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Dec 27 - NY man steals Greyhound bus to visit pal for Christmas

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 Dec 27 - NY man steals Greyhound bus to visit pal for Christmas
topic by jlandryst - 12-27-2011, 03:25 PM

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A Westchester man decided to go Greyhound, but do the driving himself, authorities said.

Andrew Hickey, 39, stole a Greyhound bus in Syracuse and drove it to visit to a pal in Watertown before getting caught, cops said.

Hickey, of Peekskill, boarded the bus Christmas morning because he was cold and the vehicle was running and warm while being fueled at the Syracuse transportation center, authorities said.

Officials say Hickey drove off and headed north to a friend’s home in Watertown, 70 miles away. Police say he has a commercial driver’s license and knows how to operate a bus.

Greyhound disabled the wayward coach electronically two hours later in Watertown and notified Jefferson County sheriff’s deputies. They arrested Hickey and charged him with stealing the bus.

He’s now cooling his wheels in the county jail.

Read more: Cops: Westchester man takes Greyhound bus for Christmas joyride to visit upstate pal - NY Daily News

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 12-27-2011, 03:52 PMaway - #2
"SS" 7 heat pts space
$8,509 | POWERFUL
sounds like some sh*t Earl Hickey would do
 12-27-2011, 05:45 PMaway - #3
ChickzNKickz 92 heat pts92 space
$8,097 | POWERFUL
@ this guy..

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