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50 Cent Hosts Pool Party With G-Unit

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 50 Cent Hosts Pool Party With G-Unit
topic by Myelz416 - 08-08-2005, 05:46 PM

Yesterday, 50 Cent held a party at his Farmington, Connecticut mansion playing host to a few hundred revelers, including G-Unit, Mobb Deep, M.O.P., boxing champion Winky Wright, actress Nia Long, Lil’ Jon, Lil’ Scrappy and a host of other celebrities.

The pool party, equipped with a harem of models, doubled as a celebration for the rapper’s upcoming book, The Massacre re-issue, movie and the looming releases of Tony Yayo and singer Olivia.

“You know I wanted to do something for the people, you know. I wanted to throw a party, party,” 50 Cent told The rapper explained that this event also acted as a makeshift birthday party as well.

“I didn’t get a chance to throw like a real party for my birthday. Yeah, my birthday was July 6 so I had different really close people and my staff, my company [at that party],” he explained. “I bought this [mansion] so I have everything put together, so I can entertain like 1,200 people.”

Black Entertainment Television was also present at the party taping an upcoming special on 50 Cent and his many projects. The G-Unit leader and company socialized with party-goers, taking pictures, eating and strolling about the rapper’s lavish compound, which was outfitted with a waterfall, lake, basketball court and pool.

The event, which ended in the early evening, was capped off by a performance by the G-Unit – Olivia, Mobb Deep, M.O.P., Young Buck, Lloyd Banks and 50. Spider Loc, the new West Coast leg of the crew, was present, but didn’t take to the stage.

A fortunate few at the barbeque were able to get a copy of 50’s new book, which was co-written by journalist Kris Ex. The semi-autobiography, "From Pieces to Weight: Once Upon a Time in Southside, Queens," is a joint venture with MTV Books. The rapper will conduct the only book signing event related to the book at 11 a.m. on Tuesday Aug. 9 at the Virgin Megastore in Union Square, New York.

Similarly, the rapper’s the semi-autobiographical “Get Rich or Die Tryin’” will chronicle his rearing in Queens, New York. The Jim Sheridan-directed movie hits theaters in November.

Finally, The Massacre re-issue is equipped with a DVD that includes videos for all 21 songs. The opus is available on Sept. 6.

50 Cent purchased the 48,000-square-foot mansion from former boxing champ Mike Tyson for $4.1 million.

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 08-08-2005, 05:47 PMaway - #2
Myelz416  space
$184 | 107768
tryin to get dat 20 street cred milestone
 08-08-2005, 05:51 PMaway - #3
jrich_23  space
$1,194 | 622230
hmmm yeah i dont really give a sh*t :thumbsdow

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