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Jun 1 - Kool-Aid Gun f!ght Leads To Two Injuries In Detroit (VIDEO)

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 Jun 1 - Kool-Aid Gun f!ght Leads To Two Injuries In Detroit (VIDEO)
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[pic - click to view]

Two Detroit teens have been wounded after a gunf!ght broke out over what eyewitnesses say was an argument over who makes the best Kool-Aid.

The beverage-based battle took place Tuesday night in the city's Brightmoor neighborhood in front of an abandoned school building, according to WJPK-TV.

"The initial argument, from my understanding, began over Kool-Aid," a witness told reporter Andrea Isom, who confirmed the story with Detroit officers.

The tongue-lashing increased in intensity until two of the men from the conflicting Kool-Aid crews started shooting each other.

However, neither shooter hit their intended mark, according to, which reported that two innocent bystanders, both 17, were hit by the stray bullets.

One victim was struck in the wrist and the other got a bullet in the rear.

Both victims were taken to local hospitals to be treated for their injuries and both have since been released from the hospital.

Meanwhile, Detroit police are looking for the two shooting suspects, one of whom reportedly left the scene in a purple 2007 Impala.

Although Kool-Aid seems to be one of the least important reasons to f!ght someone, much less shoot them, arguments over the popular powdered drink are not unprecedented.

Earlier this month, a woman in Pahokee, Fla., was arrested for domestic a.ssault after she had a f!ght with her brother because someone drank his Kool-Aid, the Palm Beach Post reported.

During the argument, the woman threw a vase at her brother, who was sitting on the porch.

The woman later told authorities that her brother was crazy and that he was upset because of the Kool-Aid while the brother said he was tired of his sister's disrespect.

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Kool-Aid Gun f!ght Leads To Two Injuries In Detroit (VIDEO)
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