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Dec 27 - PA thinks suing Israel at ICC over detention of children

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 Dec 27 - PA thinks suing Israel at ICC over detention of children
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The Palestinian Authority (PA) is considering legal action against Israel with the International Criminal Court (ICC) over the detention of 900 Palestinian children throughout the current year.

“We need to use the newly-gained state status to take measures against Israel for its crimes especially the arrest, detention, and abuse of Palestinian children, let alone trying them before military courts,” Al Arabiya quoted the acting Palestinian Minister of Detainees’ Affairs, Eissa Karakea as saying on Thursday.

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Palestine recently won a status upgrade at the United Nations to “non-member observer state,” which granted Palestinians access to UN agencies and the ICC.

Karakea accused the Israeli regime of “violating the Child Protection Act and all international laws by subjecting children to such traumatic experiences.”

He noted that the international community is well aware of the atrocities committed against the Palestinian children.

“Several human rights organizations are launching campaigns and organizing conferences in solidarity with Palestinian children and are spreading testimonials by the victims, but this is not enough. We need to take further steps,” he said.

Palestinian children held by Israel are reportedly maltreated and beaten brutally to confess to having committed crimes.
PressTV - PA thinks suing Israel at ICC over detention of children
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