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Jun 16 - Young Jeezy-Dead beat dad is what the media say
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 Jun 16 - Young Jeezy-Dead beat dad is what the media say
topic by m_cullins - 06-16-2006, 06:35 AM

Dead beat dad is what the media say/ best father in the world is what my son will say.Ē On Christina Milianís ďSay I,Ē Young Jeezy shared a bit of his personal life Ė rare form for the Snowman. Since the boy from the hood first reached the charts, his name has been tossed around in an ongoing custody battle for his 7 year-old son. The same man who had the masses in 2005 saying, ďLetís get it,Ē just wants his child to get good grades.

As Jeezy says that the support payments were always coming, the young father defends his image as seen in some media. The Atlanta-based celebrity also describes his roles shifting between father and the artist currently recording The Inspiration: Thug Motivation 102. Whether itís family, financial, or federal woes, the Snowman takes things as they come, knowing that while he was a ďTrap StarĒ to many, heís only a father to one.

AllHipHop.com: There was a lot of speculation over your custody battle. Howís that going now?

Young Jeezy: I got my first visitation [recently], soÖit was good. You know, it was like I really, I really hadnít had no problems with my babyís mama. But you know, being successful, [drama is] gonna come with that; they got to hurt you some type of way. But no, we have little issues about when and how I can see my son, [but we] work that out with the court. And you know, truth be told, Iím the one that really wanted to go to court, know what Iím saying? I really wanted my ####ing visitation rights, you know. Call somebody, I want to see him this week, and theyíre like ďNo,Ē and Iím like ďWhy?Ē [she said] ďBecause you canít,Ē know what I mean. So I really wanted to go to court, but it was good. We got a little system going: if I see him, I see him every time Iím home. Itís good. And like with my motherís so, you know itís cool now. I feel a lot of ease because I can call when I want to. Got his little cell phone chop it up with a little chirp whatever.

AllHipHop.com: How old is he?

Young Jeezy: Heís seven. Itís better now. I always [want] my son to be a part of my life, know what Iím saying.

AllHipHop.com: Do you teach your son anything in particular, or have something that you want to get across to him?

Young Jeezy: I mean, you know, we talk. Me and my dude have long conversations. We really talk because you know he going throughÖhe grew up in a project just like me, I try to pull that out, but mama tried to hide it, you know. Itís cool, he can come to me and ask me about something. He wants to be involved in what I do and go where Iím going, but you know, he understands he canít do that. But I mean itís cool now. His grades are better. Heís eating better, so you know he can get in a little trouble.

AllHipHop.com: How do you feel about the media, you know as the custody situation played out?

Young Jeezy: The media is the monster, man. It takes [a lot out of you]Ö when people #### with you personally. They got it out for you. You know, I hear #### all the time, and Iím like, ďWow.Ē You know thatís a part of my soul, man. Look out for your kids. Take care of your own flesh and blood, because thatís what I believe in. So when you hear me say that, and listen to some [of the] news ####, saying I ainít paying child support, donít believe that. Itís been paid up. Itís just the other #### that was going on with it [the childís mother], ďYou want how much [money]? You need a Ferrari?Ē But you know [childís mother] donít get that, but itís cool. I mean you know, like I say, man, whateverís best for him man Iím cool with that. Just for the [kid].

AllHipHop.com: How were with your father?

Young Jeezy: We really werenít that close, but you got to understand, I wasnít that close with nobody in my family. I was likeÖ I was on the streets man. So I couldnít enjoy that. Like talking to a dude complaining about Christmas because he donít know how itís gonna be at the end of the year. So my whole thing was to put everything to the side and not care about nothing. So if I ever was to get anything done in a situation, I could deal with it, know what Iím saying. They wouldnít be calling home and everybody all ####ed up and you locked out. So it was more so like I kind of pushed it to the side. But now I see my mom all the time and we talk and itís better now. Know what Iím saying, [i] changed my life a lot.

AllHipHop.com: No doubt. As a dedicated father, how do you react differently to people around you getting shot and things like that? Have you changed the way you move at all?

Young Jeezy: Oh man, Iím in the street. I really donít give a #### about that ####. You take one of mine, Iím taking five of yours, no ####. But end of the day, we been in there, but it is what it is. Iím not here to sit, I had to learn to do right. Iím locked up every other weekend and Iím gonna tell it. You know the n***as know what happened when [U.S.D.A. rapper Slick Pulla] got shot. [Slick Pulla] didnít get shot running. He got shot doing him. I mean, you best believe you know he wasnít the only one got shot. But itís like we live. I talk to him and try to calm him down. Heís a little bit younger, and my man Bloodraw, another member of U.S.D.A., just beat a ####ing federal conspiracy caseÖ

AllHipHop.com: He got out right?

Young Jeezy: He was facing life. You know thatís why we put the U.S.D.A. album out, because he got messed up. The Feds messed him up. I think what they was really trying to give him 20 years. Well, itís just like man itís like at the end of the day, man, seriously you live and learn. You learn what you do and you do what you learn. You do what you do, and try to be safe in the processÖbecause, I mean, #### happens, man. I mean, you gonna get money and you gonna get broke. Thatís just life. Only thing you can do is live that ####.

AllHipHop.com: Your man, Twin mentioned to me that yíall didnít get nominated for a BET AwardÖ

Young Jeezy: Yeah, yeah.

AllHipHop.com: Last year, you, Kanye, The Game, and Three-6-Mafia had the best albums of the year in many folksí opinionsÖ

Young Jeezy: Man, it is what it is man. I ainít mad. I ainít ####ed up about it, you know what Iím saying. I mean, they know what it is. I ainít angry or ####. Thatís the streets. Know what Iím saying. But at the end of the day, I ainít ####ed up about it. I guess my album was a little bit too raw for Ďem, but at the end of the day, if the world wasnít like this I couldnít talk like this, so why yíall are saying to me? What the #### did I do wrong? Iím just trying to make do with what I got, you know. I ainít got it like that. Ainít had nobody make sure I was straight. Itís talk about #### that I ainít ashamed to admit, know what I mean. Iím not a roofer. I canít talk about fixing the house, plumbing, and #### like that, mechanic ####. I donít know that ####. I know the streets.

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 06-16-2006, 07:37 AMaway - #2
cylla 5 heat pts

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 06-16-2006, 09:10 AMaway - #3
renagade281 1 heat pts

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u respect biggie cause he said he suck your daddys d*ck?

 06-16-2006, 09:43 AMaway - #4

$2,491 | 10813687
no matter what people say, jeezy's a real ni##a, period. he gonna do him regardless. don't even care about the awards like some people. just get the money.


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