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Apr 11 - Cab driver sues city for arrest in video voyeurism case of incident

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 Apr 11 - Cab driver sues city for arrest in video voyeurism case of incident
22 topic by nomorebull34 - 04-11-2014, 06:28 PM

A cab driver is suing the city of New Orleans in civil court, saying he was falsely arrested and imprisoned, and now video of the incident has been made public
The case involves a local lawyer now charged with lying to investigators about the incident.

In September, the WDSU I-Team broke the story that Jennifer Gaubert was charged with lying to investigators after she claimed taxi cab driver Hervey Farrell secretly video taped her in a compromising position and then tried to blackmail her. Farrell was initially arrested by the NOPD.

But the district attorney in Orleans Parish dropped the charges against Farrell and instead charged Gaubert with lying.

Gaubert is still awaiting trial on the felony charge of lying to prosecutors; that case will be heard next month.

But the 33-year-old was found guilty of a misdemeanor last week by Municipal Court Judge Paul Sens.

Sens made that ruling after hearing from Farrell and viewing the video tape in question.

In it you see Gaubert hop from the back seat of the cab to the front and start a line of explicit questioning with the cab driver.

In the civil filing Farrell claims the NOPD did not investigate properly, and that he was arrested without cause and held at OPP for almost two days.

He also claims he suffered emotional stress and loss his job over the incident, an incident the DA now says he was the victim in.


Woman accused of fabricating story of taxi driver extortion.

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4 comments for "Apr 11 - Cab driver sues city for arrest in video voyeurism case of incident"

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 04-12-2014, 08:13 AMonline - #2
Loxy Miracles 12 heat pts12 space
$12,896 | POWERFUL
bi*ches aint sh*t. Always and forever
 04-12-2014, 08:48 AMaway - #3
MidNiteBlues 21 heat pts21 space
$5,208 | POWERFUL
Dumb hoe get's rejected and proceeds to try and destroy homie's life/career with lies. Good thing he recorded this sh*t...hope homie fu*kin gets a nice come up from this law suit.

at that vid tho, she low key played him while offering that throat. "come on, come on will only take 2 secs, 2 secs...."
 04-12-2014, 12:30 PMaway - #4
Wonderwoman 2 heat pts space
$4,619 | POWERFUL
 04-12-2014, 12:58 PMaway - #5
Genes 83 heat pts83 space
$13,703 | POWERFUL
cant trust these tho

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