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10 Hip Hop Groups That Broke Our Hearts By Breaking Up
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 10 Hip Hop Groups That Broke Our Hearts By Breaking Up
23 topic by s7venwords - 08-20-2012, 04:38 PM

Posted by Andreas Hale

With Rock The Bells kicking off this past weekend, the festival has been the go to event for groups reuniting. This year was the return of Bone Thugs N’ Harmony. It got us to thinking about all of the great groups in hip-hop and how a vast majority of them end up parting ways. The recent rift between Mobb Deep’s Havoc and Prodigy proved that no group is safe from internal issues coming to light. So we decided to run down a list of hip hop groups that broke our hearts by breaking up and wonder aloud the probability of them reuniting.


Original Group Members: Ice Cube, Eazy E, Dr. Dre, DJ Yella, Arabian Prince, The D.O.C. and MC Ren

Temporary Members: Arabian Prince (1986-1989)

Why They Were Important: Aside from ushering in the “Gangsta Rap” era, producing three bonafide legends and being considered the most important group in the history of hip-hop? Nothing, we suppose.

The Breaking Point: Ice Cube was the first to depart when he waged an all-out verbal war in a dispute that began over unpaid royalties. Punctuated by Cube’s ”No Vaseline,” the conscious of the group was no longer present. Cube’s shots at Eazy E apparently had some credibility as Dr. Dre packed his bags and left due to conflicting egos and an unfair deal. With both the conscious and the production gone, N.W.A. had nothing left.

Life After: We’re sure you heard about these guys and their lives after N.W.A. Ice Cube became a solo sensation before ditching the curl and scowl for a smile and an opportunity to be a successful actor. Dr. Dre pioneered the G-funk sound, found some rappers you may have heard of named Snoop Dogg and Eminem and is arguably the greatest producer in hip-hop. Eazy E, unfortunately, passed away from AIDS in 1995. Arabian Prince embarked on a solo career. DJ Yella produced “Foe tha Love of $” and other songs for Eazy’s Ruthless imprint. D.O.C. survived a car accident that changed his voice forever and remained a ghostwriter for Dr. Dre. MC Ren dropped a few solo albums on Ruthless Records, joined the Nation of Islam, left the Nation and converted back to orthodox Islam and popped up on “Hello” alongside Ice Cube and Dr. Dre.

Chances They’ll Get Back Together: 20% - With Eazy E’s passing it’s obvious we’ll never see the originals back together but we hold out a sliver of hope that the remaining members will get back together in time for the film to release just one song.

A Tribe Called Quest

Original Group Members: Q-Tip, Jarobi, Phife & Ali Shaheed Muhammad

Temporary Members: Jarobi (1985-1991) and Consequence (1996-1998)

Why They Were Important: Central to the Native Tongues movement, Tribe brought in what was then considered “alternative hip-hop” but was really just bringing funky jazz samples with dope rhymes. If it wasn’t for Tribe, there wouldn’t have been a Little Brother, J Dilla and various other artists that took their cue from Tribe’s classic sound.

The Breaking Point: After releasing The Love Movement, Tribe revealed that there were some internal issues between Phife and Q-Tip and the group would disband (although they blamed Jive for the group breaking up). They reunited in 2004 for Rock The Bells and a few other times for performances. Most were aware that Tip and Phife bumped heads, but when the 2011 documentary dropped, all was put out in the open.

Life After: Q-Tip was successful as a solo artist and a producer; releasing three critically acclaimed albums. Phife also released solo projects while maintaining a low profile and struggling with diabetes. Ali Shaheed Muhammad formed Lucy Pearl with Dawn Robinson and Raphael Saadiq in 1999 for one album and dropped a solo album in 2004.

Chances They’ll Get Back Together: 50% - After watching the documentary you see that there are deep rooted personal issues within the crew. However, they’ve managed to get back together for shows so we wouldn’t be all that surprised if the reunited for another tour or song in the future.

Leaders Of The New School (1989-1994)

Original Group Members: Busta Rhymes, Charlie Brown, Dinco D & Cut Monitor Milo

Temporary Members: None

Why They Were Important: Let’s see…Busta Rhymes? Oh yeah, and Tribe’s “Scenario” remix.

The Breaking Point: Let’s see…Busta Rhymes? Remember that Yo! MTV Raps episode where Charlie Brown was visibly upset with Busta’s growing celebrity? Yup, that was it. Classic television.

Life After: L.O.N.S. continued after Busta Rhymes blew the eff up but couldn’t remain relevant without their star. Busta got fat, buff, fat and buff again while dropping eight solo albums and mastering a dizzying rhyme style.

Chances They’ll Get Back Together: 15% – Unless Busta Rhymes flops or there’s some huge reunion tour, we don’t see any reason for L.O.N.S. to reunite. Maybe at a Rock The Bells.

2 Live Crew

Original Group Members: Mr. Mixx, Fresh Kid Ice & Amazing V

Temporary Members: Luther Campbell, Verb & Brother Marquis

Why They Were Important: The beautiful and controversial union of s3x, curse words & hip hop. 2 Live Crew ushered in an era of overtly s3xual lyrics that brought about a firestorm of controversy. An obscenity trial and the subsequent media circus only helped the Florida group. It didn’t matter what politicians did, songs like “Me So Horny” off of 1989′s As n@sty As They Wanna Be completely changed the game. Not to mention that As n@sty As They Wanna Be was the first ever southern rap album to go platinum.

The Breaking Point: Luther “Luke” Campbell was not only the manager who signed them, he also made himself the leader. And you know what happens when egos get involved. Fresh Kid Ice and Luke feuded over the group’s name while Brother Marquis simply said “f*ck it” and formed 2 Nazty. Luke moved on to a short lived solo career of trunk rattling b00ty music.

Life After: Luke stayed busy in the adult industry and had teenage hip hop kids going nuts with Luke’s Peep Show. He starred in his own reality show and decided to run for mayor of Miami-Dade County in 2011, placing 4th. Brother Marquis went to God and became a born-again Christian but later reunited with Fresh Kid Ice in 2008. Mr. Mixx still deejays and the group had announced that they were going to reform and record an album with Mannie Fresh. We still don’t know where that album is at.

Chances They’ll Get Back Together: 95% They’ve already discussed it and have suggested that an album will be coming soon. While we’re still waiting to find out how long “soon” takes, we think we’ll see them reunite on stage in the very near future.


Original Group Members: DJ Premier & Guru

Temporary Members: None

Why They Were Important: DJ Premier est@blished himself as arguably the greatest hip hop producer of all-time and Guru fit wonderfully between those signature chops. Their ten album catalog helped shape the musical landscape many hip hop heads.

The Breaking Point: Nobody really knows what happened. Personal differences and their solo careers took precedence over the group.

Life After: DJ Premier continues to make beats that make us jump out of the window with glee. Who hasn’t he worked with? Unfortunately, Guru suffered a heart attack, went into a coma and passed away in 2010.

Chances They’ll Get Back Together: 0% Without Guru, there is no Gangstarr.

[The Tens] Let's Stay Together: 10 Hip Hop Groups That Broke Our Hearts By Breaking Up | The Well Versed

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90 comments for "10 Hip Hop Groups That Broke Our Hearts By Breaking Up"

 08-20-2012, 04:43 PMaway - #2
s7venwords 4727 heat pts4727

$31,637 | POWERFUL
23 10 Hip Hop Groups That Broke Our Hearts By Breaking Up Pt 2

Little Brother

Original Group Members: Phonte, Rapper Big Pooh & 9th Wonder

Temporary Members: None

Why They Were Important: With hip hop oozing of lame mainstream rap in the early 2000s, a trio from North Carolina reminded us why many of us fell in hip hop in the first place. Little Brother’s debut album The Listening brought us back to the early 90′s Native Tongues era with their impressive rhymes and soulful production. As Phonte put it on “Not Enough” off of The Minstrel Show “Dope beats, dope rhymes, what more do y’all want?”

The Breaking Point: 9th Wonder’s rise as a producer drove a wedge between him and the group. As he spent more time cooking up beats for others, Phonte and Big Pooh decided that the show must go on and they parted ways after The Minstrel Show. Phonte and Pooh recorded Getback and Leftback without 9th and the producer went on to work with everyone from Destiny’s Child to David Banner. After Leftback, Phonte and Pooh announced their disbandment and moved on to solo endeavors.

Life After: 9th Wonder won a few Grammys, Phonte started a soul group with Nicolay called Foreign Exchange (which earned a Grammy nomination) and Rapper Big Pooh embarked on a solo career. Phonte and 9th bumped heads on Twitter but resolved their issues and the two worked together on Phonte’s solo debut Charity Starts At Home.

Chances They’ll Get Back Together: 65% Although they are busy with their own individual efforts right now, we think that they will eventually reunite in a few years. If not to record an album, to at least perform. You know what? Rock The Bells would be the perfect place.

Mobb Deep

Original Group Members:Havoc & Prodigy

Temporary Members: None

Why They Were Important: While Gangsta Rap was ruling in the early 90′s, the Queensbridge duo played a big part in the resurgence of the East Coast. The dark keys of “Shook Ones Pt. 2″ still sends shivers down our spine.

The Breaking Point: On the morning of April 9, 2012, a series of tweets from Havoc suggesting Prodigy was a homos3xual had us all wondering WTF? Havoc denied having anything to do with it and said his phone was hacked. A leaked phone conversation put Havoc back on blast but he continued to deny everything until a July interview with AllHipHop where he admitted to the tweets. Since then, Havoc has taken aim at his Mobb Deep brother with several diss tracks. Who knows how this will end up.

Life After: We’re not sure yet as this is still developing.

Chances They’ll Get Back Together: 40% Right now the animosity is deep. But maybe they can fix this before it gets worse, even though Havoc is beginning to take this down the “no turning back” expressway.

The Fugees

Original Group Members: Wyclef Jean, Lauryn Hill & Pras

Temporary Members: John Forte

Why They Were Important: Aside from introducing the world to the brilliant Lauryn Hill and the talented Wyclef Jean? Well, The Fugees were a massive trio with one of the best-selling hip hop albums of all-time. Their unique blend of hip hop, soul, reggae and Caribbean music was an awesome dish that no group has been able to duplicate as well as they did.

The Breaking Point: After the members pursued solo endeavors, the group reunited in 2004 in the film Dave Chappelle’s Block Party. But an album that was supposed to mark the return of the trio never materialized. All fingers pointed at Lauryn Hill as rumors ran rampant that her relationship with Wyclef was more than just musical. Nevertheless, with Lauryn going bat#### crazy (or something), it appears that the time has passed when we’ll see them all on stage together again.

Life After: Depending on when you think they “broke up,” the life after portion accounts differ. Both Wyclef and Ms. Hill had successful solo endeavors while Pras’ was just mediocre. When they departed for the second and final time, things are a bit more murky as to their lives in post Fu-Gee-La. Lauryn Hill has opted to perform all of her songs at 200 bpm and is currently beefing with the IRS, Pras made a documentary living the life of a homeless man for nine days and Wyclef continues to produce, help out his homeland of Haiti and even ran for president in 2010 (he would be rejected by Haiti’s Provisional Electoral Council).

Chances They’ll Get Back Together: 5% We’re going to leave a sliver of hope for a senior citizens tour.

Slum Village

Original Group Members: J Dilla, T-3 & Baatin

Temporary Members: Elzhi (1998-2010) & Illa J (2007-2010)

Why They Were Important: Bringing the masses the wonderful production of J. Dilla and the Detroit underground sound was detrimental to many of today’s hip hop stars. Fantastic Vol. 2 is considered by many as a classic.

The Breaking Point: Dilla departed in 2001 to focus on his solo career and was replaced by Elzhi. Shortly after, Baatin’s health problems and personal demons took hold and he was given the boot. With the trio down to a duo, T-3 and Elzhi continued to chug along but the de@ths of Dilla and Baatin cast a massive shadow over the group. In 2010, Elzhi claimed he was shown the door by RJ Rick.

Life After: Unfortunately, J Dilla lost his battle with Lupus in 2006 and Baatin passed away in 2009. Elzhi has shown flashes of brilliance with his Elmatic mixtape but seems to vanish for extended periods of time. T-3 still carries the Slum Village torch as a solo artist.

Chances They’ll Get Back Together: 0% Honestly, without Dilla and Baatin, there is no Slum Village reunion.

Hot Boy$

Original Group Members: Lil Wayne, Turk, Juvenile & B.G.

Temporary Members: Bulletproof

Why They Were Important: The New Orleans quartet — along with Mannie Fresh and Baby “Birdman” Williams — took the world by storm in the late 90s. After conquering the region, the Hot Boys began to rule the industry. A massive $30 million pressing and distribution contract with Universal allowed each member to go solo and drop a gold or platinum album. Oh yeah, and that superstar known as Lil Wayne ended up being a big deal.

The Breaking Point: Money, money, money. Juvenile, B.G., Turk and, later, Mannie Fresh all felt like they were getting jerked by Baby. Lil Wayne didn’t. And there you have it.

Life After: You already know about Lil Wayne. Turk is currently incarcerated on charges of second degree murd3r after he shot a police officer in 2004. B.G. has had his own legal issues and a widely publicized drug addiction. He is also incarcerated on illegal weapon charges and witness tampering. Juvenile is still recording and recently dropped Rejuvenation this past June with Mannie Fresh producing.

Chances They’ll Get Back Together: 5% With Turk and B.G. behind bars, it’s going to be awfully hard to see these four back together in the near future. There’s always the senior citizen circuit.

 08-20-2012, 04:44 PMaway - #3
Phillipmcd 24 heat pts24

$1,355 | 17113849
Little Brother hurt me the most
 08-20-2012, 04:45 PMaway - #4
s7venwords 4727 heat pts4727

$31,637 | POWERFUL
I also would of included Bone Thugs N Harmony Westside Connection and The Geto Boys.
 08-20-2012, 05:10 PMaway - #5
WCIB 96 heat pts96

$15,676 | POWERFUL
Apparently the 50 Cent, The Game, Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, & Tony Yayo G-Unit breaking up didn't bother ni##as? I enjoyed that version of the group.

But yeah Little Brother breaking up <<<<<
 08-20-2012, 05:14 PMaway - #6
369 27 heat pts27

$4,366 | POWERFUL
Can we have a conversation about Phife Dawg without mentioning diabetes in the 21st century
 08-20-2012, 05:18 PMaway - #7
YARKONE 4 heat pts

$10,826 | 16898304
Originally Posted by 36 Nine
Can we have a conversation about Phife Dawg without mentioning diabetes in the 21st century
it is a big part of their break up.
 08-20-2012, 05:24 PMaway - #8
coolbeans 65 heat pts65

$11,193 | POWERFUL
i guess Dipset didn't break up either
 08-20-2012, 05:26 PMaway - #9
One Gud Cide 22 heat pts22

$8,890 | POWERFUL
Yea, I bet prodigy used to breaking mens hearts.
 12-27-2012, 01:41 AMaway - #10
invaderchin 144 heat pts144

$2,771 | POWERFUL
Little Brother breakup was the worst...

What about Tanya Morgan??
 12-27-2012, 02:02 AMaway - #11
Mariah Carey 1 heat pts

$3,966 | POWERFUL
no Outkast?

Lets be real, they aint done an album in 6 years, and 3 Stacks was missing on both of Big Boi's solo joints.
 12-27-2012, 02:41 AMonline - #12
SmokeyTheBlunt 4 heat pts

$15,081 | POWERFUL
Geto Boys, Tribe, EPMD, the first time Bone broke up and that couple years that DPG broke up all had me sick when they happened.............

especially Tribe for some reason, it felt like my parents divorced..............
 12-27-2012, 02:49 AMonline - #13
metatr0n|M 259 heat pts259

$36,862 | POWERFUL
Dipset ...thankfully bone back together for now tho.. flesh was locked up and bizzy is just bizzy ..id say aslong as bizzy is happy they should be fine
 12-27-2012, 08:26 AMaway - #14
mtbatol 9 heat pts

$3,684 | 16355850
While they're back to doing shows together, Pete Rock & CL Smooth temporary breakup was very epic


But, no Outkast tho? Them ni##as ain't do a proper album in a good minute
 12-27-2012, 08:38 AMaway - #15
blacdood 90 heat pts90

$3,298 | POWERFUL
 12-27-2012, 09:01 AMaway - #16
Maddog345 3 heat pts

$7,490 | 19746561
Little Brother

I know if they got back together, they could still put out heat
 12-27-2012, 09:17 AMaway - #17
Chalky 176 heat pts176

$19,046 | POWERFUL
good read

Man the Gangstart one

and little brother can't stop song was so dope
 12-27-2012, 09:30 AMaway - #18
BIGMARS 35 heat pts35

$6,028 | POWERFUL
Originally Posted by critiQue
Dipset ...thankfully bone back together for now tho.. flesh was locked up and bizzy is just bizzy ..id say aslong as bizzy is happy they should be fine
My ninja, anyone with a Rich Dollaz avi on boxden, I would have to a$sume, has to be Rich Dollaz. So yo, did you ever smash Somaya Reece?
 12-27-2012, 09:39 AMaway - #19
Ca$h Out 33 heat pts33

$24,439 | POWERFUL

propable the saddest.
 12-27-2012, 09:45 AMaway - #20
BIGMARS 35 heat pts35

$6,028 | POWERFUL
Fuk those old school cats, we miss Dipset. k!lla loves the kids


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