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Changing oil & fileter on your Benzo E430 and E320 serious.

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 Changing oil & fileter on your Benzo E430 and E320 serious.
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My bad ghost didn't see the new thread Icon.
The primary purpose of this page is to illustrate oil, oil filter and air filter replacement on the new 3 valve/cylinder engines such as the E430 (M113) and E320 (M112). If you have any doubts or are uncertain of your ability to complete these procedures we advise you to seek professional a.ssistance from a qualified technician. We have selected a 1998 E 430 to illustrate the procedure for changing oil and filter. Other E-Class vehicles may utilize similar but not exactly the same steps described below.
Be advised: Neither MercedesShop or myself accepts no liability for the information contained within this procedure nor for any adverse outcomes as a result of following this procedure. In other words...the risk is 100% YOURS. I have helped a friend of mine change his though with these intructions it was a piece of cake.

Tools needed: oil filter socket (Hazet-2169 or 103 589 00 09 00), 3/8" ratchet and extension. Topsider oil extraction device.

Parts needed: one oil filter (Part# 112 180 00 09 in our case), sealing O-rings (part number includes filter and needed O-rings), several quarts of oil (8.5 quarts in our application) and one air filter (Part# 604 094 05 04 in our case). See your owner's manual for recommended weights and capacity. We recommend using whatever oil your mechanic uses when he/she services the car. Mercedesshop recommends this procedure only for "in-between" oil changes. It is still best to take your car to a dealer or qualified independent for its scheduled maintenance services. There's no substitute for having a trained and experienced Tech inspect your car for potential issues before they become major problems.

Procedure: We begin by parking the car on level ground. You want the engine oil slightly warm but not up to full operating temperature hot. Open the hood, and locate the following items; oil filter housing, dipstick/tube, oil fill cap. Remove the oil fill cap and dipstick. Then take the oil filter socket and loosen the oil filter-housing 4-5 complete turns. This allows air to get in there so the oil can drain out.

Now it's time for the Topsider...
It may be helpful to make a 45 degree cut in the end of the Topsider tube to prevent it from sealing against the bottom of the oil pan. Fully close the hose clamp and pump up the Topsider 40-50 times to build a sufficient vacuum. Then just insert the Topsider tube down the dipstick tube as far as it will go. When you feel it bottom out, you know you are there. When the tube is all the way in and the Topsider is pumped up simply release the hose clamp and let the Topsider go to work. You should see oil filling the tube almost instantly. It should take approximately 15-20 minutes for all the oil to be sucked out. During this time it may be helpful to inspect other under hood items. About 2 minutes into the oil removal you can begin removing the old filter. Unscrew the oil filter cover and remove the a.ssembly completely. Be careful not to drip too much oil on the surrounding areas.

[pic - click to view]

Remove the old filter by simply pulling it off the shaft. Remove the four old gaskets. Take a drop or so of new oil and lightly coat each of the new O-ring gaskets. The new O-rings should be installed as shown below. That done, you should be ready to insert the new filter. It may take some force to get the filter onto the shaft. Make sure it is completely seated as shown below.

[pic - click to view]

[pic - click to view]

The pump will make a gurgling noise when it is done. If this has not happened by 15-20 minutes then work the pump a few times to a.ssure there is still a good vacuum. Once the old oil is removed it's time to install the new oil. You may find it easier to pour the new oil into the filter housing rather than the normal oil fill.
After pouring in all but the last quart or so of oil, install the filter a.ssembly. Tighten the filter cap with the ratchet until you feel it stop turning. Install the oil fill cap and dipstick. Start the engine and let it run for a minute. Turn off the engine and wait 2 minutes. Check the oil level on the dipstick and add oil until the level is close to maximum

[pic - click to view]

Now make sure you document that you changed the Oil

Link>>>>>>http://www.mercedesshop.c... kka/OilFilter2
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