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do YOU believe beyonce gave birth to blue ivy? YES or NO

Poll results - do you believe beyonce gave birthday to her baby?
yes 102 20.12%
no 405 79.88%
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 do YOU believe beyonce gave birth to blue ivy? YES or NO
 01-10-2013, 04:12 PMaway - #41
CMar22 4 heat pts

$4,842 | 6772656
IDGAF about thissl#t but that looks more like her dress just folded over her belly. Look how her dress goes up when it happens.
 01-10-2013, 04:12 PMaway - #42
RJ96 8 heat pts

$12,477 | POWERFUL
with all the ####ing money they both have y'all really think they couldn't fake a pregnancy better than this? really? I guess anything Jay-Z related is an illusion anyway
 01-10-2013, 04:12 PMaway - #43
dog4life 1 heat pts

$6,945 | 13146052
don't care
 01-10-2013, 04:13 PMaway - #44
GrindPOWER$ 255 heat pts255

$9,822 | POWERFUL
i'm on the fence but that vid have some people like a pregnant belly don't fold.
 01-10-2013, 04:24 PMaway - #45
Livin Life 1 heat pts

$5,800 | 12070209
Originally Posted by cankstoochie
that does not look like jay-z you idiot. your in denial.

why won't people get it through there thick head that beyonce did not birth that baby and jay is shooting blanks.

what rapper you know is having there first baby at 40? most rappers have babies in there teens or even 20s.

jay and be prolly have been trying for years to have a baby and couldnt hence why you see beyonces belly deflating in every interview during her faux pregnancy and why they bought the whole left wing at the hospital and had it sectioned off from the rest of the world.
Nah she does look like Jay tho
 01-10-2013, 04:31 PMaway - #46
johnny 2 heat pts

$2,790 | 5602503
that cleavage tho
 01-10-2013, 04:32 PMaway - #47
Hardkore 9 heat pts

$14,906 | POWERFUL
Originally Posted by Livin Life
Nah she does look like Jay tho
i'ma have to disagree man, lol.

i wish the best for b and jay though

 01-10-2013, 04:34 PMaway - #48
youngmic 125 heat pts125

$13,068 | POWERFUL
never have...
 01-10-2013, 04:39 PMaway - #49
Badd B!tch 14 heat pts14

$2,152 | 12737888
Originally Posted by RJ96
with all the ####ing money they both have y'all really think they couldn't fake a pregnancy better than this? really? I guess anything Jay-Z related is an illusion anyway
!!!! Thank you.

If it was that serious, they wouldve sold the baby pics. But nope, they didnt. If they really wanted to fake this. Bey wouldve been MIA like Lauryn Hill and come back with toddlers like aint #### happen..

But all I know, bey HBO special is coming up next month, and she reveals her baby bump.
 01-10-2013, 04:41 PMaway - #50
knownomniscient 5 heat pts

$1,097 | 6106783
They had surrogate, simple as that. dont know why they went through all the trouble to hide it though. you know damn well if beyonce was pregnant she would have some glammed up pregnant shots like most women do these days.

and that baby does like jay-z.

Last edited by knownomniscient; 01-10-2013 at 04:44 PM..
 01-10-2013, 04:41 PMaway - #51
dagrest84 98 heat pts98

$2,314 | POWERFUL
Do you believe in Santa Claus?
 01-10-2013, 04:43 PMaway - #52
Alerts 147 heat pts147

$7,496 | POWERFUL
Damn, I've never seen this but Yes or No it has nothing to do with us
 01-10-2013, 04:44 PMaway - #53
Cashis Clay 11 heat pts11

$2,732 | 15572412
She probly had a surrogate or maybe he baby is adopted...

Either way who gives a ####?
 01-10-2013, 04:54 PMaway - #54
YoungRichROy 15 heat pts15

$3,658 | 0
its a surrogate baby....theirs biologically but born from someone elses womb
 01-10-2013, 04:56 PMaway - #55
CosbySweater 175 heat pts175

$21,520 | POWERFUL
How come everything Jay-Z does is some conspiracy?
 01-10-2013, 05:00 PMaway - #56
dustiniscool 7 heat pts

$935 | 7315339
kinda shows it in the gif but after she sits down she has the face like did he see that lol
 01-10-2013, 05:02 PMaway - #57
GameTheory 34 heat pts34

$6,301 | POWERFUL
Originally Posted by CosbySweater
How come everything Jay-Z does is some conspiracy?
Well the others are stupid because religious people are drawn to magic.

This one is suspect because of what seems to be some weird photographic evidence suggesting something.
 01-10-2013, 05:07 PMaway - #58
Jae_Hood_354 16 heat pts16

$5,238 | 20722591
i bet solange is the mother
 01-10-2013, 05:12 PMaway - #59
Da Realness 2 heat pts

$12,414 | POWERFUL
when you that rich.. you get surrogate mothers....

 01-10-2013, 05:18 PMaway - #60

$1,733 | 3264387
hell naaa.....

one word....surrogate

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