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Jul 12 - Darby Man Named 'Casey Anthony' Harassed

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 Jul 12 - Darby Man Named 'Casey Anthony' Harassed
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Casey Anthony is undeniably one of the most unloved names in the news as of late. Unfortunately for one Darby, Pa. man -- he bears that name.

Forty-three-year-old Casey Anthony has lived his life proud of his name. Then came along the highly publicized Casey Anthony who was acquitted of k!lling her 2-year-old daughter by a jury -- but convicted by public opinion.

“After the verdict that day, it went crazy,” Anthony told NBC Philadelphia’s Marisa Brahney. “It was like everybody wanted to know and wanted to comment on this Casey Anthony situation.”

Strangers began bombarding Anthony last week on Facebook, with hundreds of friend requests, messages, wall posts, and -- because his profile included his number -- phone calls.

“[They were] making comments about the verdict; who am I to take a child’s life,” Anthony said. “And then I’m sitting back like, excuse me? I’m not the Casey Anthony you think.”

After the first few Florida area-code phone calls came in, Anthony just stopped answering his phone.

Anthony is not the only one suffering for the name he bears. He has two sons that also have the name Casey Anthony.

“It went from being comical and scary to just being outright, make you mad as--you know,” Anthony told NBC Philadelphia. Cause these people don't even know you, they don't have a clue."

Facebook responded Monday night with ways people can prevent experiences like Anthony's:

Darby Man Named 'Casey Anthony' Harassed | NBC Philadelphia
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