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Hip Hop facts and events most ya'll don't know about

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 Hip Hop facts and events most ya'll don't know about
topic by LBoogie2122 - 07-05-2005, 08:31 AM

this part of the thread was taken from an old thread @ sohh, i read it a long time ago & this sh#t was so interesting, i had to add it to my favorites :D

if menacesquad is on here, major props

Some of these are rumors, and some are very true

-LL Cool J and Kool Moe Dee came to blows one night backstage.

-Freddie Foxxx put a gun in Benzino's mouth on the Flavor Unit tour bus, because Benzino would not stop talking **** about what a thug he was

-"The bridge is over" was a Marley Marl beat that Krs One and Scott La Rock found in a studio.

-2pac was robbed and shot by some of Supreme's boys.

-"I got a story to tell" was vaguelly based on a real life incident Biggie had when he was slipping pipe to John Starks' woman.

-Paul C was murd3red by his wife and his brother.

-Showbiz has almost been sent upstate for attempted murd3r twice.

-Big Pun hit Jay Z over the head with a bottle in a club.

-Eric. B beat down Large Professor and ran Kool G. Rap out of New York to Arizona after 'G. Rap revealed Large Pro produced most of the beats Eric B was supposed to have done on the Eric B. & Rakim albums and "wanted dead or alive".

-Biz Markie produced most of EPMD's first album.

-Ghostface, Superb and their team beat down and robbed 50 Cent and Tony Yayo after 50's dis tracks.

-Johnny Juice did all Terminator X's cuts on the Public Enemy albums.

Kool Keith met Godfather Don outside some industry event that both of them weren't allowed entry to. They snuck in through a back window and then hung out for the next month or so recording the 'Don produced tracks on "the 4 horsemen" and, of course, all the classic Cenobites tracks.

-Just Ice was a prime suspect in a murd3r case.

-Just Ice turned up in Queens on Poet's block after the two Rockwell Noel & The Poet tracks dissing Krs One, Red Alert and Ms. Melodie with a shotgun and waited for Poet to come out. Needless to say, Poet stayed in the crib that day.

-DJ Ready Red was kicked out of Geto Boys and shafted by J. Prince because of his lack of melanin.

-Alpo, Fritz, the original 50 Cent from Ft Greene and various other notorious hustlers/killers from the legendary Paid In Full Posse were in the crew shots on "paid in full" and "follow the leader".

-Rakim recorded a dis cut aimed at 'Kane for "let the rhythm hit 'em" and had a verse on the title track itself aimed at him. 'Kane heard about this and called Rakim to squash it and Rakim went on to scrap the track and remove the verse.

-Eric B. did security for Mike Tyson throughout much of the 90's.

-Diamond D and his old late 80's group Ultimate Force with Master Rob recorded a full album with Jazzy Jay which has never been heard.

-A young Fat Joe and his boys Tony Montana(R.I.P) and Charlie Rock L.D were one of the top two crack crews in the Bronx in the mid 80's and bringing in thousands of $$$$ per day.

-Q Tip got fuked up so bad by one of the members of Wrexx N Effect that he lost partial sight in one of his eyes. ****EDIT***^^^^^very true^^^^^

-Nas came incredibly close to being on the Large Pro produced Kool G Rap, Xtra P, Freddie Foxxx and Ant posse cut "money in the bank" as he was always hangin' around Eric B.'s studio but had gone to pick up some weed with a chick so they let the Ant kid on there instead.

- Main Source (sans Large Pro) ran up in the Wild Pitch offices with machetes looking to behe@d MC Serch (then working as an A&R for the label) after a West Coast promotional tour went ****ty. MC Serch got wind that they were coming and escaped by crawling over the partial walls for his office and jetting out the back door.

- Grimm was supposed to be on "Live at the Barbecue" but he was arrested on the way to the studio.
"Ya'll don't write, you pay for airplays and rhymes of the month
A risin' star, I don't respect you cuz I do my own stunts
The rap world is run by morons, dudes who don't get it
that's why I simplify and cater to the dimwitted"

1859 comments for "Hip Hop facts and events most ya'll don't know about"

 07-05-2005, 08:58 AMaway - #2

$2,271 | 868339
which r tru and which arent???

LMAO at Jay-Z gettin hit by a bottle by Big Pun
 07-05-2005, 08:59 AMaway - #3
A.G 27 heat pts27

$36,970 | POWERFUL
good sh#t...
 07-05-2005, 09:07 AMaway - #4

$4,704 | 7498136
 07-05-2005, 04:33 PMaway - #5
LBoogie2122 8 heat pts

$5,224 | POWERFUL

-Rza and k!llah Sin and another fam member went to see 50 perform after How To Rob and 50 got wind of them being there and dipped backstage and didn't perform, I have heard this one several times.

-Redman Smacked Prodigy around the time Hell On Earth was out b/c he was dissing Keith and Def Squad.

-A member of Wu got jumped at Suge's club in Las Vegas and Pac didn't like the way it went down and told Suge to squash the beef and he agreed outta respect.

*****EDIT*****I thought it was keith that snuffed P out in front of his people at the Tunnel.(shrugs)

-When Nas came to Boston around 94/95 somebody in RSO Crew (possibly Benzino) walked up to Nas and sonned him by knocking his baseball cap off of his head.

-Freddie Foxxx went to Landspeed records like 200 deep in order to get the money they owed him.

-Kool Herc was shot around 78 or something.

-Grandmaster Caz wrote Rappers Delight.

-Pharrel use to carry records around for Teddy Riley.

-Benzino forced Mays to give him part ownership of the source. There are legends of Benzino and his people tying up Mays in his own closet.

-Benzino actually one of the main reasons why Boston had such a small homicide rate in the late 90's, the Feds put UC's on every block and had a lot crazy ish going on so Benzino got a lot of the heads of the bigger gangs together to unite so that not everyone get locked up. That saw the murd3r lessen and the Boston police taken credit for "doing away with crime in a big city".

-Freddie Foxxx did put Benzino in check on tour with the Flava Unit. Benzino was acting up and Foxxx pulled something out.

-The entire city of Boston was blacklisted back in the day by the industry due to crowds and Boston rappers and thugs attending shows just to cause problems. Every rapper from Audio Two to Biggie had either a bottle smashed across their head on stage or their show cancelled due to a shooting. To this day very few rappers do shows in the Boston hoods because of it.

-MF Grimm was not only suppose to be on Live at the BBQ, but his joint with Kool G Rap or 4, 5, 6 was suppose to be the lead single but he was arrested again and G Rap went with the joint with Nas.

-Grimm also admitted that he came in third at the World Supremecy battle in 93, losing to SuperNat who won but that he was also involved in a shooting earlier in the day.

-Mf Grimm was held on trial for the murd3r of a cop.

-Everyone in CashMoney has done at least 2 years in prison I believe.

-A boston beatboxer by the name of A-Train is said to have beaten BizMarkie, Dana Dane, and K-solo in a battle back in 88.

-Jay-z was told by Scarface to change Reasonable Doubt because he actually named names of dealers.

-Fat Joe gave Guru a place to live for awhile.

-Guru didnt leave boston in the best of terms which is why the early of stages of his carrear boston did not play a big part. Gang Starr originally started in Boston and had a few emcees in it. Guru left for NY and took the name without people knowing.

-Rakim was still in high school when paid in full dropped.

-JT the bigga Figga returned Nas chain to him when it got stolen in cali

-suge beating the sh#t out of snoop's/ dre homies cause they were using that phone that harry o had an exclusive phone line... and the dudes saying saying to suge "hey we roll wit dr. dre"! first sign of dre holding no weight

-LL Cool J was cool with Alpo and many other rappers had drug ties then.

-Tupac did have some of his enemies k!lled.

-Eazy-E was from a very middle class family so was Ice cube they weren't thugs

-Some people in de@th Row got r###d in the building.

-Suge doesnt like game because he expose some of de@th Row business (stuff about Harry-O) and because he is not really blood.

-The reason Sheek wasn't around much after LOX split from Bad boy cause he was clearing up cases he had.

-The real reason Mase left hip hop & Harlem is because of heavy extortion, not an epiphany from god

Last edited by LBoogie2122; 07-05-2005 at 04:34 PM..
 07-05-2005, 04:42 PMaway - #6
LBoogie2122 8 heat pts

$5,224 | POWERFUL
-Rakim recorded a dis cut aimed at 'Kane for "let the rhythm hit 'em" and had a verse on the title track itself aimed at him. 'Kane heard about this and called Rakim to squash it and Rakim went on to scrap the track and remove the verse.
-According to an interview that XXL did with BDK, this is true.

-Q Tip got fuked up so bad by one of the members of Wrexx N Effect that he lost partial sight in one of his eyes.
-If you ever wondered why Q Tip wore a mask in the video for "Hot s3x", this is why. There was also some intervention by a neutral party to squash this beef between Wrecks N Effect and Tribe.

- Main Source (sans Large Pro) ran up in the Wild Pitch offices with machetes looking to behe@d MC Serch (then working as an A&R for the label) after a West Coast promotional tour went sh#tty. MC Serch got wind that they were coming and escaped by crawling over the partial walls for his office and jetting out the back door.

-According to an interview with Stu Fine (can't remember the publication), this is also true. I believe UMC's were also on that tour.

Grandmaster Caz wrote Rappers Delight.
-According to Caz it's true. I don't believe any members of Sugar Hill Gang have fessed up to this yet, but theres a taped interview of Caz on the Wake Up Show from about 8 years ago when he spoke on this.

-Pharrel use to carry records around for Teddy Riley.
-I don't know if Pharrel used to carry records for Teddy but he either wrote Teddy's verse or did the beat for "Rump Shaker". I forgot which one.

good sh#t no?
 07-05-2005, 04:43 PMaway - #7

$13,744 | 592578
good sh#t
 07-05-2005, 04:43 PMaway - #8
Problem Boy 

$1,214 | 1131710
-Big Pun hit Jay Z over the head with a bottle in a club.

 07-05-2005, 04:47 PMaway - #9
LBoogie2122 8 heat pts

$5,224 | POWERFUL

few more rumors and facts
Eddie Murphy lets Johnny gill sleep in his bathhouse to this day because he's broke

Jaheim is in fact gay, i hear he was spotted in atlanta arguing with his boyfriend over dropping his purse or something in the middle of the street :thefu#k:

FACT: as if i had to tell u, i hear from an insider source that Queen Latifah is certified 100% dyke, she just hasent announced it yet

FACT: ghostface k!lla has a brother still living in staten island, poor, with hardly a pot to p#ss in, and no support from his well off brother, its true 'cause i used to kno him, names Brian

Kanye West produced some of THE best hits for bad boy back in the day and Deric D-Dot Angeletti was taking all the credit for production because kanye was under him-i heard this many times

I heard Lil kim's on/off boyfriend is a hardened k!ller and tried to take out sombody in jersey i forget who, i think 50 cent

Artists who i heard were pu##y, most robbed more than twice
Busta Rymes
jazze phae
Dr. Dre
Shyheim from the wu
Mase(to the 20th power) got yapped for his chain at a knick game
Jermaine Dupri
camron(still my man tho)
stephon marbury got his chain yapped while takin a nap in his car in NY
Allen iverson's been robbed many times
i hear young buck did get his gunit chain yapped in chicago
DMX, i heard its all a front for image
of course Ja Rule and Irv, but i heard irv's brother holds massive weight
50's hood but i hear he has NO thorough backup
Snoop lost his juice, but is backed by the crips only because he makes songs to crip to.

Artists i heard were thorough and why
Styles p- one news story i heard is that somebody tried to rob him back during the free the lox campaign, shot the man DEAD and got off on self defense

Cormega-I've heard for YEARS this cat has sh#t on lock in some places in brooklyn and queens

Ghostface & Cappadonna- Reason ghostface wore a mask in the early days is because he was wanted for robbery when the wu 1st blew up, Cappadonna owned some drug houses here on Staten island for a little while after he got money, i dont know if they're still in business

Fat Joe- i dont know any real stories but i hear things

Game-only what i hear from HIS camp, he's been shot 5 times in the chest they say.

Cashmoney CEO's Brian and Baby Williams have a brother who's LEGENDARY in new orleans, now serving 500 some odd years in jail for various murd3rs, this is true, they do have a bro in jail who is hardcore and a lifer

Last edited by LBoogie2122; 07-05-2005 at 04:50 PM..
 07-05-2005, 04:52 PMaway - #10

$197 | 19545398
good info, lol at John Starks Biggie fu#k is bi#ch
 07-05-2005, 04:59 PMaway - #11
LBoogie2122 8 heat pts

$5,224 | POWERFUL
oh & i heard pun did clop the sh#t outta jay z with a liquor bottle during that st@bbing incident with lance rivera

i heard it was the reason why jay gave the ok to poke that ni##a that night :applause: :applause:
 07-05-2005, 05:03 PMaway - #12
goke11429 3 heat pts

$11,228 | POWERFUL
most of da facts are accurate
 07-05-2005, 05:08 PMaway - #13

$8,120 | 3310332
i heard juelz had/ to cut up some people
 07-05-2005, 05:10 PMaway - #14

$1,025 | 23174
 07-05-2005, 05:17 PMaway - #15
LBoogie2122 8 heat pts

$5,224 | POWERFUL
add Bow Wow to the list of robbery victims. remember that mickey mouse chain that jermaine dupri gave him? SNATCH!! haha!

anybody saw his new album cover :thumbsdow :thumbsdow :thumbsdow

/yoda/gangster,he is not/yoda/

Ice Cube as well. He got beat for one of those "W" chains supposedly by someone from the Soul a$sassins camp when him and B-Real were beefin.

Have you ever heard Eminem claim that he pulled a gun out on ICP?

Well he pulled a gun out on their road manager, trying to prove something I guess, well the sh#t was unloaded, and supposedly he was nervous and his hands were shaking so hard he dropped it.

the only reason purple haze was pushed back so long is because frekey zekey was in jail and couldnt do the skits

heres some bay gossip

e-40 and mac dre were beefin over a girl..its rumored that the two bay legends funk came when a dude from mac dres neighborhood the country club crest, took 40's girl and 40 beat the dude down fro disrespecting his brother. thats why to this day hillside and crest side dont get along...they each made several diss songs before squashing the beef--the hoods havent.

the luniz aint hard but east oakland respects that they went major and still rep the town so they got thier back

as stated earlier posts the game isnt welcomed in the bay--bay artists--but his 15 year old fans would show up

master p was ran out the bay because he didnt help none of the people that introduced him to the game. or had his back.

c-bo is in jail for shootin his baby momma--true fact

luniz and too short beef is because too short wouldnt let them be part of the dangerous crew

suge knight paid that cat $5000 dollars to a$sault dr dre at the vibe awards specifically during his lifetime acheivement award segment

Last edited by LBoogie2122; 07-05-2005 at 05:24 PM..
 07-05-2005, 05:21 PM - #16

$n/a |
i wanna know further details on cam and dmx being pussies
 07-05-2005, 05:23 PM - #17

$n/a |
good sh#t....
 07-05-2005, 05:33 PMaway - #18

$1,025 | 23174
Originally Posted by x-milky
i wanna know further details on cam and dmx being pussies
same i thought cam was raw
 07-05-2005, 05:36 PMaway - #19

$1,174 | 433685
this is good sh#t keep it goin
 07-05-2005, 05:44 PMaway - #20
LBoogie2122 8 heat pts

$5,224 | POWERFUL
naw Cam's not pu##y, he just got caught out there in LA, ask Bam West, he'll tell you all about it

ive heard for years that behind the scenes dmx is a real frail, light voiced dude who always wanna talk it out

+ the ni##a smoke crack :thumbsdow :thumbsdow :thumbsdow :banghead:

Last edited by LBoogie2122; 07-05-2005 at 05:45 PM..


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