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Apr 26 - Southern Soul Singer Reggie P Dies

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 Apr 26 - Southern Soul Singer Reggie P Dies
Unread 4 years agoclass of '04 - away - #1
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asexy14u2c  space
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For several years Pettus was with the Bar-Kays before going solo. He became known as the 'Prince and Badd Boy of Southern Soul' music.

Former Bar-Kays member and songwriter Mark Bynum knew Pettus well.

Bynum said, "I really feel in my heart Reggie was a high energetic type guy and Reggie gave his all no matter what he did."

Pettus had a couple of number one hits including the song called Why Me, but he had also battled health issues and money problems left his family penniless.

Bynum said, "I know times are hard and most people in the city who do know Reggie if you can help it would be good, but even the support and love of the family is even more important."

Love said, "We knew he had heart conditions through the years, but its never easy to hear when one of your brothers is failing to that kind of illness or dies. It's kind of hard and it took everybody by a storm."

Reggie Pettus, a Memphis artist who loved performing on the stage and recording in the studio.

Love said, "I just hope everybody just lends a hand of support and come help us send Reggie off in the right way."

Funeral services for Pettus are scheduled Tuesday at Mount Nebo Baptist Church on Vance and Lauderdale in Memphis.

By the way, an account has been set up at First Tennessee Bank to help his family pay for funeral services.

Former Bar-Kays Member & Southern Soul Singer Dies - WREG
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Unread 4 years agoclass of '08 - away - #2
Old Man Quillis 14 heat pts14 space
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RIP.... losing so many brothas to health problems and violence way before their time.
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Unread 4 years agoclass of '09 - away - #3
Teddy Loc 1 heat pts space
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The Kush Hobbyst
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R.I.P. Reggie P.....He was a good singer and his song is a classic...Seen him live at the Mother Day Blues Fest a couple years ago. R.I.P. to a legend....

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