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Feb 14 - Cartel kingpin is Chicago's new Public Enemy No. 1

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 Feb 14 - Cartel kingpin is Chicago's new Public Enemy No. 1
Unread 02-16-2013, 05:41 AMJoined Nov 2009 - away - #41
Jayg36 17 heat pts17 space
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Originally Posted by Chief Dee
Dude was joking, there is no "kill all blacks" sh*t in Chicago this is not California. Nobody is k!lling anybody here because some weirdo in Mexico told him to, them Sinoloa motherfu*kers will give connects to ANYBODY drugs in Chicago is not a "mexican monopoly thing". And cartels dont get "ran off blocks" because cartels have no blocks here, they just distribute. They have no power over day-to-day things going on here in the streets. If you're not in a local gang, you cant do sh*t here except distribute because you WILL NOT gain turf.

And Latin King never got ran out of Humboldt Park, and the cartels dont have nothing to do with why Kings have so many enemies. Cartels are "hands off" with the actual gang sh*t that goes on, all they do is bring the drugs and bounce. Your mans was playing.
Latin Kings on the nw side are under orders to k!ll blacks on site. They don't always do, but they do

The MLDs and Cobras did run them outta Humbolt. They only got a piece of what they had in the late 90s early 2000s on the west side of the park.

My man's wife one of the mo's, was smokin with the kings and the shorties put it out there that k!llin n*ggas is damn near in they lit in order to keep control of the money, and gettin high on coke before they do it IS in the lit too.

I personally was apart of the war that ran the kings off Ashland

R.I.P. to my n*gga Esco who just got murked a couple months back cuz his skin tone was too dark to be on Lawrence and Cicero.

Most south, westside n*ggas don't have to deal with sh*t like this cuz they not around mexicans, holla at the one's who do live around em tho
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Unread 02-16-2013, 10:19 AMJoined Jul 2004 - away - #42
deziking 41 heat pts41 space
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Mila Kunis
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I dont think this guy escaped back in 2001. They said 15 days before his escape he had party inside with another cartel leader where they pretty much had all the drinks you can think of. I think they let him go because in mexico they say hes the god.
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Unread 02-16-2013, 11:08 AMJoined Sep 2008 - on now - #43
AKMPLCE 20 heat pts20 space
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Originally Posted by Bama Boy
Yes because all of the murders hes ordered and all the guns and drugs he ships here isnt reason enough to go after him...

And some of you really are fu*ked up, the people some of you choose to fu*king glorify is mind boggling.

you gotaa be retarded or your just shouldnt be commenting if you dont sh*t about this cartel biz..
the U.S is the cartels main gun supplier! all of the weapons they have and they use come from.and are smuggled into mexico from the U.S you dumb sh*t. gun laws are very strict in mexico not just anyone can get one. that is part of the reason the us is pushing for stricter gun laws.. because people are buying guns at shows and smuggling them into mexico its that easy here. go read a book or something gain some knowledge stop talking blindly about sh*t you dont know. gtfoh
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