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Home Gym or Pay for a membership

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 Home Gym or Pay for a membership
 12-11-2012, 04:15 AMaway - #21
Ed Bundy 

$1,570 | 7041466
Originally Posted by realgunta
^^^the selectech dumbells that i have go up to 90 pounds

there are 2 versions of it.

the SelectTech 552: this versions goes from 5 pounds - 52.5 pounds
and the SelectTech 1090: this versions goes from 10 pounds - 90 pounds
i heard they break easily if you drop them like 1 foot off the ground

im building a home gym and im very interested in these

im buying a rack with a pull up bar and lat pull down accessory, an iron master super bench (300$ but looks very promising), and got my olympic bumper plates... i can do the following exercise:

-pull ups
-clean and jerks
-lat pull downs

the only thing im missing is dumbbells for more specific/isolated exercises like flies, tri extensions, etc.

im not trying to buy a whole ####in dumbbell set and have it take up a ton of room, so i was lookin heavy into adjust@ble dumbbells but i keep hearin mixed things

been going to gyms for years now but my membership is about to expire in january and it doesnt make any sense to renew it. i hardly go anymore with my job and even when i do have time its a pain in the a$s to drive around and look for parking, #### k!lls my workout by the time i actually get there...you do meet bad ####es at the gym so ill def miss that but its not worth it. i feel ill get better workouts alone and whenever i want

i have all the necessary equipment to put on size and get cut up...only thing im missing is dumbbells
 12-27-2012, 05:23 PMaway - #22
Got Cheeve? 111 heat pts111

$41,000 | POWERFUL
Need motivation, going with the gym. Ain't trying to get big, just trying to build enough on what I already have to look a little better, don't care about strength (I don't get in f!ghts, or do hard labor that often), just something to pull more ####es (being honest with goals.)

My diets already pretty immaculate, I got some Whey Isolate, ready to go breh. Yeah I'm a noob, #### you.

 12-28-2012, 08:33 PMaway - #23

$1,082 | 8007238
home gym or small private traiing studio hands down. cheaper, pick your own music, no excuses not to get it in when you can just roll out o bed and head down stairs...etc. etc.

I didn't even get to all the ####ery you have to deal with at a commercial gym and the host of characters there. So I suppose you would miss out on the comedy/freak show.....
 12-28-2012, 10:28 PMaway - #24
Zaosyn 255 heat pts255

$13,113 | POWERFUL
Depends on how much money you got to spend and what exactly you wanna do. If you only like doing bench press, curls and upperbody work then your home gym becomes alot cheaper. You only would need a bench, barbell, weights + a pull up bar to put somewhere. You can aquire all of this for around or under $200 on Craigslist all day. If you wanna do lower body too then it becomes trickier, you'll need a squat rack or power rack, it would be smarter just to buy a power rack then which would net you around $300 minimum brand new alone without any bars or weights and they're harder to find used on Craigslist (but are possible to be found).

Dumbbell vs barbell also plays a factor. Dumbbells are ####ing expensive, considerably more expensive than barbells and plates even used ones are expensive. If you want to save money, buy a barbell + plates. If you absolutely need dumbbells then buy the adjust@ble ones you that you use your plates on

I have a power rack + 300lb oly plate set and barbell and I just ordered this elliptical for the house

I also have a gym membership that I keep active because it's cheap. I'm not trying to brag because I don't think spending nearly $1000 on gym gear and not having a braggable physique is something to admire but to me at my age (22) it's the only thing I find worth investing in and genuinely wanting to spend my money on and enjoy nowadays and it's at the comfort of my home.

So yeah, if you can afford it, do it. The peace of mind you get is excellent and being able to train anytime you want is a huge convenience. Rarely are home gyms ever built in 1 big swoop, they take months or years to complete and there's nothing wrong with starting out small and expanding over time.
 12-29-2012, 10:28 AMaway - #25
Duntaz 19 heat pts19

$4,628 | POWERFUL
not to mention some power towers also have a heavy bag station on the opposite side. You can get a basic power tower from walmart that has a pull up, dip, knee/leg raise, and pushup station starting from $110. So if you have a dining area or garage area. About 3 pieces of equipment will give you everything you need. All you need is a empty room or area that you don't really use for anything else. But if you only have a small amount of space to sacrifice i'd say get a power tower & bench that can convert to a squat station for your legs.

 01-04-2013, 03:55 PMonline - #26
Andre3stacks 13 heat pts13

$15,148 | POWERFUL
depends on the type of dude u are. i got a small home gym but If I could go to the gym itself its better for me. I like going to the gym because you usually get what you need accomplished and leave. At home I find myself doing other things like talking to other people, watching tv etc which extend my workout too long and it can get interrupted. Also cost factors in. The gym near my crib is free. I think paying for it would possibly make u want it more but it depends.
 01-16-2013, 06:35 PMaway - #27

$288 | 870749
If you want that ultimate symmetry look, you cannot replace the gym, PERIOD.
 01-16-2013, 07:21 PMaway - #28
tech5c 24 heat pts24

$3,058 | POWERFUL
Originally Posted by etherem
If you want that ultimate symmetry look, you cannot replace the gym, PERIOD.
What can you do in the gym that you can't do at home with a rack, bench, dumbells, some handles, and some plates?
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