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Do gangs provide protection to rappers for Advertising them?(Wayne,Birdman, ect)

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 Do gangs provide protection to rappers for Advertising them?(Wayne,Birdman, ect)
Unread 09-09-2008, 12:54 PMJoined Dec 2005 - away - #81
4REAL 1 heat pts space
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Unfairly Punished Man
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Originally Posted by The N
Good point, but their has to be a reason why he is in that position

protecting the community from other gangs taking over maybe
That's not protecting the community. He's participating in the foolishness if he's actually involved with that crap. If he wants to help the community, he can use his voice and tell the gangs out there to drop their colors and their guns.
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Unread 09-09-2008, 12:56 PMJoined Sep 2007 - away - #82
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Originally Posted by 4REAL
If you're talking about the mid-90s then I'm not so sure. The OG of the set is locked up for about 30 years or so. Treach is affiliated and maybe down with it because he introduced the Cali bloods to the impressionable fools in his neighborhood who ran with the knowledge but I'm not so sure about today in 2008.
I think you're talking about Pele. He's the OG of the GKB set. That's totally different from Double II.
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Unread 09-09-2008, 01:01 PMJoined Nov 2004 - away - #83
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NJ State Of Mind
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Originally Posted by DoctorJ
You sure about that!? --- Especially me being from New York during that time...and having lots of fam in Jersey --- I'd personally like to see proof of that.

Even if you did half-assed research, you'd see according to his many auto-biographies's things he's PROUD of, out of his own mouth:

>As a young kid both Treach & Vin Rock hung out with the 118th Street Posse. While never becoming a member, one of the leaders took Treach under his wing, and they did occasionally sell drums for them.
>By the 6th Grade of school, Treach (already a good poet) wanted to be a rapper, and started working with his mother to get poems published.
>He, Vin Rock, & Kay Gee all went to & met at the same high school (East Orange High School)
>At the time, Kay Gee was a grade ahead of them; so only Treach & Vin Rock started working together...primarily with Vinnie being a producer, and Treach being a rapper & dj.
>The first time all 3 performed together was senior talent show; and afterwards formed the group "The New Style".
>After graduation, Treach held a good job at good Grand Union warehouse for about 10 months (would perform nights with The New Style).
>At age 19, Treach was fired from his Grand Union job, and shortly later was arrested for drug selling. When his mother bailed him out, she said he was kicked out of the house.
>Treach went to live with Kay Gee; and to prove to his mother he wasn't a "lost soul" started doing charity/youth center work/being a strong proponent & speaker for birth control.
>In 1988, The New Styles got signed by Sylvia Robinson at Bon Ami Records. They released a 7-song EP, which failed to make a mark and was dropped by the label 1989.
>The group changed their name to "Naughty By Nature", recorded a new demo and went back to performing heavy. They were discovered by Queen Latifah, Shakim Campare, and Mark the 45 King...and were signed to Tommy Boy Records in 1990.
>Treach was quoted in the Spin magazine. "We were broke, but us 3 were good people. We didn't put our money into jewelry or cars or anything like that. We put it all into studio time. And, once we got signed, we totally cut [drug dealing] out completely. We had really intimidating mothers."
>Once Naughty By Nature, Treach came back to his mother, paid for her to goto/finish college and bought her a new home in New Brunswick, NJ.

With all that said...and me living in the area...I HIGHLY doubt Treach was "leader" of any gang. Not saying you're wrong, but most of that is from Treach's mouth himself. I'd really have to see some kind of proof to believe otherwise.
Take it from a resident of the city and someone that is closely affiliated to certain people in his camp, Treach runs Double II.
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