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Randy Couture and Dan Henderson Bar f!ght back in the day????

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 Randy Couture and Dan Henderson Bar f!ght back in the day????
Unread 03-11-2010, 12:19 PMJoined Feb 2007 - away - #1
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So I was/am working on a post about old pics and articles from the limited MMA media we had years ago on the net and I stumbled across something I forgot all about. I first heard about this years ago when on MMA Weekly Radio with Ryan Bennett and Frank Trigg (when they hosted it, it was hands down the best MMA Radio show ever). A lot of fans may know about this one already, but there are sure to be some new fans who will enjoy it…

In 1995, Randy and Henderson cleaned house on five bouncers in Buckhead (ATL)–it was a brutal bloodbath and took about 90 seconds, max. I was with them, and believe me when I tell you it was total carnage. It started when Randy pushed Dan into a car–just horseplay–outside a bar, and the doormen started talking ****. One of them grabbed a baseball bat and was acting like he was going to swing. So, Randy and Dan squared up.

After a few moments of banter–Hendo told the dude he was going to shove the bat up his–Randy suddenly lunged at the dude with the bat, who immediately tucked tail and retreated into the bar with Randy on his heels. Henderson and I remained outside and Dan literally mowed through two of the four remaining bouncers–a fourth friend and I pitched on the last two. One of the guys Dan lit up tried to run away, and Dan would let him go for a few steps, and then beat him down. This lasted for about a block–I know, because I had to track him down so we could elude the police, and was literally a trail of blood on the street. Then, when I went to get Randy out of the bar, I saw that he had destroyed the place by repeatedly picking the bouncer up and tossing him into tables and across the bar.

Dan had just picked up some chick 20 minutes earlier, and she was just horrified, but ended up running from the police with us. We tossed her over chain link fences and brick walls, and by the time we got to our car, her dress was in tatters and she was just livid. Keep in mind, this was two years before either guy fought in MMA. I should also point out that I’ve known Dan for nearly 20 years and Randy almost 15, and it’s the only time I’ve ever seen either guy in a street f!ght. The dude with the bat just set them off.

Best part is, Randy was interviewing to be the head coach for the U.S. Greco team, and he was out to dinner with the executives the following night. In the middle of dinner, a cop shows up at his table with the manager, and they say that Randy has to leave. When the USA Wrestling attorney asks why, they said that it was because Randy and some buddies had destroyed the place the night before and a.ssaulted their security staff. Turns out it was the same place! Luckily, they just booted Randy and no charges were filed. 100% true.

Aaron Crecy
Clinch Gear

This was originally posted by Aaron Crecy in one of the Sherdog forums a few years back. I tried to find the audio of the same story told by Dan when he talked about it on MMA Weekly Radio, but no luck. Another quick little piece of history, Aaron Crecy also used to write for Full Contact f!ghter back in the day.

[pic - click to view]

Randy Couture and Dan Henderson Bar f!ght | JUSTBLEED.COM

not sure why i posted it just thot it was interestingimage

anyone have how overeem got his scar?
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