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HHS Posting Rules | don't troll (make bs threads/posts) | how to ignore

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 HHS Posting Rules | don't troll (make bs threads/posts) | how to ignore
Unread 7 years agoclass of '05 - away - #1
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Wasted|M 26 heat pts26 space
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ronnie said:
Since I've already come across some posters who make annoying posts 24/7, I'd like it for regulars in the HHS to let me know who they want banned.

If you see someone trolling in the HHS, hit the "report post" button on one of their posts. I'll check their history before doing something about their account.

To quickly not see ANY of their posts (currently posted and in the future), click here to add their name to your ignore list: ?do=ignorelist

You will need to find a post of theirs, and copy the username exactly in the form field at the URL above.

This will help keep discussions much cleaner in the HHS.

Hip Hop Spot And Rumor Mill House Rules

Some of you people don't read the rules, so here they are broken down for you.

Threads will be deleted if they are deemed

  • Pointless Threads = Threads that does not amount to any discussion

  • Beef Threads = Threads that start beef with fans of other artists/groups that you may not like.

  • Racist Threads = - Threads created to start a race war. We do not tolerate any racism on this site. Members found to be racist will be banned

  • Shock Threads = Threads that are designed to shock people in responding - creating hate and attention seeking.

  • pr0nographic content = Thread/Posts that contain full nudity pictures, videos or links

  • Spam Threads = Threads which contain spam or any self promotion. There is an Emcee lounge for unsigned hype.

Check to see if someone already posted the same topic you are about to post. Try not to make duplicate threads.

Thank You

BX Mod Team

Last edited by Wasted; 07-09-2009 at 01:59 PM..
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