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eminem or kool g rap who better with multisyllable rhyming

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 eminem or kool g rap who better with multisyllable rhyming
topic by Hotboy1982 - 10-04-2013, 06:49 AM

i got kool g rap he perfected it before eminem imo

As I steps inside the playground
I lays down my laws at the door
And any n*gga that's lookin for trouble
Gotsta face these silver double-four's
That I be packin on my hip, hollow-tips inside the clip
Ready to rip a n*ggas sh1t and make his wig slip
To the side as a homocide's commited
I gets rid of n*ggas quick cause ain't no bullsh1t permitted
I'm a outlaw, the motherfuuckin villain doin killings, I won't stop
Until the morgue got bodies stacked up to the fuuckin ceiling
And ain't no drivebys, a mag and a bag lady, disguised and surprise
You got a hole between your fuuckin eyes
n*ggas is grazed, catchin strays from the blaze
Amazed by the ways I lays em down when my sh1t sprays
Crazy brains hangin, and n*ggas veins are swingin
Bangin and gunslingin, even my own fuuckin ears are ringin
Cause what I carry's much bigger than Dirty Harry's
Do a Hail Mary, I make Bloody Mary's out of your capillaries
Pieces of flesh, hangin off a n*ggas chest, cause the vest
That he dress, couldn't fuuck with the Smith and Wess'
Motherfuuckers runnin for miles, bodies stacked up in piles
I'm k!llin executioner style

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 10-04-2013, 07:18 AMonline - #2
240ka 25 heat pts25 space
$13,324 | POWERFUL
Who gives a fu*k about multis, how many threads are you cats going to make on this like you just discovered what multis are.

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