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how to go about selling an "idea"...

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 how to go about selling an "idea"...
Exclamation topic by Qwesh - 02-28-2012, 09:36 PM

What steps does one take? Searching Google now, but has anybody on here thought of an idea/invention and attempted to sell it to a larger company who has the money to put it into effect?

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 02-28-2012, 10:50 PMaway - #2
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Originally Posted by Qwesh
What steps does one take? Searching Google now, but has anybody on here thought of an idea/invention and attempted to sell it to a larger company who has the money to put it into effect?
you have to put it into motion first... show that your idea can be success. That's the best way to get someone's attention... if your #### is just words and thoughts then it's useless to anyone but yourself... millions of people have ideas and these companies have specific departments to come up with "ideas"

Put it like this - if your idea is worth anyone's time, that should mean you should be able to put your idea into motion if it is so great... if not, then obviously it isn't that good of an idea.
 08-04-2012, 04:04 PMaway - #3

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you can patent your idea once your business plan is approved by small business administration or an investor..you need to sell them on why they need to fund your business..a good business plan always needs to identify competition in your market and what you will bring to the table and why it will be profitable. in other words, it needs to be worth their time reading. study some business plans online and how you can benefit from competition. come up with your own business plan and you can google business investors for a start.
 08-15-2012, 01:40 AMaway - #4
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Would you buy it? Why?

Now convince a friend to buy it. Why would they buy it?

Next do the same thing to a stranger.

Practice on friends, neighbors, anyone. If you got shot down by your best friend, your idea clearly isn't ####.

More importantly, know who you are selling to. Explain to them why your idea will help them. Directly and indirectly.

Vendors in general have about 2 minutes to hook someone. Time yourself and refine your approach. After that 2 minutes, you've lost them.


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