for have The Game in your AVI
 02-25-2008, 01:31 AMaway - #6

$1,033 | 6750006
Originally Posted by Christos©
Most of these have been "officially released" on you tube.
That's Why I laugh when ####s say the list is fake.:D
 02-25-2008, 01:35 AMaway - #7
thug_poet777 2 heat pts

$922 | 3503143
List is definitely real, I personally have at least 1/3 of those tracks, I cannot wait to hear the 95-96 joints that I don't have and I'm glad theres so many. I just hope that release the original versions and not no remixed bull#### with Souljah Boy and 50 spittin on the tracks
 02-25-2008, 01:47 AMaway - #8

$1,776 | 8227612
Originally Posted by NasIsThaBest19
That's Why I laugh when ####s say the list is fake.:D
Most of those songs i haven't heard of, hope they release that ish or someone leaks it.
 02-25-2008, 01:39 PMaway - #9

$1,033 | 6750006
Dude has enough material to release 10 more double disc albums, if not more. When you consider the fact that he released about 8 albums since de@th and you look at the 500 songs listed here, also the fact that he was doing about 3 movies at the same time, this #### is fishy, It just don't add up, That Nicca gotta be breathin'
 02-25-2008, 03:00 PMaway - #10
Bone Diddles 

$5,722 | 19150237
Originally Posted by CaP
@ you for believing this list is real
@ u for not knowing wtf your talking about......:thumbsdow
 02-25-2008, 03:02 PMaway - #11
neomerge 2 heat pts

$1,438 | 6342422
There nothing like each other but Lil Flip has a TON of material.
 02-25-2008, 03:07 PMaway - #12
Bone Diddles 

$5,722 | 19150237
Originally Posted by neomerge
There nothing like each other but Lil Flip has a TON of material.
its not the fact that he has more material, its the fact that he recorded that many songs in less than a year....
 02-25-2008, 04:01 PMaway - #13

$2,498 | 5003118
i dont think its possible to have done so many songs in such short time, while inbetween movies, shows, concerts, etc, etc.. thats truely amazing i knew he had alot , but didnt know it was that many.
 02-25-2008, 04:10 PMaway - #14

$663 | 3122641
Originally Posted by NasIsThaBest19
@ you for have The Game in your AVI
@ you for being the avy police again
 02-25-2008, 04:16 PMaway - #15

$1,033 | 6750006

Originally Posted by #1assassin
@ you for being the avy police again
 02-25-2008, 04:17 PMaway - #16

$1,033 | 6750006
Damn, Pac got a song called "I Ain't Hard 2 Tell" I wanna hear this #### bad
 02-25-2008, 04:20 PMaway - #17

$663 | 3122641
Originally Posted by NasIsThaBest19
I bet you told herpes the same thing
 02-25-2008, 04:32 PMaway - #18
Bama Boy 77 heat pts77

$50,308 | POWERFUL
damn, ton of #### on there i wanna hear but i really gotta hear "Blunt Tyme" w/Dre, Lady of Rage, & RBX. :wow: that #### would be nuts.
 02-25-2008, 04:38 PMaway - #19
Narcz 1 heat pts

$2,951 | 11222803
2Pac >>> *
 02-25-2008, 04:47 PMaway - #20
Parkchester 115 heat pts115

$17,516 | POWERFUL

Originally Posted by CaP
@ you for believing this list is real
It is real.


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