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Ipod hook up for my Nissan 2006 Altima?????

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 Ipod hook up for my Nissan 2006 Altima?????
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I posted this in the car audio section but this is dealing with an ipod so i guest this falls under this section to

I have a 2006 Altima and im looking for a way to get my ipod playing in my car.This is my situation

*I want to keep my factory radio in my car
*I don't want the ipod hook up through the radio Freq.
*I already know about the Icruze piece.That only plays ur playlist and not everything on ur ipod.
*Nissan Made every 2006 model with aux jack except the Altima
*I check online for a aux jack to installed but all i saw was that u need to have a sat. button in ur car to except that.

Is there something out here i can buy that i can install in my car already ready and don't need to go into my car and do a bunch of re-wiring or will i have to have someone to get a bunch of sh*t bascailly have a custom hook in my car.I shot myself in the foot not asking the people at the dealer when i was buying my car to ask about this.
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