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15 Shockingly Racist Celebrity Tweets

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 15 Shockingly Racist Celebrity Tweets
33 topic by ProfitSee - 07-24-2012, 08:52 PM

Before the The Hunger Games controversy and Washington Capitals' Joel Ward fiasco blew up on Twitter, celebs were already causing a fracas on the microblogging service, spewing racist and obscene tweets. Rappers like Asher Roth took a hit for making a Don Imus-like comment on his page. Rihanna recently caught flack for posting a racially ambiguous tweet aimed at her ex's new Vietnamese girlfriend. Even film critic Roger Ebert was condemned by fans and haters alike for tweeting disrespectful remarks in regards to the N-word. And those are just a few of the incidents. Keep reading for more shockingly racist celebrity tweets.

15. Alec Baldwin

Date: Sept. 18, 2011

There was a large group of conservatives that took actual offense to Alec Baldwin's tweets. Seriously. The 30 Rock star posted these comments on his Twitter page during the Emmy's broadcast, bringing a ton of heat to his page from the black community. While we wouldn't necessarily deem his remarks offensive, the masses have spoken.

14. Kat Stacks

Date: Jan. 4, 2011

You won't find Kat Stacks under the A-, B-, or even D-list crowd. That doesn’t cover up the fact that this overexposed celebrity groupie is a racist. After putting numerous rappers on blast on the Net, the industry's biggest jumpoff bragged about having a "Mexican washing my draws, "Jamaican braiding my hair," and a “cracker babysitting” her seed while serving time behind bars for citizenship issues. Funny coming from a slore whose clientele consisted of Hispanics and blacks. Has her deportation been confirmed yet?

13. Ricky Rubio

Date: April 22, 2012

Seems as if Spaniards view Mexicans in the same light as American conservative extremists. Rubio, the Minnesota Timberwolves Spanish phenom didn’t win over any fans with his remark about teammate Kevin Love: "Ok, he doesn't look like a mexican anymore but I think he looks even worst … Here is our superstar." Dude’s lucky Love aint stomp his face in like he did Louis Scola.

12. Tila Tequila

Date: Oct. 5, 2009

Power 105.1's Charlamange the God sparked a Twitter war with Tila Tequila after calling her out for seeking attention via suicide tweets. The troubled model traded insults and racial epithets in the process, even profiling the black community for the radio personality's actions: "I see ignorance stemming from a certain demographic on here. It's quite sad to me..."

11. Soulja Boy

Date: June 2, 2009

DeAndre’s frustrations with his rap career inspired the hip-hop star to attack his bosses, labeling them “crackaz” and “CRACKERS” who’ve watered down his music and ruined his “music dream.” Not the best choice of words, obviously. 50 Cent should have groomed him on the proper Twitter etiquette for spazzing on your label.

10. Zab Judah

Date: June 2, 2011

Many consider Judah the welterweight version of Mike Tyson. Both f!ghters are Brooklynites, both dominated the ring in knockout fashion in their prime, and both have proven to be nut jobs. Weeks before his match with former WBA light welterweight champ, Amir Khan, Judah tweeted a racial low blow at his opponent. The tweet speaks for itself. Khan let his knuckle game do the talking in the ring.

9. Rihanna

Date: March 3, 2012

Ri-Ri's no stranger to controversy on Twitter. She's done everything from posting provocative pics to f!ghting fans. This time around the Barbadian pop princess proceeded to take a shot at Chris Brown’s new Vietnamese girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, tweeting an image of a rice cakes package—referring to a subliminal line featured in the “Birthday Cake” remix recorded with both artists. Breezy retaliated by throwing a few shots back at his ex in his "Theraflu" freestyle.

8. Floyd Mayweather

Date: Feb. 13, 2012

It's no secret that Money Mayweather is reckless with his words. The undefeated five-division world boxing champion had already disrespected Filippinos when racially attacking Manny Pacqiao on ESPN, and after Jeremy Lin set it off on the Lakers, he accredited the Linsanity hype to the baller's race. Every sports analyst and public figure declared Mayweather a bigot.

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74 comments for "15 Shockingly Racist Celebrity Tweets"

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 07-24-2012, 08:53 PMaway - #2
ProfitSee 352 heat pts352 space
$4,729 | POWERFUL

7. Chelsea Handler

Date: Oct. 14, 2010

Chelsea Handler has no filter when it comes to calling out celebs. Once she caught wind of Nick Cannon heading out on a comedy tour, she tweeted: "I just heard nick cannon is starting a comedy tour. Who's going to do the comedy?" The two engaged in a war of tweets, then Handler resorted to stereotyping Cannon by sending an image of a grape soda can with the message "@nickcannon pls drink this before you tweet me again." #Tasteless

6. Gilbert Gottfried

Date: March 12, 2011

As if sending out a tweet about the Japanese tsunami that k!lled over 15,000 people that was offensive to both Japanese and Jewish people, comedian Gilbert Gottfried followed up with another disturbing message that read: “I just split up with my girlfriend, but like the Japanese say, ‘They’ll be another one floating by any minute now.'” He lost his gig as the Aflack duck shortly after.

5. Asher Roth

Date: April 24, 2009

After Don Imus called Rutgers's woman's basketball team a group of "nappy-headed hoes", Asher Roth attempted to make a joke riffing on the racist remark by tweeting: "At Rutgers stirring up a ruckus. Been a day of rest and relaxation, sorry Twitter -- hanging out with some nappy headed hoes." Still, we didn't expect this the dude whose infatuation with a 90s black teen idol, Lark Voorhies AKA Lisa Turtle, inspired the intro track for his debut album.

4. Moby

Date: Aug. 12, 2011

Whether he misinterpreted Jigga’s line or made a crude joke out of it, Moby played himself. The musician was ridiculed for sending out a tweet which implied that adding more black women in the MoMA would transform the landmark museum into "the new hood." This guy loves beefing with the hip-hop community.

3. Roger Ebert

Date: Jan. 5, 2011

For centuries, the tale of Huckleberry Finn been mired in racism. Ebert shared his thoughts on the modern version of the novel in the most indiscreet way possible, tweeting: "I'd rather be called a N***** than a Slave." That didn't go over so well. He later tweeted, "You know, this is very true. I'll never be called a N***** *or* a Slave, so I should have shut the **** up." Thumbs down, homie.

2. Kreayshawn

Date: March 8, 2012

Already under the media microscope for fellow White Girl Mob member V-nasty's use of the word "******", Kreayshawn became public enemy number one when a stream of racist tweets poured down her timeline. Remarks such as "Sometimes I wish slavery was still goin' on” and "I don't need black fans anyway. Y'all don't buy albums," put some serious heat on Kreay. The next morning, she announced that her Twitter account had been hacked and that all the tweets were fake. She ended the Twitter announcement with an apology which included her saying, "I am sorry, I LOVE FRIED CHICKEN!". Hm.

1. Jessica Leandra

Date: May 7, 2012

Beauty doesn't necessarily equal brains. Ask FHM supermodel Jessica Leandra. After feeling s3xually harassed by an unnamed gas station attendant, she went on to call him a kaffir (synonym for the N-word), while throwing the slur "African monkeys" into the mix on her Twitter page. She lost all sponsorships, several modeling contracts, and the FHM Model of the Year title in the aftermath. And that's only in the first week.

 07-24-2012, 09:25 PMaway - #3
adub123 1 heat pts space
$2,319 | 5951732
 07-24-2012, 09:41 PMaway - #4
drama_kiNg 59 heat pts59 space
$12,840 | POWERFUL
everyone is racist, who cares
 07-24-2012, 09:52 PMaway - #5
Delbert Mengel 28 heat pts28 space
$19,977 | POWERFUL
 07-24-2012, 10:21 PMaway - #6
lboog1423 216 heat pts216 space
$20,889 | POWERFUL
dem rice cakes
 07-24-2012, 11:48 PMaway - #7
Nut-In-Honeys 9 heat pts space
$4,482 | POWERFUL
some of these aint even racist
 07-25-2012, 12:31 AMonline - #8
Toss  space
$4,347 | 5339788
I stop reading when they posted an kat stacks tweet smh like she famous. I remember one of my professor always told me calling or saying someone is racist is a sign of weekness I never understood what he was talking about until I see a lot of black community cry about the stupidest sh*t he always said to prove them wrong
 07-25-2012, 12:38 AMaway - #9
I'm The Dan 5 heat pts space
$10,907 | POWERFUL
I stopped at Alec Baldwin. If they consider that racist, then they're too damn sensitive. Time to man up.
 07-25-2012, 12:41 AMaway - #10
Bkjj11 489 heat pts489 space
$44,560 | POWERFUL
at number 1. hahahaha. fu*ked up, beat her
 07-25-2012, 12:45 AMonline - #11
Shazam 20 heat pts20 space
$1,505 | 13046216
None of these are really that bad except for the chick who called dude an African monkey and the Kreayshawn "i wish slavery was still going on" tweets. The Gilbert Gottfried ones are also bad considering the context of what was going on, but more insensitive for other reasons than racism.

But really none of the other ones bother me...
 07-25-2012, 12:47 AMaway - #12
JohnDoe B1  space
$5,319 | 12243860
 07-25-2012, 12:47 AMaway - #13
WCIB 96 heat pts96 space
$15,949 | POWERFUL
stopped reading once it got to Floyd... that wasn't racist at all.
 07-25-2012, 12:53 AMonline - #14
Flawless Image 14 heat pts14 space
$10,624 | POWERFUL
Roger Ebert is married to a black woman.
 07-25-2012, 01:06 AMaway - #15
izzy2024 1 heat pts space
$914 | 4277790
For the millionth fu*king time, referencing the title "n*ggas in Paris" is not racist.
 07-25-2012, 01:13 AMaway - #16
DrX 56 heat pts56 space
$34,925 | POWERFUL
Chelsea is such a hack...grape soda..really? thats the best u can come with...

only reason she got that show is because she fu*ked the president of the company

Last edited by DrX; 07-25-2012 at 01:25 AM..
 07-25-2012, 01:15 AMonline - #17
Dice 7 heat pts space
$1,840 | 7483149
I thought the thread said celebrity tweets?

There were a total of like 3 celebrities on there.
 07-25-2012, 01:35 AMaway - #18
ImAMonster 273 heat pts273 space
$26,759 | POWERFUL
So, Soulja Boy wasn't being racist by saying "cracka."? I guess that was him "making an albeit corny jokee" ? No. lol. He's mad that he was signed off of a gimmick and then couldn't produce. Didn't nobody water down his music.

Guess it's easier to blame the white man than to actually say you suck. Is what it is lmao
 07-25-2012, 02:01 AMaway - #19
DipsetSoulja 6 heat pts space
$3,714 | 12861746
at alec baldwin
 07-25-2012, 02:06 AMaway - #20
LakerFan 5 heat pts space
$1,745 | 7913473
wait wait wait

shaun merriman was called hispanic his entire career before he got in trouble with the law, now hes considered black?

nobody considered dude black before he beat up tila tequila and got caught with roids.

me and my mexican home boys used to argue about this 24/7 back when he was good.

theyd say he was too light skin to be black, but now that he suck and is a criminal everybody call him black. dont nobody even call him hispanic at all anymore
im being totally honest when i say i have never heard him referred to as hipanic by anyone that i can remember

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