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'Breaking Bad's' Jonathan Banks to Star in NBC's 'Bloodline'

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 'Breaking Bad's' Jonathan Banks to Star in NBC's 'Bloodline'
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He'll play the patriarch in an ancient line of k!llers in the drama from exec producer Peter Berg.

Breaking Bad's Jonathan Banks is moving from the world of meth dealers to a world of warring mercenaries and k!llers.

The actor has been tapped to star in NBC's pulp-thriller drama pilot Bloodline, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.
STORY: TV Pilots 2013: The Complete Guide
The drama revolves around an orphaned young girl named Bird Benson, who because of an accident of birth is caught in the struggle between two warring families of mercenaries and k!llers. Mentored by a Chinese man, Bird has to accept the quest to find and defeat her mother in mortal combat if she is ever to lead a normal life.
Banks will play Leo k!llpreist, the patriarch of an ancient line of k!llers, brigands and mercenaries. He's a powerful and forceful guy who's worried that the last remaining members of his scattered family will be wiped off the face of the earth because they've lost touch with the old ways. Leo's the guy who wants to put the bloodline back together and is building the army to do so. He's the dagger hidden in a smile.
Awake's David Granziano will pen the script and executive produce alongside Peter Berg and Sarah Aubrey. Berg will direct the pilot for the Universal Television drama.
Banks played fixer Mike Ehrmantraut on Breaking Bad. His credits also include episodes of CBS' Vegas and, most recently, playing Ben's father on NBC's Parks and Recreation. He's repped by Domain Talent and Lovett Management.
He becomes the latest Breaking Bad actor to book his next gig following the upcoming final run of the AMC drama; Betsy Brant will co-star in NBC's upcoming untitled Michael J. Fox series.

'Breaking Bad's' Jonathan Banks to Star in NBC's 'Bloodline' - Hollywood Reporter
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