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First Reaction To ROBOCOP Remake

 First Reaction To ROBOCOP Remake
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We've been sent a very first spoiler free reaction to Josť Padilha's upcoming Robocop do-over from a recent test screening. The reviewer goes in depth on the movie's quality and compares and contrasts it to the original, but doesn't reveal any plot details.

I wasn't bowled over by the recent trailer for the Robocop say the least. I'll always wait and see a movie in its entirety before judging it of course, but to me it LOOKED as if Padilha and co. had delivered a straight up PG-13 action flick, while almost completely missing the complexities -- and the point -- of Paul Verhoeven's original. I know many fans also feel that way, but at the end of the day that WAS just a trailer. Here we have a report from someone who's actually seen the movie in full, and according to them we are in for a treat. Read on, and don't worry about any potential spoilers.

"From the outset, the trailer that was released should convey that this is a very different Robocop. The set pictures that surfaced online showed the black suit everybody is in an uproar about. First off, thereís very little CG in that trailer. What was immediately apparent was that the screens of the suit look different than was reflected in cut we saw. Also in the movie industry, a different person mixes the trailers than the movie. Secondly, nobody stops to think, why did they film those outdoor scenes first? Iíll tell you now, there are quite a few surprises in store for you. If you even paid half attention to the trailer that was released, you would see that the original suit makes at the very least a brief cameo (and Iím perplexed by the bulkiness of the still they released of the old suitÖ it didnít look like that in the cut we were screening).

Iím writing this to tell you to relax. Seriously, breathe, and stop wanting to hate this movie before you even give it a chance. This film does not have the hyper-violence of the original, nor the comedic quotability of the Verheoven classic. It wonít replace the 1989 film, and GUESS WHAT: It doesnít try to. Itís a new interpretation of the character that is faithful to the essence of what the original concept of the character was.

This ďrebootĒ (and I really hate to label this as such) is a sophisticated take on the story of Alex Murphy. What GORE this movie lacks in itís PG13-Rating, it more than compensates in substance over style. This is a much, much more psychological version in which emotional acting and intelligent writing takes priority over realistically brutal executions.

Letís discuss whatís realistic now in a movie like Robocop (2014) and itís original counterpart. We are now a society that holds our police force completely accountable for their decisions and actions. If unnecessary force is taken, we expect those officers to be handed disciplinary action and in some cases be indefinitely suspended and/or resign from duty. Look at Facebook for instance, people freak out about a dog being shot when an officer was simply defending themselves. Whether it was excessive or not is not whatís in question, what is in question is: how would you react if that police officer wasnít a man at all, but instead a robot? These are questions the movie asks of the viewer, and not directly, but through subtext. So to answer what Iíve seen many people wonder on various sitesí comment/message boards, there is more subtext in this movie (both socio-political and ethical) than in the original. Even the lack of violence itself serves as commentary. This movie, in that regard, is very realistic.

This movie has something for new and old fans. I (impersonally) guarantee that you get the old Robocop you loved and a new Robocop that can fully be embraced. Some people want an R-rated Robocop film, but R-rated action films are not what people flock to see anymore. Is it more important to see a single film thatís violent for no reason, or a sequel to an intelligent action/thriller that doesnít highlight excessive violence but what it takes to use restraint?

I, for one, canít recommend this movie enough to people. I feel confident in verifying that, personally, I think this is a SUPERIOR movie, when you take into account the score, cinematography, action choreography, editing, costuming, makeup, acting, directing and writing.

I can say is that Kinnaman as Murphy provides much more depth and charisma than Weller did with his TJ Lazer impersonation, Samuel L Jackson is the lovable !! he usually plays SO well, Gary Oldman isÖ best left unsaid at this point, Keaton makes us wonder why he isnít in more movies, and Cornish makes us feel for the Murphy family. Have faith, this is one ďrebootĒ done right."
Interesting..although I get the impression that the reviewer wasn't overly fond of the original Robocop, so that should probably be taken into account. Thoughts?

First Reaction To ROBOCOP Remake

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13 comments for "First Reaction To ROBOCOP Remake"

 09-21-2013, 01:58 PMaway - #2
calle13 123 heat pts123

$1,522 | POWERFUL
Im Still Pissed That It's Not Going To Have The Gore-Violence like the Original Film
 09-21-2013, 03:27 PMaway - #3

$327 | 1778047
That pic looks tough. Being a big fan of the OG when I was younger, I'll still be checking this out. Never understood the hate for this reboot. I'm feeling a Batman Begins, Casino Royale vibe off of this movie.
 09-21-2013, 03:56 PMaway - #4
Heisenberg 74 heat pts74

$6,413 | POWERFUL
Jose is talented though
 09-21-2013, 04:07 PMaway - #5
Bobby's World 4 heat pts

$7,876 | POWERFUL
Like someone else said...these hacks are trying to sell toys.
These studios can care less about creating something that can be held up next to the original for fans.
 09-21-2013, 04:08 PMonline - #6
Pleasure Boy 337 heat pts337

$4,821 | POWERFUL
waiting on this movie wit absolutely no fuccks given, I've wanted to see a reboot since 2002 I'll judge the movie when I see it
 09-21-2013, 04:17 PMaway - #7
TRILL SH1T 55 heat pts55

$3,186 | POWERFUL
Wtf were they thinking making this PG-13... A fkn kid friendly robocop
 09-21-2013, 04:24 PMaway - #8
jsmooth-117 6 heat pts

$7,823 | POWERFUL
Originally Posted by TRILL SH1T
Wtf were they thinking making this PG-13... A fkn kid friendly robocop
just like dude above said they are tying to sell toys. How can you sell toys to kids who cant go and see the movie? Think about it fam
 09-21-2013, 07:29 PMaway - #9
hedake 7 heat pts

$2,793 | 12262774
trash......just shoot dude in the hand and its a wrap...
 09-21-2013, 08:56 PMaway - #10
LexHeyden 6 heat pts

$4,806 | POWERFUL
I'll gladly pay to see this on a big screen instead of waiting for a good copy on the internet
 09-21-2013, 09:16 PMaway - #11
Blue Mercury 171 heat pts171

Originally Posted by hedake
trash......just shoot dude in the hand and its a wrap...

 09-21-2013, 09:21 PMaway - #12
ThePainkiller 288 heat pts288

$50,000 | POWERFUL
!!ty. That is what I got from it.
 09-21-2013, 11:24 PMaway - #13
TH35 71 heat pts71

$53,770 | POWERFUL
Originally Posted by Heisenberg
Jose is talented though
this... if this was made by someone who hasn't made anything good already i wouldn't be checking for it
 09-22-2013, 10:04 AMaway - #14
Dillinger805 3 heat pts

$5,712 | POWERFUL
i get when he is trying to say that the movie is more story and in depth BUT it doesnt have to be meaningless gore why cant there be a good story and when he goes to shoot someone blast a big fat hole in their chest and blood explode everywhere haha Kids shouldnt be watching movies like this anyway should be more adult movie

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