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Firmware update for Galaxy S4\move Apps to SD card

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 Firmware update for Galaxy S4\move Apps to SD card
topic by Jeans&Sneakers - 06-06-2013, 07:53 PM

The update provides users with the ability to put applications onto the SD card, freeing up the precious little space on the 16GB option.

Samsung has launched a firmware update for the wildly popular Galaxy S4 that should quell some unrest for those who own the 16GB version.

Once the firmware is installed, users will have the ability to offload their app installs to the SD card. That's especially important for 16GB device owners who were upset to find that they had just 9.15GB of usable space on the device's storage. Moving apps to the SD card can save some of the needed space. Samsung has also found a way to squeeze another 0.08GB of space on the device's drive, according to SamMobile, which was first to report on the news.

In addition to handling the storage issue, the software update for the Galaxy S4 includes a host of fixes and improvements, including the ability to record HDR video and a fix for the purple effect users were seeing when scrolling through pages.

According to SamMobile, the update is available only in Germany now, but the site cited sources who said it will roll out elsewhere at some point.

Samsung launches firmware update for Galaxy S4 | Mobile - CNET News

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10 comments for "Firmware update for Galaxy S4\move Apps to SD card"

 06-06-2013, 08:01 PMaway - #2
Adamsville 117 heat pts117

$11,352 | POWERFUL
ni##as bout to try and load they apps off a class 2 32GB sd card

 06-06-2013, 11:49 PMaway - #3
Big Yari 5 heat pts

$629 | 5204747
Originally Posted by Adamsville
ni##as bout to try and load they apps off a class 2 32GB sd card


Just got a 16 GB class 10 Sandisk
 06-07-2013, 01:38 AMonline - #4
KREW 2 heat pts

$3,857 | POWERFUL
My 32gb class 10 sd is ready
 06-07-2013, 03:15 AMaway - #5

$17,141 | POWERFUL
Good ####. They fixed the purple scroll.
 06-07-2013, 09:20 AMaway - #6
ThePainkiller 303 heat pts303

$55,010 | POWERFUL
Originally Posted by Adamsville
ni##as bout to try and load they apps off a class 2 32GB sd card

They have those
 06-07-2013, 05:06 PMaway - #7
tj.iscool 18 heat pts18

$13,192 | POWERFUL
why this shiit not on the GS3 tho?
 06-08-2013, 01:37 AMaway - #8
pimppoet 1 heat pts

$2,678 | 16273078
Hopefully someone finds a way 2 bring the update 2 the note 2 also....google n samsung need 2 learn if people wanted a locked down cell we would go the iphone route.
 06-08-2013, 01:30 PMaway - #9
MeteorMan 30 heat pts30

$2,792 | POWERFUL
I wish I could put apps on my SD card using my note 2 without having to root
 06-09-2013, 03:21 PMaway - #10
Raziel 1 heat pts

$3,642 | 5100176
this should have been from rip
 07-10-2013, 10:30 PMaway - #11
Jeans&Sneakers 67 heat pts67

$3,644 | POWERFUL
just got the update on verizon. may have to go "check for updates"


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