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Gucci mane in macon video drops *10 mins*

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 Gucci mane in macon video drops *10 mins*
Unread 2 years agoclass of '08 - away - #61
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Da Realness said:
Gucci had beef with one n*gga and k!lled a n*gga in self defense. He ain't call out Folks as a whole or call Macon out by its name. (correct me if I' wrong). All them people in the crowd aint have to take jeezy side (or folk) just cause they from Macon. Only them folk n*ggas was hypin that "dont come to Macon" sh*t. Real n*ggas from Macon aint gon give a fu*k about that. If they fu*k with Gucci, they gon fu*k with him, regardless.

Gucci did his thing for that and I respect the n*gga for showin love to a place where he was "banned" from, cause obviously he has fans in Macon. fu*k the bullsh*t.

and I dont even listen to Gucci like that.
I think you confusing Chicago based GDs and Los Angeles based Crips. Because the guy that Jeezy shot was some Crip dude called Pookie Loc, he wasnt GD. So Macon GD never had beef with Gucci, they were at the concert. It's those Macon Crips that Pookie Loc hung with who gotta get the retaliation. Everybody else in Macon (Bloods, GDs, and all the other gangs down there) dont have to avenge nobody. Pookie Loc is the Crips' problem.
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