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The Godfather dev Kabam partners with Kongregate

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 The Godfather dev Kabam partners with Kongregate
23 topic by s7venwords - 02-16-2012, 06:29 AM

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by Mike Rose [Social/Online, Business]
February 16, 2012

Social game developer and publisher Kabam today revealed a partnership with indie game portal Kongregate, that will see the studio bringing a number of its games to the popular browser-gaming website.

Kabam hopes to reach more core gamers via the new partnership, and has already launched one of its games on Kongregate, Dragons of Atlantis.

It then plans to launch a couple of its other past titles via the service in the near future -- The Godfather: Five Families and Thirst of Night.

The company also noted that it is using a new, internally-developed technology framework called Pyramid to integrate all the social features of the games into Kongregate, and it plans to use this technology in a number of other future partnerships.

"Kongregate is a great addition to our rapidly expanding mix of distribution partners," said Chris Carvalho, COO of Kabam. "This partnership allows us to expand on our multi-platform distribution approach and reach millions of additional core gamers. Additionally Kongregate's parent company GameStop provides us the potential to explore other unique avenues of promotion and distribution for our games."

Kongregate co-founder Emily Greer added, "Our community of nearly 16 million hardcore gamers are looking forward to experiencing Kabam's style of games on their home turf."

Gamasutra - News - The Godfather dev Kabam partners with Kongregate

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