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Feb 19 - Dr. Drew blames McCready’s ‘firearm enthusiast’ boyfriend for ‘easily accessible’ guns

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 Feb 19 - Dr. Drew blames McCready’s ‘firearm enthusiast’ boyfriend for ‘easily accessible’ guns
topic by Ham Rove - 02-19-2013, 01:57 PM

Dr. Drew Pinsky says that country music star Mindy McCready may not have k!lled herself if her boyfriend had not been a “firearm enthusiast,” making guns “easily accessible.”

Speaking to CNN’s Erin Burnett on Monday, Pinsky explained that McCready’s suicide was the result of a “one-two punch” after her boyfriend, music producer David Wilson, took his own life and then she released herself from a rehab facility after less than 24 hours to return to a home filled with guns.

“She was doing well until the death of her boyfriend,” Pinsky said. “When he apparently k!lled himself, she unraveled — was really struggling. When I spoke to her, she agreed finally she needed to go into a hospital, needed to take care of herself. But she was absolutely preoccupied and mortified with how people would perceive her, judge her. Would law enforcement consider her more of suspect [in her boyfriend's death] if she got hospitalized?”

“She eventually did go and then left after just 24 hours. If she stayed in the hospital, she would be with us today.”

Pinsky continued: “She’s had suicidal thinking and gestures before. The problem here is it was really a one-two punch. She was shattered — I mean, things had been going well — shattered by the death of her boyfriend. Then she lost custody of her children. Released from a hospital prematurely. You add to that mix accessibility of firearms. Apparently the boy friend was a bit of a firearm enthusiast. They were easily accessible and that was that.”

After troubles with addiction, multiple arrests and suicide attempts, McCready had appeared on Pinsky’s Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew in 2010. On Sunday, she became the fifth celebrity to die after joining the show’s cast.

The CNN host, however, seemed reluctant to press the doctor about the string of deaths. HLN, which is owned by the same company as CNN, also employees Pinsky as the host of Dr. Drew On Call.

“There has been some criticism,” Burnett noted. “Have you ever had second thoughts?”

“We worry, of course,” Pinsky admitted. “This was a documentary. We worried that the cameras would adversely affect people. We always worry about that, but we were treating people with advanced addiction. Their prognosis was the same as many cancer patients. They have a poor prognosis. I believe that those that are now actively engaged in treatment now [are] still in harm’s way. There are still potentially fatalities ahead.”

Cleburne County Sheriff Marty Moss on Monday revealed that McCready’s body had shot her dog before taking her own life. Her body was found at the same home in Arkansas where her boyfriend died in January.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, guns account for 55 percent of suicide fatalities, although they are involved in only 5.6 percent of suicide attempts.

“It’s access to weaponry that turns desperate people into suicides,” National Alliance on Mental Illnes medical director Kenneth Duckworth said in an interview before McCready’s death.

But the National Rifle a.ssociation (NRA) has argued that gun control is an ineffective method of stopping suicides because people will just find other ways to k!ll themselves.

“If firearms do not cause suicide but are merely implements utilized to accomplish the act, implements for which others would be substituted if firearms were not available, then it can be said fairly that the use of firearms in suicide is not relevant to the debate over firearm laws, rules and regulations,” the NRA wrote in 1999.

“Some would suggest that the rate of suicide may indeed be higher among firearm owners than non-owners. Gun owners are notably self-reliant and exhibit a willingness to take definitive action when they believe it to be in their own self-interest. Such action may include ending their own life when the time is deemed appropriate.”

Raw Story (Dr. Drew blames McCready’s ‘firearm enthusiast’ boyfriend for ‘easily accessible’ guns | The Raw Story)
Dr. Drew blames McCready’s ‘firearm enthusiast’ boyfriend for ‘easily accessible’ guns | The Raw Story
> Feb 19 - Dr. Drew blames McCready’s ‘firearm enthusiast’ boyfriend for ‘easily accessible’ guns - Photo posted in BX Daily Bugle - news and headlines | Sign in and leave a comment below! @ this dude trying to shift blame, im sure in some cases, people wont k!ll themselves if they dont have a gun, since a gun makes it so much easier. but im willing to bet this dude exploiting celebs and their problems prob lead more to her death than her boyfriends enthusiasm for guns.

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6 comments for "Feb 19 - Dr. Drew blames McCready’s ‘firearm enthusiast’ boyfriend for ‘easily accessible’ guns"

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 02-19-2013, 03:04 PMonline - #2
Ham Rove 2285 heat pts2285 space
$39,961 | POWERFUL
 02-19-2013, 04:48 PMaway - #3
ddash 1 heat pts space
$17,334 | POWERFUL
fu*k Dr. Drew.
 02-20-2013, 10:14 AMaway - #4
UrbanGAAWD 197 heat pts197 space
$6,837 | POWERFUL
Sad to see her go, she was enjoyable to watch on celeb rehab and seem like a great person but to focus things on this moronic gun control debate is asinine and really shows how sh*tty of a doctor he is.....she would have k!lled herself one way or the other way.....sad to see gun control phags like him use it in the death of a talented singer
 02-20-2013, 04:19 PMaway - #5
Got Cheeve? 111 heat pts111 space
$41,000 | POWERFUL

Yeah because people don't OD on pills or Zorro their wrists. I mean, with that if you get there soon enough you can save but she was in bumfu*k Alabama or Arkansas, she was done no matter what. Drew just trying to rehab his image. It's not his fault though, its just kind of a d!ck move doing what he's doing right now. It is smart though, because people get all butthurt about one side of the gun issue or the other, so he's using that to shoulder the flack falling. He talks about her being worried about how others perceive her, well this right here is the kettle calling the pot...
 02-20-2013, 05:43 PMaway - #6
Stayburnin 12 heat pts12 space
$2,014 | 12810999
its just because dr drew doesn't want the blame on him. hes shouldn't be putting the blame on the boyfriend. like explosivo said she could have easily just did a bunch of pills and overdosed if she wanted to k!ll herself. 12% of his patients died which is a really high number for only working with like 45 people.

I had a huge drug problem and dr drew is very average. ive had many people work much harder then he does to save peoples lives. you cant blame him for the deaths cuz drug addiction is so unpredictable and a lot of people will relapse no matter who their counselor is. addicts are great at blockin everyone out. im kind of glad he is getting criticized though because like I said he is an average addiction specialist and he shouldn't be on cnn every time someone dies from drugs. there are many people with more credentials then him that should be on tv.

vh1 also shouldn't be exposing addiction to make good tv. they say its to show people how bad addiction is, but its just a way of making money off these hopeless people. addiction is extremely serious and if you are going to put a show on tv about it you will also be exposed to the harsh realities which is jail and death.

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