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**The Official BX GYM Workout and Exercise Database**

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 **The Official BX GYM Workout and Exercise Database**
topic by TheMagicMan - 12-10-2009, 09:56 AM

Mods will keep all of the threads that we think have good information on Exercise Programs and Workout Routines in this thread so they are easier to find. If you have any links that you think we should post up, post in this thread and we'll add them to the overall list.

Keep your post to links and threads ONLY. All off topic discussion will be deleted.

Updated - 12/10/09

General Bodybuilding and Exercise Links - Post on 30 Big Lies of Bodybuilding Article (thanks 123456)
Exercise & Muscle Directory - EXRX's one stop shop for tons of weight lifting exersize. - ABC Bodybuilding's Exercise Database
Get Into Shape Stay Fit - Meal Plans & Workout Routines To Burn Fat & Build Muscle -'s exercise database and meal plan database - Find Bodybuilding Workouts! -'s workout directory - T-Nations Training Article Section

Specific Exercise Routine Links - BX's Plyometric's Thread (thanks Dat Nukka)

We cannot host links to paid programs so use this thread to find websites where you can get them: (thx Ronnie)
[MU com]P90X - Free Download Of Movies, Download Music Video Clips, Download Games
P90X Workout - Download Movies, Software, Games, Music and More - TPC

Motivational Links - BX Before and After Pics
Your Favorite Workout Tracks - BX's Workout Tracks Thread - Good Getting Started Thread (thanks JJH35) - BX's Official Height and Weight Thread - Lucifer's Motivational Video Thread

4 comments for "**The Official BX GYM Workout and Exercise Database**"

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 03-10-2010, 05:05 PMaway - #2
Ja3s0n22  space
$328 | 628202
can u update ur links?
 03-10-2010, 05:11 PMaway - #3
TheMagicMan|M 2 heat pts space
$13,618 | POWERFUL
Originally Posted by Ja3s0n22
can u update ur links?
what needs to be updated?

if you're talking about the p90x stuff, we don't host links...if these are dead then tough luck i guess. Plenty of other places on the web to get em....

Last edited by TheMagicMan; 03-10-2010 at 05:13 PM..
 03-10-2010, 06:46 PMaway - #4
Ja3s0n22  space
$328 | 628202
p90x s**t..not on no google s**t if possible too...dont have an account w them...good lookin!!
 11-05-2013, 05:00 PMaway - #5
torious 53 heat pts53 space
$67,107 | POWERFUL
What's a good android app for tracking my workouts?

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