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Jun 29 - Twista Interview

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 Jun 29 - Twista Interview
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http://illuminati2g.webs.... 2interview.htm

I2G kicked it once again with Twista for a exclusive interview. This is a all access interview into Twista the artist. We talk about his new album, Category F5, his album catalog and his favorite tracks, his thoughts on lyricists in hip hop and much more so sit back and enjoy.

For audio of the interview click on the link below:
Illuminati 2G is here with Twista how's it going?

Man I am good, just chillin out.

Since our last interview you dropped the compilation, Who Got Next. Now that it has been out for a couple of months, how do you feel the album was recieved?

Well really all it was, was a mixtape. I really did not push it fully the way that I wanted to because some of the things were not falling in line as far as the timing and everything. As far as what I wanted to do with it, put it out there and keep the guys hot, I did that. Definitely I wanted it to be recieved better than what it was but I was going through my label transition at the time and you know you gotta be shining a little bit for people to look.

Do you have plans on who is set to drop next from the label? Skooda Chose, Mello The Guttaman. Have you made that decision yet?

Well really they burning it up right now. I got the new mixtape that I just put out that is called Calm Before The Storm. That is all over the internet and the guys have been getting rave reviews so definitely you are going to see them this year. As far as which one first, I can't call that one because I want to see which one has the record that will have the most potential to get a good buzz going. Skooda Chose has a bunch of records, Lefty Stokes has a bunch of records, as well as Mello The Guttaman. Which ever one pops forward first, no one after that is waiting in line too long because that is the way it goes, so which ever one pops first with the hottest joint, then that is the one that we are going to roll with.

Alright let's get right into your new solo album, Category F5. How did you come up with the title for the album?

Man really once I saw the meaning of it. Just really in my search for different titles and things I came across the name and I was like man this just SOUNDS DOPE! But when I saw that it actually meant a fierce twister and one of the most highest categories of a twister that you can encounter, I thought this is the perfect title with what I am going with the album. I want to continue that feel with Adrenaline Rush, Kamikaze, that harsh, lyrical delivery vibe that I am always on. I felt that title was real appropriate and broad enough for me to do what I do. I did not want put myself in a box, so that lefted it open for me to pretty much attack the lyrics anyway I wanted to.

Tell me a little bit about how your 1st single, Wetter Pt.2 came together?

Really knowing that I had to get my vibe that I had with Traxster, being that I have not worked with him in a minute. The last time we worked together was the Like A 24 record that I put out, which was still hot. I always knew once we get together, we always make good music so it was just that time again. When I am checking the myspace and all of my fans, they always let me know hey Twista we want to hear that original Twista s**t and that original vibe. I just give them what they want, I called up my man Traxster, he was working in Atlanta at the time. We went down there and started banging out joints because we were so happy to get it in together again. We came up with Wetter.

Is there any details that you can give about the album? Guests, producers, you have a release date set for it?

Well like I said the title of it is Category F5, the release date is June 16th (since the interview the release has been pushed back) and the lineup is crazy. I got Akon on the album, R. Kelly, Kanye West, Static Major, OJ Da Juiceman and Gucci Mane, Lil Boosie, and I know I am forgetting about somebody. I got Busta on a joint also.

WOAH, ok. Was there any truth to a rumor I heard, true or not, that possibly you, Kanye West and Common were talking about forming a group together?

I had not heard that one. That would be dope as hell though. Actually the song that is on my album now featuring Kanye is really one of the most appropriate songs I felt for Common to jump on with us, but I don't think it will happen timewise. I am kind of disappointed about that because I wanted to be the first artist to put the 3 of us on a track together. I may be able to pull it off sometime soon but with that particular record I could not pull it off....., I MIGHT though so don't quote me on that. In the next couple of days I might be able to pull it off. As far as a group, we have not discussed anything like that, but go ahead and spread the rumor, I like that one.

Yeah I heard something like the name of the group should be Chitown Players or something like that.

Nah you know the name would be deeper then that (laughs)

How does it feel to get back in the studio and working with Kanye again? I know it has been a couple albums since you guys have done work together.

Real fun. Everytime I work with him it is a fun process. It was fun really just working with him back in the days where he was even where he was back then. I always liked the vibe of his music so to know his sound is actually one of the most appreciated sounds right now and then to get in the studio with him, it brings a whole new vibe to it. Definitely everytime I get in there with him I am excited because he always comes up with something crazy.

Is there still plans on you doing a collabo album with Bone Thugs N Harmony?

Fo sho, that is definitely in the works right now. We have not picked out alot of tracks yet but one of the reason was they were finishing their last album and then that lead off into me really starting to finish this album. Now I am hoping that we really have the time to get into it this summer like we need to.

I actually digged that C-Town track that you guys did for Strength & Loyalty. I just think the chemistry with you guys is really good so I am definitely looking forward to the album when it drops.

Thanks alot.

Another crazy track of yours that I dig that you were on was Poppin Tags on Jay-Z's Blueprint 2 album. Do you have any good memories from that session and do you plan on working with Jay-Z again anytime soon?

Yeah fo sho that was the joint right there. When we did Poppin Tags, Kanye was in the middle of a zone with the beats that he was making. Once I heard that beat it just sent me crazy. I was glad to work on that track, and usually when Jay picks a track for me to be on, it is usually right up my alley that I can jump into lyrically so that is real dope right there. As far as us working together, I have not talked to him in a nice minute, but hopefully he see one of his homies getting down like he should and he will holla at me.

I just wanted to go through real quick your whole catalog of albums and ask you what your favorite track was from each album. First one is Tung Twista- Running Off At The Mouth. Do you have a favorite track from that album?

From that album my favorite track would have to be...., man that would probably be Hocus Pocus.


It's a joint on there that I had called Agony k!lls, or Agony Of Defeat. Or Shadowboxing.

Adrenaline Rush

The lead song, Adrenaline Rush.

That was a crazy track. Mobstability with Speedknot Mobstas.

My favorite track on that would probably be Legit Ballin.


My favorite record would be Slow Jams.

The Day After

I might have to say Lavish.

That was a CRAZY beat that Pharrell came up for that. And another one I liked from that was Holding Down The Game.

Oh yeah, my cousin that beat actually. That was my favorite hard joint.

Yeah and then when you chopped and screwed it at the end. The "I'm bout to run through the game like I was Steve Nash". That part, that was cold.

Ok that what's up, I appreciate that.

I always play that joint and repeat it.

That is my joint right there and Lavish, that is my favorites off that album.

Adrenaline Rush 2007

I don't know. That one is kind of hard and I am going to tell you why. This is the honest to God truth. As a artist, when you have a bad experience, you tend to suppress memories and I tend to forget that album (laughs). I really did not have 1 favorite track off that album. So if there was one album that is hard to pick one favorite from, it would be that album.

What about the 2nd Speedknot Mobstas album, Mobstability II.

With that one it would probably be Get Cha Mind Right, Get Cha Money Right

Do you have a favorite already from the new album, Category F5?

Now that is a good one. That's a real good one for the Category F5. I am kind of in the same predicament as the Adrenaline Rush but let me go ahead and pick one anyway. I am going to say......, man that is hard, let me say....., ehh man that is too hard. Because I love the Static Major cut, I love the Akon joint, I love the R. Kelly joint, it's too hard. If I had to pick one, it would be the R. Kelly joint called Yellow Light.

Just wanted to get your personal opinion on hip hop right now. It seems like there is a lack of lyricist out right now. Being a lyricist yourself, do you feel that is something that is missing from the game right now? I mean pretty much every time you see it, and it is not a diss to any other artists, but you don't really see that lyricism. Like you said when you named the album Category F5, everyone I have talked to when they heard the title, they was like awww s**t. Twista going to be on some s**t on this one just from the title. Just your opinion on just lyricists, do you think that is something that is missing from the game right now?

Yeah I definitely do because artists and people right now are more into the song. When you listen to the radio, everyone is hyped up off of a song. Because the song makes you dance, or the hook, something with somebody's swag or something like that. That is one of the things that is missing, especially when you look at Lil Wayne as a artist, you see him and you see others singing lyrics, but you don't see the same reaction..., like to me he says a bunch of dope stuff, but you won't see the same reaction for his lyrics as you would see when Nas came out now. Or Jay-Z. So I feel like the appreciation for true lyricists isn't like what it used to be and I definitely feel like we need to get back to that. Artists like a Wayne or Eminem, Jadakiss, even myself we need to all consciously need to make a effort to bring hip hop back to that state. That is how I want to see it.

This is kind of a throwback question and also just your general opinion. The one MC that you feel that could keep up with you flow wise and lyrically that you possibly already have worked with or someone that you want to work with.

Oooh Wee. If I had to say flow wise and lyrically the ones that entice me like that, that give me that feeling, I can give you 3.


Busta, Tech N9ne and Eminem

Wow, yeah when you said Busta was going to be on the album, that was one MC I thought flow wise and lyrically. Because back in the day everyone was trying the rapid flow, so it was real obvious who really could do it and who could not do it. I would personally say out of all the people that you collaborated with, I would say Ras Kass really to me was the one that kept up the best and still had the lyrics to boot. That would be a hell of a collaboration right there, the 4 of you guys on a track.

Aww yeah that would be real crazy. That would be off the chain!

Do you have any upcoming shows or tour dates coming up or are you going to wait until once the album drops to start touring?

Nah actually we are putting it all together right now. We kicking it off by going to the Core DJ Retreat and we are just going to be moving around like that. Definitely I am starting very early, like this week I am out of here. I am going to be gone for a while so I will be in your town and you will see me very soon.

Well that is all the questions that I have for you. Appreciate you getting down for the interview. Is there any last words or shoutouts you want to get out there to the people?

Man just really to tell all the fans thank you for keeping me around and go get the cd because I did deliver and you will be happy.

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Props given to funkrhythms Ratty Tat Tat (07-01-2009)

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Good looking out on the interview and he better not disappoint with F5
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jsilerio said:
Good looking out on the interview and he better not disappoint with F5
He did a couple of the new songs at the concert he had a Cubby Bear a couple weeks ago. From what I heard, it should be hot, especially the track he has with R.Kelly.
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chi town

lakeside 12+6
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