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Worldstar A Good Investment?

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 Worldstar A Good Investment?
 12-04-2012, 11:09 AMonline - #41
pocketchange 32 heat pts32

$5,209 | POWERFUL
Originally Posted by JustForgetIt
Thanks everyone for adding on to this discussion! I don't think this one will be on google even though I love the song. The next video I am doing will actually have a concept behind it and the song actually has a chorus, so it should be a better candidate. I'm meeting up with a big named artist next week in his studio, so if he ####in wit it like I think he will, I might even get that platinum artist feature I need.

I feel what you sayin but this isn't my only style. Check the album out if you get a chance!

Skimmed through it and that's a solid album for someone in your position. Didn't hear one song that just made me go So, I think you need the creative visuals.

You snapping on some songs, I guess you can just get out here and experiment take risks and figure out what you're missing.
 12-04-2012, 11:10 AMaway - #42
KeithClark 7 heat pts

$4,166 | 12716111
Originally Posted by pocketchange
Don't let people gasp you up, the fan base you are aiming for is really small. How often do you hear people riding around listening to music like this? And I know you don't care, but you need to look at the facts and see what road you are heading down. Artists like you need a strong self-financing backing.

I appreciate what you are doing, but give the game an objective view and see it for what it really is. I don't know what you are aiming for, exposure or a deal?

If you are aiming for just getting exposure then go ahead and pay. But if you really have quality products then you need to get your finances together and start focusing on building everything from the ground up and starting a movement.

ASK THESE GUYS THIS, if they had only $1000 in their pocket and had to invest it in an artist, would they feel comfortable investing it in you? Knowing they could be living on the streets if they don't make a good decision? You wanna talk about numbers let's talk, #### the lyrics, that's what these guys are worried about.

This mother####er brings up a GREAT point probably the most powerful response so far. These industry ni##az is ####s bro what you REALLY need to do is get some industry conencts makes accounts on Blazetrak and Music180 send your #### to people till someone likes you. If you self-finance you will get more respect (Jeezy, Jay-z, and Slim Thug) are probably the only 3 hip-hop artist other than Eazy-E and E-40 and a few others who truly self-financed. But at the end of the day ALL them ni##az had an industry connect. No one has truly ever been an INDEPENDENT rapper. That's bull#### I'm broke as #### and I even know a few people on top. You gotta know somebody you could also go to bilboard events :

^^^ Making your face known here will put you in the top 1% of all unsigned and independent artist regardless of sales or quality of your music. - Keith Clark
 12-04-2012, 06:00 PMaway - #43
- JaEdEe24 - 14 heat pts14

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Scared money don't make money. Do it son!!
 12-11-2012, 12:59 PMaway - #44
Soda Pop 4 heat pts

$5,468 | 16429383
Get a #### inn the vid make that the screen shot and you'll get views. Wshh is nothing but hs kids trolling for a$s.
 12-27-2012, 07:58 AMonline - #45
CA$H MONEY 2 heat pts

$3,659 | 14195846
Originally Posted by egotistical
Bruh you going about this all wrong. If your trying to become hot over the internet, its like 1 of 1000 million. Spend that money locally man, if there is nothing around you local save and move. Get that cult fanbase up. It's all about going the mac miller, wiz khalifa, mgk, montana type of way. Get hot in your city then move outward. After a while you will be getting paid to do shows. Paying for google has to be the stupidest thing no offense. You pay like 500-600 then after a few days or video is on the second page, where usually ni##as ain't checking for. Also, not many people click on the unknown artist videos unless they have a catchy title or a extremely appealing pictures.
From the inside out.......Get ya city, area, then region behind ya
 12-27-2012, 04:16 PMonline - #46
Duntaz 18 heat pts18

$4,327 | 20363138
Originally Posted by - JaEdEe24 -
Scared money don't make money. Do it son!!
I like the intro it gives it that movie feel which I always like to here in music. I say let it bubble some more build your youtube presence then work your way up google. If you put it up now it will probably just get overlooked. The inside out approach works but not always. There are artist who leave they're home town for that same reason. You won't always get that respect in your home land. You should find as many video outlets on the as possible that are free or next to no cost. Youtube straight to google wont get it. SpokenReason has his own site now and it displays talents like yourself on the comeup. He has a big following now so that would be a good place to put it also. Song is decent but you need something to grasp the attention of the masses before you drop something like this. I think the part of the video before the rapping will get more attention honestly. If you did a short video on a acapella tip like you did in the beginning and play your music as it goes off with contact info ect. would warm people up to your work. Sort how ross shoes art work and plays one of the best songs on the album as a video goes off. Its pretty much a No Limit blueprint though.
 12-28-2012, 08:11 PMaway - #47
BtMkRs 11 heat pts11

$3,730 | POWERFUL
Good stuff. But I dont see anything for Sale ?
 12-29-2012, 07:16 AMaway - #48
shortz 23 heat pts23

$5,064 | 19092249
just give up use ur time for school

beat is too hard...u used too many big words and #### rhymed too much

#### will never sell now that trinidad james gold everything thats sum #### u need

all in all i liked the song got kina repetetive u were just spittin the same tone n all with no emotion no power no force u didnt flip the #### once n a while u just kept going and people hear that #### and will just tune the #### out
 01-02-2013, 03:39 PMaway - #49
GrindPOWER$ 257 heat pts257

$10,003 | POWERFUL
that lupe feel to it the lyrics are there don't understand most the the metaphors but from what i understand you made some great points...i think you fall in the conscious rap lane

get your buzz up around your hood
make sure you rep your city take that NY hat off not i don't like NY but if you have a hat
on make sure it says Virginia.
make sure when ever you make a song people can feel you and some what understand your message
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