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Things To Remember Before Buying Variants/Fakes...

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 Things To Remember Before Buying Variants/Fakes...
Unread 10 years agoclass of '04 - away - #1
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You are dealing with counterfeit product. It is only common sense to a.ssume that you will most likely be dealing with a non-straightforward seller. Consider yourself lucky if your transaction goes smoothly.

Know the following before making any purchases.

The Seller...

...should be able to provide you with a link to a working website. If they can't, they are a personal seller so be aware of the unstable transaction you would be entering into.

...should have their own tagged pictures and should be willing to show you any and all pictures you wish to look at.

...should offer legitamate payment methods. It is very important that a seller's PayPal account is VERIFIED. This means PayPal has verified their mailing address, credit card info and bank account info. Dealing with anyone who is Unverified is almost never a good thing. It is also important that your PayPal account is Verified.

...should provide a tracking number for your purchase and, if possible, a picture of the shipping receipt.

...should give you ways of contacting him other than some random e-mail address. This is almost never the case but it is suggested that you look into this as it is your money that you could lose in a bad transaction.

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