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||| Dress Code Section Rules |||

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 ||| Dress Code Section Rules |||
Arrow topic by S - 05-22-2007, 09:19 PM

|||Dress Code Rules|||

[picture /join BX to view] NO e-Beef/Flaming
[picture /join BX to view] NO Hate
[picture /join BX to view] NO Off-Topic Discussion/Spamming
[picture /join BX to view] NO No Fakes/Variants Talk
[picture /join BX to view] NO No Sales Of Shoes/Clothing/Merchandise/Etc.

[picture /join BX to view] Boxden does NOT support variants!
(Variants = 100% fake kicks/clothing)
Discussion of fake kicks/clothing is NOT allowed in the Dress Code section/s. All related topics will be deleted.

If you break any rule/s = You will receive an official warning
If you continue to break rules = You will be banned (either instantly or by accumulation of warn points)

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 12-28-2007, 08:54 AMaway - #2
Drug Free|M 11 heat pts11 space
$45,781 | POWERFUL
New KL Rep Code Rule -EVERYONE READ-

if You Want People To Know Your Rep Code..put It In Your Sig.
There Will Be No More Threads That End In "use Rep Code _____ For 20% Off"

If U Want To Inform Members About A So..if Ur Rep Code Is In Your Sig, Its Just As Visible As If U Posted It In The Thread

If I See One Person Posting Their Rep Code..ur Post/thread Will Be Deleted.

Im Sorry I Have To Be The Bad Guy..but I Get Numerous Requests About Deleting Rep Code Spam Threads.

Last edited by Drug Free; 12-28-2007 at 08:55 AM..

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