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May 25 - Texas Woman Has Identical Quadruplets

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 May 25 - Texas Woman Has Identical Quadruplets
Unread 10 years agoclass of '04 - away - #1
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By PAM EASTON, a.ssociated Press Writer
17 minutes ago

HOUSTON - Shelley Breedlove used to tease her mother about not being able to tell her apart from an identical twin sister. Now, as a new mother, Breedlove has her own identity crisis: identical quadruplets.


For now, though, the 24-year-old is feeling only exuberance over the four daughters who were born March 24 and conceived without fertility drugs.

"It is so exciting and unreal," Breedlove said. "I always said I would love to have twins, but I never thought I would."

Breedlove plans to mark the bottom of her daughters' feet with markers and paint their toenails. So far, lace ankle bracelets, with different shaped buttons, have helped hospital workers and family members tell the babies apart.

The girls Adelle, Bonnie, Chloe and Daphne each weigh about 5 pounds and could be home with their parents and 15-month-old brother within the next week or so, said Dr. Jayne Finkowski-Rivera. The girls weighed about 2 pounds at birth.

All had heart surgery and some suffered brain hemorrhages the first few days after birth but are said by doctors to have recovered.

On Wednesday, Breedlove and her husband, Eric, got their first glimpse at a new five-bedroom home a local builder has agreed to let the family live in free for a year. A Houston furniture store owner said he'll furnish it.

"We feel so incredibly overwhelmed and grateful," Shelley Breedlove said. "We are just going to take it a day at a time and that is really all you can do for the next 20 years."

Medical literature indicates there are only about 50 sets of identical quadruplets, said Dr. Jamie Grifo, the director of NYU Medical Center's Division of Reproductive Endocrinology.

One set also girls conceived without the use of fertility drugs was born in March 2004 in Alabama.

Their mother, Christine Webb, 33, of Guin, Ala., said Wednesday that taking care of four babies is a financial challenge and can strain the best marriages.

"They are fixing to find out it is a very unique situation to be in," she said. "I feel for them."
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