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Aug 28 - Married Pastor Arrested After Allegedly Passing HIV To Women in His Church

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 Aug 28 - Married Pastor Arrested After Allegedly Passing HIV To Women in His Church
topic by thetfd - 08-28-2012, 04:38 PM

Pastor Craig Lamar Davis looks like any other healthy, happy, heteros3xual pastor with good family values. He was once a preacher at the Full Gospel Baptist Church in Atlanta and a pillar of leadership in the community. Also, like a lot of men at the front of the church, the pastor had a thing for the ladies.

Another thing you might want to know about Davis, according to authorities, is that the pastor is HIV positive. He also didn’t seem to care who else became HIV positive after he slept with them.

The pastor was arrested for reckless conduct after police found that he was sleeping with several women with whom he was not married. A woman by the name of Ronita McAfee says that she met the pastor on Facebook and began sleeping with him.

Ronita says that she became concerned when one of the pastor’s ex-girlfriends called her to say that she had HIV. She claims that the pastor then counseled her (presumably leaning on the word of the good “lawud”) and told her to get tested. Davis then says that she noticed that the pastor himself was not interested in getting tested, even though she had also contracted HIV. This is what prompted her to seek out a warrant for his arrest.

Ronita is, by our best guess, the first person to file for the arrest of someone who was found to maliciously spread HIV in Clayton, County, GA. When the investigation began, another woman in the church leadership stepped forward with her confession about interacting with Davis. The woman even claimed that she’d been celibate for 15 years before meeting him. She too is HIV positive.

Ladies, please take a good look at this man, because the fact is that you probably know him. He’s the nice, smooth, good-looking man that makes you want to get nak3d on the third or fourth date. You trust him because you’ve been raised to believe that a man of God would never hurt you. In fact, he might be the man that your church has had you waiting for because he too is grounded in the belief system that you’ve deemed to be a requirement for any man with whom you choose to share your body. He knows how to get into your head, because he knows that one defining characteristic of nearly every black woman in America is her deep and unshakable commitment to the church.

As a man who’s written extensively about other sad creatures like Bishop Eddie Long (who also hails from Atlanta, aka the bible-thumping Sodom and Gomorrah), I find Pastor Davis’ case remarkable for several reasons:

First, the courage of these women to step out and publicly reveal the pastor’s deception has saved lives. I wish there were a day where every 30 and 40-something year old black woman who has caught HIV, Herpes, Syphilis or some other disease would speak out about what happened to them, so that younger women don’t end up falling into the same trap. Countless women have died from catching something that their man brought home to them after fulfilling his “interpersonal needs” someplace else. Unfortunately, the relentless shame thrust upon “the good Christian girl” with a venereal disease keeps many of these stories from ever being told.

Secondly, the pastor’s denial of his condition and unwillingness to go to the doctor is quite common. Many women are accustomed to getting regular STD screenings as part of their annual checkup. Men are not raised in the same way. There are men I know who sleep with literally dozens of women every single year and haven’t been to the doctor since MC Hammer had a hit record. Even worse, many women don’t ask and certainly don’t confirm the man’s HIV status as much as they check the size of his bank account or the magnitude of his “swag” factor. The fact is that if you think he’s got swag, then a lot of other women do too.

Men like Pastor Davis are allowed to prey on unsuspecting women for at least three reasons:

1) Many women value style over substance – if you look good, then you must be good. Mind you, men make the same mistake, since they falsely believe that when a pretty girl offers you s3x, you’re supposed to take it.

2) Many women falsely believe that men who go to church are better than men who don’t. Bishop Eddie Long should help you to know better than that. Unfortunately, people consider each case of a pastor doing dirt to be an exception to the rule, without realizing that there are men like Davis all over the country. Davis is not the man you need to fear; actually, you need to fear all the Craig Davises that you still don’t know about.

3) Many women don’t ask questions and will gladly sleep with a handsome playboy without checking and confirming his STD status. If he doesn’t mention the other women he slept with before he came to her house, it’s as if those women don’t even exist. Even worse is that the fixation on HIV leads us to forget about how many women have had their wombs corrupted from all the other STDs that you can get besides HIV. Many people will brag about having a negative HIV test, but won’t get a full STD screening from the doctor – a researcher in Philadelphia told me that he randomly tested 20 men in an inner city barbershop and found that over half of them had Chlamydia.

What’s the result of the aforementioned factors all coming together, conjoined with intense denial in the black church and a commercialized hip-hop culture where both men and women glorify female degradation and irresponsible hyper-s3xuality? An HIV explosion like you would not believe. So, every time you hear about folks going from one relationship to the next or the man with five babies with four different women, just remember that, while all this is happening, viruses, germs and bacteria are being shared with every romantic interaction. Even worse, because the men aren’t getting their reality checks from the doctor, it’s all “out of sight, out of mind.”

Take a note from the lessons of these women and realize that another Pastor Davis likely lives in your own community. But also note that the Pastor Davis-types of the world are allowed to do their dirty work because all of us continue to empower and excuse the devilish snakes in the pulpit. A person can do all the evil he wants in the world, and as long as he asks for God’s forgiveness in public (providing no further confirmation that his behavior has changed), we invite him right back into the church and pretend like it never happened. Just go ask R. Kelly.

Married Pastor Arrested After Allegedly Passing HIV To Women in His Church | Black Blue Dog

59 comments for "Aug 28 - Married Pastor Arrested After Allegedly Passing HIV To Women in His Church"

 08-28-2012, 06:00 PMaway - #2
Gatorfan2611 8 heat pts

$3,365 | 16972231
"She claims that the pastor then counseled her (presumably leaning on the word of the good “lawud”) and told her to get tested."

i can just imagine arsenio hall from coming to america saying this ####
 08-28-2012, 06:56 PMaway - #3
Playajay38 94 heat pts94

He was passing more than the good word.
 08-28-2012, 07:00 PMaway - #4
landlord151515 86 heat pts86

$1,256 | POWERFUL

Last edited by landlord151515; 08-28-2012 at 08:47 PM..
 08-28-2012, 07:06 PMonline - #5
Trilluminati GA 358 heat pts358

$34,432 | POWERFUL
false prophets layin hands
no sympathy for them churchsl#ts
 08-28-2012, 07:08 PMaway - #6

$520 | 953395

 08-28-2012, 07:39 PMaway - #7
PrisonRules 29 heat pts29

$16,298 | POWERFUL
wolf in sheeps clothing
 08-28-2012, 07:40 PMaway - #8
PrisonRules 29 heat pts29

$16,298 | POWERFUL
Originally Posted by BluCupShawty
false prophets layin hands
no sympathy for them churchsl#ts
you feel me.

 08-28-2012, 08:25 PMaway - #9
Esdot 17 heat pts17

$1,126 | 10352726

But on the real, these chick went to have s3x with a married pastor, so as ####ed up as the situation is they can blame themselves as well

And give that ni##a the de@th penalty because aside from the two chicks mentioned, you know he was tagging other members of the church.
 08-28-2012, 08:30 PMaway - #10
Boo The Fool 5 heat pts

$12,787 | POWERFUL
so that dirty ni##a convinced all those women to let him hit it without protection
 08-28-2012, 08:42 PMaway - #11
memphis10 1 heat pts

$4,508 | POWERFUL
Originally Posted by thetfd
He’s the nice, smooth, good-looking man that makes you want to get nak3d on the third or fourth date.
that couldnt be me right there...im usually trying to get them draws by the 1st & 2nd time.
 08-28-2012, 09:04 PMaway - #12

$8,354 | POWERFUL
Originally Posted by Boo The Fool
so that dirty ni##a convinced all those women to let him hit it without protection
not like he was gonna get hiv. what he got to loose
 08-28-2012, 09:17 PMaway - #13
Prostyle 2 heat pts

$1,806 | 6172868
That's ####ed, ol' girl was celibate for 15 years, and caught the monster on her first ####.

Cold World, strap up y'all, no matter what.
 08-28-2012, 09:33 PMaway - #14
Universal~Mind 56 heat pts56

$11,660 | POWERFUL

A woman by the name of Ronita McAfee says that she met the pastor on Facebook and began sleeping with him.

Mcafee don't protect you from HIV......
 08-28-2012, 09:35 PMaway - #15
HotBYoungTurk 10 heat pts10

$9,591 | POWERFUL
smh.. dude deserve to rot in hell..
 08-28-2012, 09:40 PMaway - #16
EGO 52 heat pts52

$29,724 | POWERFUL
This is why I don't take Church seriously. I'm a believer but I do my worshipping at home. no telling what's going on behind closed doors in these churches anymore, and there are way too many hypocrites for my liking.
 08-28-2012, 09:44 PMaway - #17

$270 | 42418
"most preachers just false prophets, ####in hoes and getting paid" PIMP C
 08-28-2012, 09:45 PMaway - #18
Based_One 62 heat pts62

$7,313 | POWERFUL
Sad story man moral of the story is to always do that background check one night of pleasure ain't worth ya life.
 08-28-2012, 09:52 PMaway - #19
egotistical 1 heat pts

$6,755 | POWERFUL
So women slept with a married pastor and feel its ok?

 08-28-2012, 10:05 PMaway - #20
kevante 3 heat pts

$4,247 | 13611585
Originally Posted by Universal~Mind

Mcafee don't protect you from HIV......


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