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Advancement de@th Battle: Goku vs Superman 12-21-2012

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 Advancement de@th Battle: Goku vs Superman 12-21-2012
 12-26-2012, 12:44 PMaway - #41
mystic boy 217 heat pts217

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Originally Posted by TeddiGramz
I don't understand how they k!lled Buu either.... At the end Goku and Kid Buu had the highest energy in the universe right? So how the hell can Goku take the energy from the people in the universe to destroy Buu...
Well, Buu isn't stronger than everything in the galaxy combined. And Super Buu is stronger than Kid Buu.
Originally Posted by TeddiGramz
Not only that, but how the hell did they k!ll Broly.... I understood he had to die because he was a bad guy, but damn...that de@th doesn't make sense......
Gohan, Goku, and Goten kamehameha'd him into the sun.
 12-26-2012, 01:55 PMaway - #42
Snipper 7 heat pts

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any1 have a link to the video?
took it of youtube:(
 12-26-2012, 07:09 PMaway - #43
kamianisan 15 heat pts15

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Originally Posted by Ed Bundy
this debate is endless

another one is superman/goku vs incredible hulk

these f!ghts can be argued forever but theres really no clear winner

superman is indestructible unless kryptonite is in the mix. goku can be and has been k!lled plenty of times. he can also get fatigued where as superman have to lean with superman, hes just too cheap of a character. they BOTH can destroy planets

hulk is a more interesting f!ght because he cant fly, but the more u hit him the stronger he gets... plus in 1 comic he punched an asteroid the size of a planet and destroyed it, so hes extremely strong. i think he also slapped galactus in space once . lol
Superman can get fatigued if he's away from a yellow sun for too long
 12-26-2012, 07:13 PMaway - #44
kamianisan 15 heat pts15

$2,396 | 13808717
Originally Posted by BrookLynnStiles
If Batman could beat superman's azz, goku can.
My ni##a Bruce ALWAYS keeps that on deck. You never know when this ni##a Superman is gonna get beside himself.

 12-27-2012, 07:05 AMaway - #45
TraV 73 heat pts73

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Smh. ####in' #### took it down.
 12-27-2012, 01:05 PMaway - #46
modalee 4 heat pts

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The most powerful form of Superman would destroy the most powerful version of Goku.
 12-27-2012, 03:56 PMonline - #47
AnyGiven 39 heat pts39

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Wow, did not know anything about these de@th Battles till now. Watched like 5 of these so far. I grew up with most of these characters. Realistic (using lightly) f!ght scenarios. Lol this #### is entertaining
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