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Get Him To The Greek (2010)

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Poll results - What Did You Think Of 'Get Him To The Greek'
Very Dissapointing, Do Not Watch 12 7.19%
Not Horrible but Not Good Either 14 8.38%
Solid Movie 42 25.15%
Enjoyed It, Might See It Again 31 18.56%
Great Movie!! A Must See!! 68 40.72%
Voters: 167. Sorry, you cannot vote on this poll (Boxden members only) [Click here to become a member]

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 Get Him To The Greek (2010)
 10-19-2010, 01:13 AMaway - #41
gagethedesigner 16 heat pts16

$9,149 | POWERFUL
just got finish watching it
#### is funny as hell

[spoiler - register to view]
 10-19-2010, 02:10 PMaway - #42
Steve 29958 heat pts29958

$98,298 | POWERFUL
#### was terrible
 11-14-2010, 03:46 AMaway - #43
JoeyTheGod 5 heat pts

$2,560 | 10771028
Was cool to watch once. Nothign classic about it though
 11-14-2010, 03:55 AMaway - #44
marcusaka50 32 heat pts32

$21,311 | POWERFUL
its worth watching once.
 11-14-2010, 11:26 AMaway - #45
murd410 31 heat pts31

$3,786 | POWERFUL
Yeah I loved the movie I loved how Jonah and Russel fit together their facial expressions had me dying the whole movie just was a wild movie in my opinion Ill def watch it again only thing I didn't find funny is [spoiler - register to view] I don't even know if that's a spoiler i just don't to be bx ####ed at.
 11-26-2010, 11:09 AMaway - #46

$5 | 0
 02-16-2011, 06:13 PMaway - #47

$25 | 504
hey is this movie any good
 04-23-2011, 02:52 PMaway - #48
Nasty Nate 21 heat pts21

$4,677 | POWERFUL
I enjoyed the movie a lot. The scene when the chick put the dildo in the dudes mouth had me

 05-10-2011, 09:25 PMaway - #49

$5 | 0
I'm going to have to check this out. Dude is pretty funny to me. Superbad had me tripping.
 05-19-2011, 07:20 PMaway - #50
davon4204 6 heat pts

$12,146 | POWERFUL
Damn symbolism is every where.
 05-24-2011, 04:12 AMaway - #51
DaOmega_1 245 heat pts245

$11,714 | POWERFUL
The movie had its moments, but overall it's a disappointment.

Russell Brand is annoying as f*ck, and his character is even more so. That alone made it hard to connect with the film as a whole. Jonah Hill's character is one big giant #### who gets pushed around the entire f*cking movie. For that reason, he was annoying too. In fact, the ONLY character that I could kind connect with is Jonah Hill's girlfriend, but even that whole thing turns stupid in the last act.

I can't connect with any of these characters, so it was an irritating experience watching it....
 06-04-2011, 01:25 PMaway - #52

$48 | 0
that movie dont look interesting at all

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