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Charles Hamilton "I am NOT saying Eminem and Kanye "raped" me.I'm saying they were there"(long read)

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 Charles Hamilton "I am NOT saying Eminem and Kanye "raped" me.I'm saying they were there"(long read)
topic by Affectz - 10-09-2010, 06:09 PM

(free all words made into groups of "elitists", truth be told...)
the (the) on Twitter

yes, y'all... THE is actually a f*ckin secret society... THE is who I was attacking with "John Nintendo". Junior HS/HS students, be careful when eating school lunch.

Is John Nintendo a familiar name?

He is "the" creator. His musical ability is how he "created" all life forms. As he wrapped up creation, it looked like a game (seeing as how life was in 8 bits).

In all actuality, it is a neurological pharmaceutical experiment, causing one to seal their own lips shut, under the presumption their every word will create something. ELECTROSHOCKTHERAPY is the only cure.

Pharmaceuticals are indeed in school lunch.

THE feels powerful because a common English word ("the") starts off many (MANY) sentences. Though they are not the originators of the word, their blatant claiming of it, as well as their tactics, lead to them feeling and acting superior towards people who don't truly know the definition of "the".


(from Definite Article - Glossary Definition - UsingEnglish.com)
'The' is the definite article is English. It is used to restrict the meaning of a noun to make it refer to something that is known by both the speaker or writer and the listener or reader...

Do not feel embarrassed to use "the" in a sentence. However, be aware these are the "douchebags" making it difficult to get an education, by being so blatantly pompous.

Wealth does not equate intelligence...

IF this blog gets shut down because of the latest entries, it doesn't stop me from starting another.

Who gon stop me? My daddy? ni##a you ain't my daddy!!!

Would you believe me?

Eminem, Kanye... #### it. Even Paul. Someone come out and say something. The visions are k!llING me.

And NO, I am NOT saying Eminem and Kanye "raped" me. I'm saying they were there, at Record Plant, in my defense.

And again, I'm dealing with 2 years of horrible visions, without being in tangible communication with my two witnesses.

However, there is Big Sean.

So... Em, Ye, and Sean know. Wait... Em, Ye, Sean, Rih (SiMarshall), Jazzy, KERI HILSON, and....

You know what... blow me... I'm snitching.

Em, save your breath.

Polow da Don
Fonzworth Bentley
Bow Wow
Waka Flocka
Tubby (Shawn Holiday)
Stephen Colbert
Jim Jones
Ice Cube
Chris Brown

........everything is a blur, but faces and recent comments only confirm. And don't let me find out Matt Michelson did some wack sh1t, AFTER some wack sh1t happened. The only reason why I even agreed to work with Matt Michelson is because I was under the impression he was Eminem, since people in Hollywood supernaturally can transform. Eminem has been able to transform into very public (VERY public and HIGHLY controversial) figures, so it only made sense to me he would have a different identity when handling a situation as delicate as ...most popular urban music acts a$saulting 3 of music's most INFLUENTIAL artists.

And my fear is there are more names. All of them meaningless, none of them untouchable. ####, I'm untouchable.

I'm being real, no secret society can do me worse than I'm doing myself right now. Because I'm putting something VERY personal online.

Now. With me saying Eminem and Kanye West came to my aide as I was passed out in a studio across the street from an Illuminati initiation spot (of which I did not EVER willingly enter, because I have no interest in being a part of any secret society), take a listen to "Recovery" and Kanye's last few weeks of music.

Why the F*CK would Ye be appalled?

And what did Eminem mean with the line, "I'll be damned if another rapper gets in my a$s!"?

Was it the same as "I'm rollin with a swollen bowling ball in a bag. You need a f#g to come and tear a new hole in my a$s."?

I told a few people a few years ago something happened. No one believed (publicly), so I let it all fester.

Not so much now.

Ever wonder where Songha, Chris, Dino, Alysse and J. Cole came from?

Birth, muthaf*cka.

And Jiovine (a) had nothing to do with it and (b) is strangely quiet as of late.

I'm laying next to YOU ALL's favorite producer in hip-hop, and y'all think she's a dude. I might make out with her to further ruin the stigma of females being belittled in hip-hop.

Lyte knows too.

This is the blog entry to set some fires among you ####s.

And Briana was NOT an agent.

I said about 90%. So y'all n1ggas sayin y'all comin thru? Y'all got the 10%. Hitch kisses, b1tches. Remember? Hitch said you go in 90% and the women come in with 10% Right.

Mic Check will be on time for Halloween. Will it be on time for Love's Holiday? ...remains to be seen. Still working on Staff Development 2. We're more advanced and with a smaller circle of artists now. Gonna be interesting.

Now to my Kat Stacks moment.

I ran up on a lot of y'alls favorite rapper (if you would consider him one), much to his display of ####assness and dismay. He went off to pop sh1t about me subliminally, but nah. F*ck you. And I officially know why I don't like you. So, steer clear of me and Folarin.

I'm also on the look out for one other ####ass rapper. Not saying names, but you was ducking me in the LA studio, and waited till I closed my eyes to try sumn stupid. I got enough people holding me in captivity (not really captivity, but outside of the scope of y'all n1ggas) to keep you alive. Yet and still, let there be a chance to get my 1deep, and it's quiet.

I do not f!ght, but you will not win.

And stop having your groupies harass Kat Stacks, cornball. My goon Splizzee is out the pin, so it's whatever.

StarChasers, it's a sad day when 4'11" rappers have security and pop sh1t like they're... well me, walking the streets, dolie, with no pistol, and looking clueless. I'm not into snatching chains. I'm into defaming your very genetic predisposition to life, to where people with low self-esteem such as myself can feast on your falling "grace of mortal wealth".

I have no deal, and "the 3 best friends that anybody can have". So I'm free. F*ck a cracker tryna make a buck off me. F*ck a "label rep" still on my d1ck and tryna "recreate" my "image" using a younger, more impressionable (naive) MC. Basically, f*ck NewCo.

Brick Oven/The Faculty, with extended family.

I'm tired of you dollar sign liars. I lost Simone (Porter) to the struggle of being a true artist, and not on some breakup sh1t. I'm blessed to even have Kat conversing with me (online or not), and Simone (Marshall aka Our-relationship-is-holding-up-Detox) is the most I've been in love since... Simone. This time around, there will be no "Charles said..." with bullsh1t to split us up to follow. There will be no "Focus on your work, and women come later" coming out of the mouth of some duel-intention having blatantly gay A&R/legal rep/whatever you were hired to be.

Like I said on (facebook.com/sega.hamilton), I'm back on my sh1t.

Back to Mic Check (LWord3), this is a DEEP project. I now see why artists cry when they cover/perform/dance Michael Jackson's work. But I'm me, so talking with this guy as I write has led to some AWESOME conversations. The L Word II was (again) a reach IN to/for love. Some ladies on the tracklisting may or may not EXIST. Depends on how high we were when we were in love. And, the most murmured about, "Star Baby", is merely a prelude to my audibooks (as asked about by Melvin Burch; Klaus wat up).

Chinese Juvenille Hall might not ever see the light of day, because....... well, I put out most of the chapters... lol. There will be more audibooks. I plan on it.



By the way, I hear there's a "video", and I die in it. Well, "I wasn't pretty anyway..."

203 comments for "Charles Hamilton "I am NOT saying Eminem and Kanye "raped" me.I'm saying they were there"(long read)"

 10-09-2010, 06:14 PMaway - #2
thegoldenhero 3 heat pts

$24,588 | POWERFUL
 10-09-2010, 06:14 PMaway - #3
Affectz 38 heat pts38

$6,551 | POWERFUL
 10-09-2010, 06:17 PMaway - #4
Marvin Hagler 

$8,043 | POWERFUL
 10-09-2010, 06:18 PMaway - #5
Curb 3 heat pts

$4,490 | 10532562
Charles is just ranting, I really don't care about him outside of his music.
 10-09-2010, 06:19 PMaway - #6

$2,043 | 4185249
ni##a What?
 10-09-2010, 06:22 PMaway - #7

$1,700 | 0
someone bring the asylums back and put this sonic #### in one
 10-09-2010, 06:25 PMaway - #8
Imagin3 3 heat pts

$7,039 | POWERFUL

 10-09-2010, 06:27 PMaway - #9
bkid 108 heat pts108

$7,816 | POWERFUL
John Nintendo
 10-09-2010, 06:28 PMaway - #10
IKeepsItTrill100 281 heat pts281

$2,948 | POWERFUL
 10-09-2010, 06:29 PMaway - #11
WhoThaFuk 2 heat pts

$2,377 | 5450548
I don't know if I should laugh or be concerned. I think his girl really knocked him senseless.
 10-09-2010, 06:29 PMaway - #12
burgboi 15 heat pts15

$1,699 | 10651047
wheres that dipset didnt read gif when you need it
 10-09-2010, 06:30 PMaway - #13
Future 40 heat pts40

$31,868 | POWERFUL
What the #### is wrong with this dumb a$s??
 10-09-2010, 06:31 PMaway - #14
Affectz 38 heat pts38

$6,551 | POWERFUL
Originally Posted by bkid
John Nintendo

 10-09-2010, 06:32 PMaway - #15
dc91 6 heat pts

$802 | 2933995
 10-09-2010, 06:39 PMaway - #16
Affectz 38 heat pts38

$6,551 | POWERFUL
Originally Posted by WhoThaFuk
I don't know if I should laugh or be concerned. I think his girl really knocked him senseless.
Charles got r###d man
 10-09-2010, 06:47 PMaway - #17

$6 | 0
@ me reading all of that

 10-09-2010, 06:53 PMaway - #18
Doc D 2 heat pts

$3,023 | 16108006
If you were to put Charles in a dress, shave him and some make up, he would be meagan good. So I understand into raping him. Also why wasn't I invited into this ####? How do you become part of the Illuminati?
 10-09-2010, 06:53 PMaway - #19
klm1015 10 heat pts10

$5,554 | 20233367
wait as much as i believe in the secret society stuff. this ni##as #### really made no ####ing sense
 10-09-2010, 06:54 PMaway - #20
rangers27 1 heat pts

$476 | 994432
Back to the psych house Charles.


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