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Did Biggie Seriously Want 2Pac Dead?

 Did Biggie Seriously Want 2Pac Dead?
topic by $Jer$eyBalla$ - 01-29-2007, 12:56 PM - Boxden > The Hip-Hop Spot

I watch those documentaries on the biggie and pac beef and here so many stories about how pac would brag about ####in biggies wife and all that, dissin him and his ni##as and all dat. biggie kept silent all them times but possibly made subliminals towards pac. at first i thought biggie was serious about not wantin beef wit pac and all dat. but when u really think about it and hear all the stories and try to connect things together, dont u find it kinda shady how biggie would jus stay calm and say nothin while pac ran his mouth sayin biggie's name more than his own girl did. i mean, dont u find it strange how biggie would make subliminals but stay so quiet, when somebody's braggin about ####in YOUR girl. I dont know how u do it, but if it was me, that ni##aa would seriously be puttin his life on the line if he was doin the same #### Pac did. i mean, seriously, put urself in biggie's position, would u jus sit there and let someone do that to u without ANY reprucussions. Look at the documentaries too. Can Biggie or puffy possibly be hidin something. seriously.

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6 comments for "Did Biggie Seriously Want 2Pac Dead?"

 01-29-2007, 12:58 PMaway - #2

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 01-29-2007, 01:08 PMaway - #3

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Big didn't stay silent he just didn't talk senseless...if you listen to Brooklyn's Finest"if Faith had twins she' probably have 2Pacs"Big was smart enough to know his wife bein a hoe had no reflection on him..Big could of easily came out and called AFENI a crackhead...Pac was just as vulnrable to disses.....nobody that been through real #### care who his wife ####ed.#### i 'm not married but i know alotta motherfu#ker's wives smutted around..maybe at the moment in the long run.everybody gets played by a hoe...plus Puff ain't about k!llin and #### so he was tryin to keep BIG cool....while Suge kept Pac gassed up

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 01-29-2007, 01:23 PMaway - #4

$1,810 | 2847397
I think so! back then ni##as didnt understand rap beef as they do today...if you listen to tupac in b0mb first he said he wanted to k!ll ni##as lyrically. but they really thought tupac was crazy..when most of it was shuge and pac repaying his debt to shuge for getting him out of jail. But on some for real street #### BIG was not feeling hit em up. when that song came out that was a b0mb shell any man that comes out and say "thats why i ####ed your #### you fat mother ####er!" that is some personal #### and them ni##as have history and no matter what front BIG put on in his last interview with rap city. You could just feel how fake his remorse was for pac dying. Plus you can tell a lot from a man by his eyes and when pac was first shot BIG had shades on and when he died BIG had shades on but on any other interview BIG showed his eyes! so to be honest with you I think BIG was involved with pac's first shooting but not his second. But at the same time he could care less if he lived or died, BIG did all his #### subliminally pac was just straight up gangsta with it "#### you and you motha ####in momma" that #### would make any ni##a want to #### another ni##a up. But pac always stated lyrically and nobody caught that
 01-29-2007, 01:29 PMaway - #5

$2,667 | 3415329
dunno k## yourself ask him then let us knoe how that all turned out
 01-29-2007, 01:30 PMaway - #6
pimpinatl 1 heat pts

$2,171 | 6543441
really old and tiring...we will never find out..closed thread
 01-29-2007, 09:18 PMaway - #7
UrMainPriority 1 heat pts

$757 | 2843639
we could start a 5 year conversation with this topic let them both RIP, just bump there music

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