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Navy SEAL Fitness Test

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 Navy SEAL Fitness Test
 12-02-2012, 11:52 PMaway - #121
ImInHerMouth 1 heat pts

$5,294 | 16114461
Originally Posted by rdrake
This is easy besides the swimming....I can do everything on this list....out of shape
Alright. some of us in good shape can do these workouts. individually.

most, if not all of you, cannot do this #### back to back with no rest, #### the swim. i'd put money on it. and that's just the minimum. if you do the minimum or just above it, you might as well take your a$s home cause there's almost no chance in hell you're getting picked.

Last edited by ImInHerMouth; 12-02-2012 at 11:56 PM..
 12-02-2012, 11:56 PMaway - #122
tonygunz 2 heat pts

$678 | 5684427
Individually i could do all of those easily, but each one after the other
 12-03-2012, 12:52 AMaway - #123
djinferno 1 heat pts

$3,020 | 4967467
pullups got me
 12-03-2012, 12:53 AMonline - #124
pnoi89 3 heat pts

$7,855 | POWERFUL
Originally Posted by Imagin3
these are hard as #### after a 1.5 mile swim
you ni##as are silly
theres no way i can do both the pull ups and the push up safter a 1.5 mile swim with 2 mins rest inbetween
thats crazy

To make matters worse, you can't use freestyle to swim this. Side stroke and bre@st stroke would take ####ing forever to get 500 yards. I'd be dead trying to swim that around 8-9 minutes.
 12-03-2012, 01:20 AMaway - #125
Cutty Olds 

$9,173 | 20830291
Originally Posted by S E L F
40 pushups, 50 situps, 8 curls, and a 12 minute 1.5 mile run is not hard... At all.

Maybe it is for you. I can tell you're a feeble minded dweeb. But someone who actually has a little discipline can achieve that in a month.

Ask anyone who's ever enlisted in any branch of the military and they'll confirm this.

But you were saying...???
Dog...our #### ain't nothing like the SEALs...hahaha we don't do no ####ing pull ups EVER and the swim for us is OPTIONAL

We have about a 5 to 15 minute rest after we do our pushups and situps before we even do our 1.5 mile run!
And they actually stick to real push up form when they do they're exercises...us regular squids tho

Also that 12 minute mile and half time increases with age...for instance I think 25 year olds to 30 get 13 minutes and 15 seconds to pass! The older you get the less stringent the minimum is...ni##as be in they 40's and WALK the mile and half and #### literally!

You were a military "brat" you think you know it but your getting wrong.....I was IT1(SW) Bean, I sure as #### know it.
 12-03-2012, 03:26 AMaway - #126

$425 | 1255919
Originally Posted by nightmare
Swim 500 Yards

Maximum time allowed is 12 minutes, 30 seconds -- but to be competitive, you should swim the distance in at least 8 to 9 minutes, utilizing only the Combat Swimmer Stroke, sidestroke, or bre@st stroke. Recommended workout and training tips: Get technique training and learn to pace yourself. Try 5 to 10 sets of 100-yard swims, working on a pace that will get you below the competitive times. (Rest 10 minutes after swimming the 500 yard test before moving on to the next exercise.)


Minimum number is 42 in 2 minutes, but you should shoot for at least 100 for an average score. Do not pace yourself. Push as many push-ups out as fast as you can, but do not neglect proper form or the SEAL instructor will not count them. (Rest 2 minutes, then move on to the next exercise.)


Minimum number is 52 in 2 minutes, but you should strive for at least 100 in 2 minutes for an average score. PACE yourself! Try doing 20 to 30 sit-ups in 30 seconds; that will put you within the 80-to-100-sit-ups range for 2 minutes. (Rest 2 minutes.)


The minimum is eight pull-ups with no time limit, but you cannot touch the ground or let go of the bar. You should be able to do 15 to 20 to be competitive. Try a pyramid of pull-ups: work your way up from one pull-up the first set until you can no longer do any more sets, then return down the pyramid repeating in reverse order (1,2,3,4,5,6,5,4,3,2,1). (Rest 10 minutes before the last exercise of the test.)

1.5-mile run

Wearing boots and pants, the maximum time allowed for this one is 11 minutes, 30 seconds, but you should be able to cover the distance in 9 to 10 minutes to be competitive. Pace yourself: do not start off too fast on the first lap. Shoot for a 90-seconds quarter-mile run time around a standard high school track. Repeat this pace for six to 10 sets until you no longer have to rest in between quarter-miles.

this #### is vicious, and these are just the bare minimum requirements
these are regular fitness requirements, except for pull ups and swim. Plus that requirement is for an old person. Just to pass boot camp at the youngest 17-21 its a 60 pushup minimum in 2 minutes without stopping, then 60 crunches in 2 minutes without stopping before running 1.5 miles in 12 minutes. No water until completed (unless you have a special condition submitted before). We swim 125 yards to pass our swim qual you can do the 400 -500 with all strokes for 100 yards for spec ops. I promise you to be a seal or any spec ops all those reqs are much higher but after you become a seal its prolly that easy cause for work all they do is train and workout. Alotta people get fat after they join an get kicked out too.
 12-03-2012, 03:32 AMaway - #127

$425 | 1255919
Originally Posted by ImInHerMouth
Alright. some of us in good shape can do these workouts. individually.

most, if not all of you, cannot do this #### back to back with no rest, #### the swim. i'd put money on it. and that's just the minimum. if you do the minimum or just above it, you might as well take your a$s home cause there's almost no chance in hell you're getting picked.
its really not that hard you do have to push yourself and the swim aint back to back an theres breaks but at the same time you cant drink water untill you finish the 1.5 but i did this #### outta shape and for spec ops i think its li 9 full chin ups
 12-03-2012, 04:19 AMaway - #128
stolo 5 heat pts

$587 | 3161442
Easy, can do it in my sleep. All the cod blacks ops training its nothin
 12-03-2012, 05:16 AMaway - #129

$516 | 1083964
Y'all ni##as arguing over the dumbest ####...the minimums requirement IS EASY, the training for it IS HARD, and your competition, WOULD BE HARDER. Damn.

Now, wit that said, I workout almost everyday, and I think I will do pretty good, deff above average. And I been thinking bout joinin the past few months so maybe I'll find out.
 12-03-2012, 06:26 AMaway - #130
nightmare 423 heat pts423

$12,969 | POWERFUL
Originally Posted by StatisticZ
#### when I did it there was like 5 different types [each] of; pull-ups, sit-ups and push-ups in 2-4-6-8-10-12-10-8-6-4-2 sets.
 12-03-2012, 07:06 AMonline - #131
youdug 158 heat pts158

$3,888 | POWERFUL
my cousin just tried out for the seals. he wasnt able to finish the entire test because he fractured his tibia.
one of my good friends growin ups dad tried out for the seals too. he wasnt able to pass the swimming test though because he was a welder before he joined the navy and had black lung.
he definitely did 10 swimmer push ups in front of me though. he started doin them i was like
if you dont know what they are look up a video of how to do them and try to do just one. i guarantee you cant.

edit: here is a guy doing them. he calls them the super-man push up. i grew up knowing them as a swimmer pushup because it looks like youre swimming. i can see why they call it a super-man push up though lol

try and do one.

Last edited by youdug; 12-03-2012 at 07:11 AM..
 12-03-2012, 08:04 AMaway - #132
x Tha Arkitek x 29 heat pts29

$13,868 | POWERFUL
I'm in the Army Reserves and wouldn't have a problem doing the push up & sit-ups with just a 2 minute break in between. The run however is questionable as I've never done it with boots, but my time in running gear is usually around a 6:40 pace for 1-mile, 7:10 for 2-miles & around a 7:30 pace per mile for 3-miles, but I can't say how I would perform with the extra weight of boots for the same distance. Pull ups, I can do 8 but would really have to push as its not something I do regularly. As for swimming....well I don't know how to swim LOL
 12-03-2012, 08:16 AMaway - #133
ArKane 5 heat pts

$721 | 4259210
My reaction when I read that you ni##as REALLY believe this test is EASY.

One its back to back tests...second this is just the prescreen...third this is the MINIMUM. you will get clowned if you stop at 8 pullups.
 12-03-2012, 09:22 AMaway - #134
S E L F 2 heat pts

$1,052 | 4863541
this site has a special breed of dumb ni##as.

someone point out where I said all units in the Navy have to do the same #### SEALS do. I said they all use the same scales... which they do.

then I say "boot camp/basic" and I'm told I said "basic." which is irrelevant because the terms are relative at the end of the day.

I'm just repeating myself at this point.
 12-03-2012, 09:46 AMaway - #135
Nu Tymez 8 heat pts

$4,158 | 12608322
I can do everything on the list making good time besides the swim.. I dunno how to swim
 12-03-2012, 10:20 AMaway - #136

$2,223 | 0
oh yeah, navy seals...the very same pussies that can't hold a candle to the British SAS, let alone the NSA field ops...#### the seals, overhyped garbage...take a look at world special forces...seals aren't in the top 10...british and then australian sas, then mossad...lol long way from the type...it's american propaganda...
 12-03-2012, 10:29 AMaway - #137
Hurricane24 9 heat pts

$6,587 | POWERFUL
gimme 5-6 weeks i could do over the min but doubt i'd do all star numbers
 12-03-2012, 10:31 AMaway - #138
bbrossy313 11 heat pts11

$2,564 | 14265950
If you regularly hit the gym you should be able to hit the averages. I think i can hit the minimum of most except the running and swimming running i think i do 1.5 n about 13 (in work out gear) so id be struggling not even going to front.

But if i decided to enlist n i hit the gym i could get into shape to do average requirements n 2 months or so
 12-03-2012, 10:33 AMaway - #139
DanBootleg 123 heat pts123

$8,888 | POWERFUL
Lol at people thinking 100 pushups is easy, let's see your form before you start talking.
 12-03-2012, 10:43 AMaway - #140
Bea5T 99 heat pts99

$18,366 | POWERFUL
So of course everyone on boxden can pass this test


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